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  1. Hey Fellow Whales,


    i just tought why a niche game like Il2 which even has a Gunner Coop mode (i know not so cool on multiplayer server because they take away pilot slots :D). I mean for RoF it worked quite well.


    Giving the Free user like a LaGG and the G2 or so. And also playing with friends in Gunner mode. (not to mention that it helps people to see if the game is even able to run smooth on their machines)


    I did this with a Friend in RoF (i extra bought some Two Seatters for that) and it was a blast... sadly there are not many people in RoF. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Pupo said:


    Steam offers several forms of payment which are more convenient to some people. If you are located in some countries, buying directly from the website you pay in dollars, resulting in a huge increase in the final price the costumer pays. Steam allows you to pay in your local currency, so you end up paying the RSVP. In other countries, credit cards are not really a thing most people have, so you can't even buy it (not even by paypal, since you need a card for that). Once again, Steam usually offers a gift card system that allows you to buy store credit using your local currency.


    Funny i like to buy it from their store because paying in $ is acutally cheaper for me then using local currancy on steam 😄

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  3. On 3/30/2018 at 12:12 AM, ESCOMM_FlyMaker said:

    Can we get Spitfite on steam? I know the problem with BoK and steam but we already have the files and also have 4 collectors planes in the store. Why this can be so diferent to do with the new ones?

    I dont know, many games launch their addons on steam without any problem. Seems to be a forced way to make people buy directly from the website



    Because no one wanna cut their sales by 30% for steam and also why would you wanna buy it on steam its cheaper here anyway at least if using payball € because it will translate the Dollar Price into € ... meanwhile on steam everything is the same nummber 60$ = 60€ there. 


    Also there is probably more involved into moving dlc to Steam why deal with it if buying from the main store is much easyer. 

  4. When it comes to german Planes i think the BF 109F4 is the best of the BF Series.... the G2 is just a less agile one and isnt really faster too. F4 is just Übermaschine !


    I personaly allways like to use the more "manual" planes to use so thats why i dont fly that much germans. And alot of the Manual Planes are pretty easy to use as well for exempel the LaGG 3... just set up RPM to Max, Cooling shuttles to like 60% and full throttle no engine problems :D


    Some are harder like the american and british but the americans like P40E has little indicator for the right amount of abuse and green area Temps and so on... only problem with americans is that they use mp/h which is for me weird. 

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  5. 5 minutes ago, seafireliv said:


    I didn`t see that green section at all in the beginning, not until someone pointed it out in an instructional video. It`s very easy to miss, because a lot of it is slightly hidden under the rim shadow. Also, you can still go out of the green area if you know what you`re doing.


    Yeah i like to observe the little details as well. After playing DCS and Il2 i started to really like the american planes and their cockpit design even tho i was never a Fan of them from a 3rd person view. 


    Thats the great part that you can still try to improve the power management with a bit of risk. I also hopped in in the Mig 3 last couple days and was suprised how advuanced the cockpit is compared to LaGG 3 or Yaks. It also has an easy to understand cockpit (especial if you can read russian like me).


    English, German and Russian planes easy to understand the cockpit but i'll have a problem with the Italian (and i love the Folgore :S) Japanese (i hope we will get the ARMY planes of japan... ki 61, ki 84, ki 44 and more they are so great and more interessting than just A6M imo) so for those i need to read the cockpit instructions outside the sim i guess.



  6. I kind of wonder why there is even an option to bail in this game, it doesn't really do anything. Bailing in this game is pretty much the same as dying. immersion?

    Yeah pretty much especial in combination with Server with stats (Air kill streak) :>

  7. LaGG 3 105 Dubler would be nuts . . . but yeah its just an Prototype which wasnt good enough for mass productions :< 

    But i would be happy if we at least would get an LaGG 3 - 66


    btw. the Dubler looks pretty nice 



  8. Are you sure you didnt use the button to "reset the view" which you can save with F10... maybe you saved it that way and he snaps the head this way because of that. 


    I personaly use free look with ministick on my Joystick and with SHIFT + Ministick body position left right / forward backward also buttons for raising and lowering the head position. Very importante.


    Snap view is one of the most [Edited] ways to play a Fly sim i think :D i hated Il2 1946 before i notice that there is also a Free look option.


    That is what I witnessed as member of a big squad that tried to train forner mouse aim users to fly with joystick. They tried it a few times, left silently and returned to arcade mouseaim flying soon after.


    Mhhh but is it the fault of the game.... its more about what the player want. If they like the Arcade mode there and sneaked into the other modes its up to them if they wanna stay. People like me who started in Arcade (and even played in Cockpit view) wanted allways more immersion and realism it was a ... slowly progress for me which War Thunder offered really well. Also it has one of the  best controll settings which i miss on some other "real fly sims". 


    I think its up to the player if they are interessted in a real fly sim than of course starting with the real thing like Il2 BoX is better. But WT is a good method to see if people will get hooked by air combat and than slowly coming in contact with sim Genre and than even switching to other games. 

  10. I never left. Its still my Favorite F2P Game... even tho it was the first F2P where i really put alot of money in and felt good with it. It has it Whales vehicle but most of the time (especial when there special offers) i feel its very budged friendly game. 




    Sure its nots BoS kind of Sim but i still like to fly from time to time. Or playing with Friends the Arcade mode. And i never had a grindy feel as i never was interessted in Jets or super high rank prop gameplay.


    And im in a similar boat like milopugdog. After war thunder i really start getting into 30's / 40's Aircrafts. And this part of History. But for me it never ended, just have bigger breaks from time to time :D



    Also someone complained about the Community... well i think the community here is similar just smaller sized. The most annoyng type of player for me where those German Fanboys which allways felt like their godplanes where to weak. And i see this and debades about this subject from time to time here as well (see the La5FN thread in General which was closed :D)


    Also sure Gaijin isnt really super hardcore supportive towards the Sim Community (as they are a small part) but at least now all Bomber have a Cockpit even tho they are placeholder but still most of them are fine. And the new Sim mode dont have waiting times of 5 minutes not even a second. The "EC" Mode which is split into diffrent rooms, kinda feels like playing on  WoL just with fewer Player and random spawning Ground Battles :D


    And i find War Thunder is an excellend Kickstarter for Sim newbs. Only problem its, better to start off with Arcade than "realistic" mode to get more planes because the Biplanes feel weird in Sim mode and also its a nice small learning curve and its a very friendly f2p. 

  11. Air sims have their own little quirks.


    "Start engine, remember to set mixture, set RPMs, use tailwheel and brakes and rudder to turn, remember to apply rudder, etc."

    I agree that a basic tutorial set should be included in the game. "Basic controls", "startup and taxiing", "takeoff", "landing", "navigation", "attacking a target", "spin recovery", "basic ACM". These don't obviously pop out of ether, someone has to make them.

    Yeah but you have to set up the Controlls for the joystick anyway so you will have them in mind because you manualy set them up.


    Would be weird to start a sim without manualy changing controlls.

  12. There is Quickplay where you can start with parked Plane. Thats the kind of Tutorial i prefer in most games  :) for exempel Tekken a fighting game... people there as well go to the practice mode to learn the game and not a Scripted hand holding Tutorial. ... well Tekken 7 was critized by newbs as well for not having a scripted Tutorial. Its just something i dont understand. 


    Sandbox mode = best Tutorial. 

  13. I really wish some of you Jg role playing boys could pop your head out of it for a week or so and spend that time in laggs and migs fighting 109 F4's. Because that's every day on the other side.


    B..but 90% of my Flighttime are on the LaGG 3 (LaGG 3 is bae). I only joined the clan because i have much fun with the Boys during War Thunder times.... i just can't bring it over me to delete the Clan Tag.

  14. LaGG 3 is my Favorite Plane here even tho its one of the weakest planes. 


    I allways found the La5FN be my Favorite but when it comes to flying La5 (normal one) in Il2 it just doenst feel as gooda s with the LaGG 3 for me. I hope the REAL THING La5FN will be better :D 


    But im looking forward to P39 and P47 as well. Also im interessted in buyng the MC 202 Folgore. 



    My dream would be that they would put in the Japanese ARMY planes that means Ki43, Ki44, Ki61 or K84 and Heavys like Ki 45 BUT i fear that the japanese Addons will be Midways battle that means... A6M2 (BOOOORING).


    That is always the issue. When seeing claims like this, you always have to assume overclaiming by some 200-500% - regardless which air force you're talking about. Still, even taking that into account, it does seem that they early deployment of the La-5FN achieved results that were far better than the VVS was used to see. 


    But the VVS is the only air force which didnt just believed the pilots but also had to review the wreck on the Ground, so only claims with real wrecks where counted. Pokrishkyn also claimed over 100 Air Victorys but had only 59 counted. And the victorys of Pokrishkyn and Kozhedub are more detailed where you have a hard time find detailed Logs of victorys of the Germans for exempel. 

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