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  1. @Dutch2 you need to change the "serialNumber": 101006, to 101007 as she is the seventh USSR ace... also I believe the bf-109 kills should be me-109. Was not able to get yours to work....try this one Lydia Litvyak.zip
  2. Hi Pat As taxman said when trying to create a new mission with an existing campaign I also got the spectator screen and could not continue. I created a new campaign and it worked fine. I then did some poking around in ME and looked at both the old and new and found that for the old campaigns I had to click on the create linked entity button to link up and the mission then worked fine, From what I can tell so far it seems to only affect the old campaigns....Hope this helps... I just checked the new version for FC and I need to also click on the linked entity butt
  3. Had the same thing happen to me flying a U2 transport...had the rear gunner which I thought was allowed as it is needed to sit in the rear seat. went to Solodilovo..which was closed, landed and also got a ditch....http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=32725&name=Cathaoir
  4. Nice update...but it has been a while since there was any update for FC. Is this forgotten or is there something in the works...
  5. I was asking just about supply runs not a normal combat run....it's a mod to the plane so I asked. And I do know I do not need them....
  6. Are nav lights allowed on the U2 when doing supply runs?
  7. Be sure to backup your startup.cfg, skins and if you have custom photos, the planes , and the vehicles folder for tanks...as these, from my experience get over-written back to default.
  8. Have no idea who jumped into my gunner position but he/she shot me down....I did check and positions were locked....why people do this i don't know...guess they get away with it by changing the name....just checked....was shot down by my tail gunner....Please check the logs....will make an educated guess that they have more than 1 id....
  9. @swatter555 good catch....Did the same....created a new txt file for FC with a few names and it works...attached my file. FirstNamesRussiaFemale.txt
  10. Have the following planes to giveaway....the U2....the Hurricane and the Ju52....other than the Hurricane if you do not plan to fly the the U2 or the Ju 52 please let those who do take their chances..this is simple...first to ask....they win...
  11. What the F is this bs of having to wait when your side is over the limit and you get the msg to wait 50 sec...wait get kicked and then go back into the queue and start over again.....got to 6 sec's got kicked....had to start over...after 20 mins of this shit I stopped trying....I once played taw and was outnumbered ...started out 5-1...ok not too bad..then went to 15-1...then 27-1....guess you need to be in a super squad to get in when sides are so in-balanced...Being number 1 in the queue means nothing if you are a single....
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