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  1. For years I was promised a Pacific Theater, so I bought to support. Turns out my support was only diverted to make more ME’s and Spitfires. And the Pacific canceled. in short, I will only buy complete modals that actually interest me, ( not these)
  2. This has been asked for for years, only to be brushed aside by the purists and ignored by the Devs. I am using the mod and its great but only as i have to, i do not like the whole mod thing in general but sometimes you have to. DCS has just implemented such icons and i understand there are very well accepted. Hate to throw DCS out there but hey,,,
  3. Muddy

    Customized labels

    Ok First of all ,after going to work for a bit I realize I might have sounded a bit snotty about the Purests, I apologize as not where I wanted to go. Second, I really think this is capable of being written in during an update and is part of the sim instead of MOD's as over the years I've seen mods come and go, eventually they just don't work with new upgrades etc. I do not use VR but over at the DCS forums the guys there love it as the resolution is lower I guess in that thing but without a real kickass setup and big screens some ( probably a lot ) would welcome this as an aid. The existing labels are a like a big "EAT AT JOES " neon sign.
  4. I have my labels in DCS customized to be just a little dot at medium rand and nothing up close, it improves playability on my monitor 110% ( as I play on a laptop) when are we going to be able to customize them in BOS, people have asked and this simple request seems to be ignored? and "purists need not reply" as you do you and I'll do me so to speak.
  5. Hello all, it's been a while. I am running windows 10 and am having Issues with "Team speak " as in while in game , how do I change or connect to channels as "Alt-Tab nor the Windows key" will return me to desktop with the game still running ( actually it does nothing at all) how to work around this issue, I am having same problem with DCS. thanks for your time as always. Muddy
  6. Yes, works well! I've owned this game for some time and can finally run it
  7. Does the newest version now work with laptop graphics card or does it still look like a cartoon?
  8. MSNBIN, thank you sir, that's what I was trying to remember. Also sounds good with your other option ,, thanks again, happy fighting
  9. Would someone please remind me how to fix my missions after downloading and installing newest upgrade? None of my downloaded missions or home made seem to work ( with the exception of "The Butcher") Can't seem to find the info with a search.
  10. My apologies as I should have made my sarcasm a little more clear, I am on the side of those who agree that someone else should not dictating to others. For those who want labels, use labels, for those that don't, don't. It's should be that simple but some people ( not all , but there are very loud opponents to lables) in the past have cried bloody murder if the icon issue is raised. Full real servers can have laser guns and atom bombs for all I care but some of those fellows have n the past tried to tell others to suck it up, and they wouldn't stand for it. this is the reason for my sarcasm as it only would affect my game. Not MP servers unless they wanted them... So to be clear , I was being sarcastic and mean not to dictate to you haw to do your thing.
  11. Nope that's not what I'm saying at all,, as a matter of fact it is totally opposite . People who don't play our game mode are telling us no. From the first day when people asked for custom icons the purests put a quick stop to the conversation even though it would not change there game at all. Saying it was unreal and should not be done at all. Do a search, it's all still there. Off line guys want some changes , how would that affect anyone else is beond me. I agree.
  12. Well then it would seem some order of "Smart Scale" or a set of icons which are a single didget or symbols grey Amost transparent and only between say say.. 9 -3 km, this would be suitable imo This would be my wish as I only play offline.
  13. Ok I (among others ) have requested cusomizable icons, the god word from the " only ones with a right to speak" have repeatedly pounced on the suggestion as some un-holy offering from the X-box devel! How realistic is " ZOOM!?!?." Was driving through the countryside other day and ,,, well I thought I might have seen something,,,,,, but ,,, no matter how hard I squinted.... things did not "ZOOM IN"!!! So,, I formally request all full real MP games be played without ZOOM. " TO BE CLEAR,,, THE ABOVE STAMENT IS SARCASAM!!"" This is necessary to keep with the full real concept of this sim,.
  14. Lol Not saying anything offensive, I have learned things about aircraft that I didn't know that I didn't know by surfing through the pages of DCS dedicated to specific units. Sometimes trying to search for things leads to few results . If all the posts about He 111 fo example where in one place then you could kill an hour flipping through posts and quite possibly learn a good deal, and really ,, I know the mention of this will ruffle some feathers as it is not real enough but it is the interweb and simple things can be done
  15. Why do we not have a separate forum for every aircraft? it would make access to info easier for new people as well as a good history for older member.
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