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  1. No, the only part of the topic that is misleading would be your posts. The images show the differences in resolution, of course what you see with your eyes is going to be different, even if you and I looked at my monitor we would see different things, this does not make this thread or the pictures any less relevant. You do have a point, however I object to you validating anything SharpeXB has said in this thread.
  2. As with anything, there is a small very vocal group who complains, and a larger group who just enjoys. I have a first gen vive and regularly fly DCS and IL-2 without issue, yes the resolution is not as good as a screen... but I use it over my 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor and trackir. Those pictures are a perfectly fine example of the differences. It doesn't matter if they are cropped, they are still a good enough representation of the differences... but you have not played il2 in VR so you wouldn't understand, and until you take the time to get into VR even with one of the older headsets your opinion on the matter is invalid. You just want to whinge, go find another thread to pollute with your bad attitude and ill informed views
  3. SharpeXB I fly in VR, I have performed better in VR than I ever did with trackir. I can spot planes better, I can identify planes easier I am more aware of my surroundings and it feels much more realistic. Just because you refuse to acknowledge the benefits and advantages of VR does not mean they do not exist, it just makes you look like a smacktard when you come into a thread like this to derail the topic with your flawed and demonstrably incorrect assumptions. As for the resolution? Current gen VR headsets sit somewhere between 1080p and 4k monitors in resolution, do you want to guess what the majority of users are using for their monitors (excluding VR users)? I'll give you a clue, its definately not 4K. Now back on the actual topic... It would be good to compare 1080p, 4k, a Vive/Rift 1st gen, Rift S, Index and Reverb like the pictures in the first post...
  4. Its the F.B variant listed, not the bomber version. This is the one with 4 x .303 and 4 x 20mm hispanos
  5. No bombers on the allied side? awesome about the arado and mossie thought
  6. As Talon_ says, I have The Unprofessionals server which is based in Australia, all missions have AI aircraft so even if the population is low there is still things to do.
  7. @Fartic has been banned from the server for shooting the tail off a team mate deliberately then leaving the server before explaining himself to try avoid a ban.
  8. Thank you so much, I am just starting to build missions for the Unprofessionals Flying Circus server and this will be a god send.
  9. Thanks, just a heads up, currently having connection speed issues, hopefully they will be resolved in the next 48 hours but until then you might get drop outs when lots of people are online
  10. Easiest way ive found is to just open the mission editor and resave the missions, there is a option under tools to resave all missions in a folder, I think it is recursive so if you select your missions root folder it should (don't hold me on this I havent tested recently) resave all .mission files in all subfolders. Once the missions are re-saved I recommend renaming all .mission file extensions, I usually add .old to the end of the file name eg. "il2map.mission.old" as this will greatly speed up players joining the server
  11. If you just let me know which missions ive missed (obviously some wont have tanks at all) that would help a lot
  12. Ok updated the mission so that one should be fixed now, still slowly checking the other missions as I get time/energy to do so.
  13. Check the tank type rather than it's title, I noticed some of them I'd derped on the name, I'll recheck that mission tonight
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