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  1. Look here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35771-how-to-save-a-broken-career-automission-start-failed-mission-save-error-statsubmitstatfailed/?do=findComment&comment=602078
  2. Well yes it does not randomize...but still trying....but there are probably some who have not yet figured out yet how to get squad skins to show.....for that it needs some manual input but it does work...what I did was have the commander select a loose skin then un-select the loose option then I did it for two other pilots first selecting loose then the skin I wanted them to have, un-selected loose, then went to the commander and selected the squad skin. option. They showed up as selected. Again I am doing this in SP, not sure if this will work in a Coop. Also need to make sure that the none selection is not selected. But for randomizing automatic I am not sure it will without manually selecting...which defeats the idea of random selection....don't know so just a guess....did random skin selection work in ROF?....never tried it so do not know. Maybe some ROF vet's can shed some light on that. Screen shots of 3 different skins
  3. Hi Pat, I have been able to get the squad skins to work for FC.....what I did was I took squad FA 18 in FC then found the squad in ROF, copied the squad skin config into the FC squad and then coped the ROF skins into the skins folder in Il2. I worked...they show up in the skin analysis as configured also. attached my squad file.....hope it helps. Tried it with BOS and got it to work too....seems like 4k skins do not configure FA 18.zip
  4. will try to make it on Sunday....will fly which ever side need's help...
  5. Well played around in SP and came up with sharpen at 33...what I did was us my cockpit photo for reference....paused the game as I was zoomed in on the photo and started to change the settings....I was using reshade... as even paused the changes are dynamic.....started at 1 and worked by way backwards. since my eye sight is not the best this was what I came up with. My system is an i7-7700k at 4.20Hz....32 Gig or ram...win 10...1080ti....a Dell S2716DG G-sync monitor....trackir....etc..etc...nothing ultra powerful....I have not had any stutters offline or online...if it was a micro-stutter I did not notice it....sorry guess I am one of the lucky ones....but the Image sharpen does work...will give my settings just in case it might help someone...will include the pic I used..was in a P38 as the pic is right there and easy to see.... 2019_11_13__15_3_25.zip
  6. Did some searching on the web about how to use the image sharpening. Seems that the consensus from what I found is that the default settings do nothing...you have to change them either higher or lower to see a change when not scaling. Also the film grain only works with programs that have support built in...don't think Il2 does, they recommend turning it off....set to 0. Still playing around with it ....running a 1080ti with my native res of 2560x1440. Going to try sharpen at 30 and film grain at 0 to see how it looks.
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