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  1. Combat Box arty attack...was able to land OK....πŸ˜€
  2. Was not me....signed up as red....have not flown blue this TAW....Prefer the underdog....😐
  3. I agree but If it is not active/live it should not be on the map as a target...guess that is the point I was trying to make....and thanks for not being an a$$$....sometimes things get taken way out of context on the forums...
  4. Well then that is an old rule that is wrong....If it is a target on the map it should be a valid target. So if I read what you are saying coastal targets are not valid...don't get me wrong I get what your are saying but this rule seems to help only one side on this map...And there should be no buffer for either side...sorry just can not get it...if it is not a valid target it should not be on the map....why should I or any one fly 1:10 to a target on the map that means nothing.
  5. Why do you have to capture Akhtyrskaya to attack a map target? To me if it is a valid target on the map you should be able to attack it. Using your logic when I attacked it the AAA should not of shot me down....if as you say it is not a valid target...guess I am confused....a target that can not be attacked should not be able to shoot you down...sorry does not make any sense to me...You keep saying not a valid target...I ask why? And please don't say red needs to have a certain city to make it valid.because to me that makes no sense....sorry but that is how I see it.
  6. should of done better....still working on it....😐.had them but missed...πŸ˜₯
  7. Also wondering why the long lines of communications for blue and with their low production numbers, how does the supply center get its re-supply so fast???
  8. Here is the current screen shot.........16-2 right now....real fun
  9. Look here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35771-how-to-save-a-broken-career-automission-start-failed-mission-save-error-statsubmitstatfailed/?do=findComment&comment=602078
  10. Well yes it does not randomize...but still trying....but there are probably some who have not yet figured out yet how to get squad skins to show.....for that it needs some manual input but it does work...what I did was have the commander select a loose skin then un-select the loose option then I did it for two other pilots first selecting loose then the skin I wanted them to have, un-selected loose, then went to the commander and selected the squad skin. option. They showed up as selected. Again I am doing this in SP, not sure if this will work in a Coop. Also need to make sure that the none selection is not selected. But for randomizing automatic I am not sure it will without manually selecting...which defeats the idea of random selection....don't know so just a guess....did random skin selection work in ROF?....never tried it so do not know. Maybe some ROF vet's can shed some light on that. Screen shots of 3 different skins
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