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  1. Avyx

    clouds mod ?

    I know it is, LizLemon I was just saying....
  2. Looks good, thanks a million
  3. Avyx

    clouds mod ?

    I'd like to see something like that, for IL 2 BoX
  4. Avyx

    Maps repaints

    Excuse me for the off topic question, guys : are there some trees / grass mods? Thank you
  5. So, it's not possible to zoom in / out / from external view ?!
  6. Thanks a million, Geronimo, it's working just fine now
  7. Ok, thank you very much, I'll give it a try Do I have have to disable CINEMATIC, as well?
  8. Does anyone use Reshade / SweetFX, guys? I installed Reshade, tested 5 minutes but after I close / reopened the game, it's not working anymore, I mean, after I select a quick mission, game crashes Any ideas how to fix it? Thank you
  9. Could you please make a short video with the issue you have?!
  10. Just a short video, recorded with the mobile phone https://gofile.io/?c=ooQYos
  11. Do you think, I should ask for a replace ?I purchased it 5 days agoIs this color banding or not ?? When I watch TV ( online, or casting YouTube videos ) it's everything okay Here are 2 files. One printscreen and one picture made with the mobile phone https://postimg.cc/0MGPjd3b PRINTSCREEN When I'm using Game Console, it looks absolutely AWFUL
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