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  1. Just tried out the demo hooked up to my old unused Buttkicker plus VR, it is a fantastic addition for immersion. After it deactivated after 20 minutes I went straight to Andre's website and bought a key for Simshaker+bass driver. One thing that wasn't obvious to me until I looked around and read further a bit....the obvious download on Andre's site is the stable version 1.27. this requires only one addition to your startup file: [KEY = motiondevice] addr = "" decimation = 2 enable = true port = 29373 [END] However on my system this was fairly basic, only could give some vibration when rolling or pitching, with all the good options greyed out. The really good stuff like G force, weapons, gear etc. is currently only in the beta, I downloaded 1.35 and it worked really well. You do need to add a second section to the startup file: [KEY = telemetrydevice] addr = "" decimation = 2 enable = true port = 29373 [END] The link to the beta download is a bit hard to find, you find it scrolling down on his Simshaker wings user guide page. Thanks Andre, great add-on. I always thought the Buttkicker could be really good driven by something like this. It is seriously good coupled to VR, and this is using only a single Buttkicker driver attached to the chair. Maybe another sound card hooked up to an old subwoofer might be even more fun....
  2. Not totally relevant to current IL2, but one interesting thing with blacking out in WWII aircraft is how important it is to have stick free longitudinal stability. The MkV Spitfire had a crisis in RAF use when rear CG loading creep at the squadron level led to instability and probable mid air breakups. Basically if you were going fast enough to pull yourself to blackout at around 4-6g without stalling, you let go of the stick and the plane would tighten further into the turn by itself until the airframe failed at 9-10g or so. Perhaps you would wake up having been ejected from the disintegrating aircraft and pull the parachute, but probably not. Technically a P51D with full internal fuel load (and hence very rear CG) might do this also which would be an interesting thing to simulate, but I'm not aware of any actual accounts of it happening. Have read a few accounts from shocked new pilots after being sent up in fully fueled up P51Ds without being told to be extremely careful about manouvering until draining the rear tank, which seems amazing from a modern safety perspective. cheers, camber
  3. Really sorry to hear this. Read so many of his useful contributions for years in sim forums.
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