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  1. Did you use the Rudder as well, should help. For me German planes where pretty easy until i found out that the Soviet brake system is awesome :D
  2. Oh yeah.... I rarely see people jumping out of planes (especial people who can really good controll damaged planes), but i somehow to much into roleplaying and also a Statswhore (Wings of Liberty site) so i often bail out...especial because germans like to get really close and having op planes allow it them and than just oneshot the pilots :<
  3. About the part with the internel Components. Its dumb to render them, you dont really need to see them for making a system of simulated damage components.
  4. Why do we again get a worthless Yak and not the La5FN ? Especial when you go to the "about" page and they show us this nice document https://il2sturmovik.com/s/img/about/doc2.jpg Make me sad.... instead of one of the best fighter we get an Trainingsplane which got changed a bit for the front instead :<
  5. I was allways a little bit interessted in Pre Korea War Planes... but didnt got intouch with alot of media. Most WW2 air war games i knew had first of all only american or british planes to fly and even worse it had an HP system which is a no go for such games. WoWP trailer for Close beta hooked me first but i couldnt download it even beeing a Close beta tester (because it wanted to be automatic downloaded to Drive C which was full). Im quite happy that i didnt play this "sim". Because it was again an HP based game... really dumb. Well than i saw a GameStar Review of War Thunder in january 2013. War Thunder has a big place in my heart for showing me the all the nice planes and a really good damage model for the time, also the first flight game which could be played with Mouse in a great way. Played alot of Arcade first in Cockpit Only. Wasnt enough for me and i switched to Sim... still like it even WT has ALOOOOT of problems. I also bought the most cheapest Joystick which i still prefer for the stuff i do. Sim Community bashed WT alot and i tryed the might il2 1946. And it was fun but the view settings didnt work as good as in WT and the flyng felt much more arcadish than WT... like really. Finaly Il-2 BoS came out and i start to playing it... didnt like it that much for a long time (until Dx11 update)... okay and i didnt like it at first because from WT ace to a total Noob who gets rekt all the tim. Now im really obsessed with flying again :D especial because the wings of libery server triggers the Statswhore in me. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/de/pilot/4619/I./JG2_Sekij/?tour=18 Im somehow a masochist because i really love to fly the LaGG 3 which is really hard to use against german OP fighters >.<
  6. Well War Thunde is good to learn shooting with Joystick in their Sim mode, its much easier but it helps when you switch to this game.
  7. Mhhh in an Diffrent Game it was on of my Favorit planes because of the view you had. . .
  8. Oh i hate similar effects in other games and not just Realistic games... this effect when you can't see something right if you dont focus on it MAKE NO SENSE for Games... i mean you have that effect in real life if you look at the street so why having an ingame effect as well ? Lets simulate the human eyes in game as a whole... make no sense but its quite the same effect. Have fun... especial with the Blindspot not much diffrent to this blurry [Edited] :D
  9. Quite same, have an gtx 570. . . i was suprise how bad the GPU handle this game compared to other fly games, i have here worse visuals and worse FPS :/ quite sad. But my biggest problem is that i can't costum config the game... only "low to Ultra" thats sucks... why
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