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  1. @swatter555 good catch....Did the same....created a new txt file for FC with a few names and it works...attached my file. FirstNamesRussiaFemale.txt
  2. Have the following planes to giveaway....the U2....the Hurricane and the Ju52....other than the Hurricane if you do not plan to fly the the U2 or the Ju 52 please let those who do take their chances..this is simple...first to ask....they win...
  3. What the F is this bs of having to wait when your side is over the limit and you get the msg to wait 50 sec...wait get kicked and then go back into the queue and start over again.....got to 6 sec's got kicked....had to start over...after 20 mins of this shit I stopped trying....I once played taw and was outnumbered ...started out 5-1...ok not too bad..then went to 15-1...then 27-1....guess you need to be in a super squad to get in when sides are so in-balanced...Being number 1 in the queue means nothing if you are a single....
  4. Well I am running a i7 7700k with 32 gig or ram an a 1080ti...27" g-sync monitor...been running this for about 2.5 yrs...have never had any problems...none that I noticed anyway 😬...currently getting about 100-140 mps...with 4x MSAA, depends on map/clutter etc...maybe I have just been lucky..don't know, but will post my settings just in case they may help someone...oh and I am on the current nvidia driver...
  5. Not bad to fly but no bombs and not enough ammo for a poor shot like me...😬
  6. 😬Flying in an A20...actually got 15 buildings on this.. good for me... And got my first ever medal...
  7. Well I use Reshade because I a red-green color blind...It helps with seeing things close to the ground and over the trees....but on topic I think everyone who shoots me down with vr or monitor, with mod or not should be banned...there I said it...
  8. Hi Pat....For FC I was able to create the Esc 124 Lafayette and the 103rd Aero and got them to work.... I did a manual transfer to the 103rd on a date around 180604 and generated a mission and was able to run the mission and got the AAR. So this will work for me to be able to fly as an american volunteer for the french and then transfer to a US squad later. Also had a current French campaign for esc 3 and was on date 180707 and was also able transfer to the 103rd and am able to continue my campaign. Will have to continue my campaign over time to see if it continues to work, but looks good so far. Will update if something goes wrong. ....Found out that selecting Aces Hunter or Baer seems to break it....had to take a few days leave and it seems ok again....Well maybe not....I am starting to think that it has something to do with the start dates with the US squad....after 19180801 I do not seem to have any problems with missions not generating or the AAR not working..Just what I am seeing...Hope this may help...Sorry for being so long winded.... Attached the .josn files if anyone is interested. work.zip
  9. Me I would like to be able to start as US volunteer in FC with the Esc 124 Lafayette and transfer to the 94th. Other than that I have no real issuesw... you have done a great service to the community with your program...S!
  10. So now it is VR vs Monitor...Why...not everyone can afford a rig that can run VR let alone the cost. Just let it go guys.....and enjoy the game with what you/they can afford....Just my opinion for what it's worth.
  11. I have to admit I look forward to reading this...good job....
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