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  1. When I heard the Morse, i was like " I never buy a Samsung mobile phone, ever πŸ˜‚
  2. Bodenplatte and FC maps should have more buildings
  3. You mean, they'll add more buildings, farms, roads, etc?!
  4. Thank you, it's okay now I wish we could have 2 cloud layers, with different types...
  5. Inside the data / graphics / there is no sky folder Should I create one ??? Thank you
  6. Am I doing something wrong ? Can't make it work
  7. I moved the folder I downloaded, into the MODS folder, and than I activated with JSGME
  8. Is that a sky or a clouds mod ?? I can't see a difference between the default clouds, and this mod Data / graphics / sky / with 2 subfolders : summer / winter
  9. Avyx

    Work in Progress

    Is this screenshot, from IL 2 BoX ???
  10. What about some fictional Tempest skins, ICDP?
  11. Thanks again, Tom Some fictional Tempest skins would be awesome Like the ones you did, for Bf 109 G-14
  12. No templates / skins for Tempest? 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁
  13. Avyx

    clouds mod ?

    Yes, I agree with you. But the devs don't This weird flickering looks ......weird
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