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  1. There was a 262 in a dog fight so I had a clean run.....do not know who it was in the dogfight but thanks....
  2. Flight on Jasta5....scratch 1 bardge
  3. That is really odd....which plane or is it all of them.
  4. Which plane? here is what I have for the P-38...the old is the original....also there is only the one selection....you can not for example have 5 pics to select from...only the one named custom_photo will show in game. Textures.zip
  5. Almost forgot she was very pleased that I made it home...
  6. "Stay tuned though as we just might have to have a P-38, P-51, Tempest and new Map, vehicles, RRR mission as a last hurrah down the road... Tip" Sounds good to me.....
  7. I usually fly witch ever side is needing pilots....today for the first time in a long time I got to fly blue... looks like I have to load each by it's self....
  8. Everything seems to work except pitch and yaw trim....the roll works....I have a Vipril T50 throttle and I use the e-1 to e-3 for my adjustments....loaded my backup input file to see if it would fix the problem....no dice....the mapping is not there when I start the game.....checked the files and they show the mappings but do not show up with the in game settings.....re-mapped but only the roll works.....HELP!!!!! p.s. tried to reset to default but it only resets some settings to default not all....any help would be greatly appreciated.....
  9. I am pretty useless in a fighter 😬 but what the hell I'll take a Yak1.
  10. @Red_Cat I am using the reshade filter for red-green color blindness....
  11. Some pic's of the Il2's in action...PTAB's do a number on trains....😁
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