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  1. 1.why the bombs in p-38 do not work dropped on target doing nothing ???? Either your mission builder needs to update their missions to fix up the object hit points or your bombs are not landing on target. There is a script on the forums somewhere that can update missions automatically for you, don't forget to update any templates you have built. 2.why do planes like P-40 and 47 that don't fly are just fucked to the max ???????Nobody use this crapy planes on servers. You are flying them wrong, there are guides on how to get the most out of those planes but for reference in the P47 inlet and oil radiators to 40% outlet cowls closed, fuel to auto rich and you will get a lot more out of it. 3. why p47 is slower in deep dive than bf109 with gunpods? See above. 4.why is American ammunition so weak ???? Because this is not war thunder, 50 cals don't do as much damage as you think it does... at least not to planes. 5.is there a significant improvement in the contacts spotting in this patch, will you improve it? Spotting is always being worked on by the devs (going by the dev diaries), we will find out what the go is when they release the next patch notes. 6.are you going to do something about it because we are frustrated ??? Most of the frustrations you are experiencing are self induced, work on those and the dev's will work on the issues they can solve as they are able.
  2. Hi everyone, Just though I would note that I have Stalingrad and Kuban up for grabs in a giveaway on the Unprofessionals Discord and the winners are to be drawn a few hours before the final flyout of the festival which will be on The Unprofessionals server Hope to see as many of you on there as possible
  3. Sorry, to clarify, we found the explosion radius in practice for the 1000kg was larger than the 1800 and 2500
  4. I am not sure the information you have there is correct on the 1800 and 2500kg bombs... in a recent flyout on the unprofessionals we found that the 1000kg bomb was actually doing more damage to soft targets (eg, we were blowing up a town) than the 1800 and 2500 bombs. I will be making a mission tomorrow when I have time to do some further testing
  5. Due to the above connection issues, increased CPU and Bandwidth requirements for the server (and the need to keep bandwidth available at home for my daughter's schooling and me to be working from home) I have made the decision to move the server to a hosted server (out of my own pocket) but have set up a patreon to help offset that as well.
  6. Hopefully it should be back up in 12 hours from this message.... as long as the rain stays away and the NBN tech doesn't reschedule
  7. Yes and no, I think the current number is 32 troops... but that doesn't always apply as some missions have different settings. and it has been so far between mission builds that I don't remember how much for each mission and whatnot.
  8. Im not adverse to the idea... however im not very good at building tank specific missions and im running out of server resources to run up another il2 server
  9. I did double check the recording after after I saw the stats results, I can clearly see a spitfire in the recordings, it has been more than 24 hours since the ban so you should no longer be banned
  10. You were banned for 24 hours, once 24 hours is up you will be unbanned. Spitfires are not capable of maintaining 600+ kmh on the deck, yet you were able to not only keep up but also gain on me. On reviewing the mission log it shows you as being in a P51, yet my recordings show you in a spitfire mk9 long wing.
  11. No, the only part of the topic that is misleading would be your posts. The images show the differences in resolution, of course what you see with your eyes is going to be different, even if you and I looked at my monitor we would see different things, this does not make this thread or the pictures any less relevant. You do have a point, however I object to you validating anything SharpeXB has said in this thread.
  12. As with anything, there is a small very vocal group who complains, and a larger group who just enjoys. I have a first gen vive and regularly fly DCS and IL-2 without issue, yes the resolution is not as good as a screen... but I use it over my 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor and trackir. Those pictures are a perfectly fine example of the differences. It doesn't matter if they are cropped, they are still a good enough representation of the differences... but you have not played il2 in VR so you wouldn't understand, and until you take the time to get into VR even with one of the older headsets your opinion on the matter is invalid. You just want to whinge, go find another thread to pollute with your bad attitude and ill informed views
  13. SharpeXB I fly in VR, I have performed better in VR than I ever did with trackir. I can spot planes better, I can identify planes easier I am more aware of my surroundings and it feels much more realistic. Just because you refuse to acknowledge the benefits and advantages of VR does not mean they do not exist, it just makes you look like a smacktard when you come into a thread like this to derail the topic with your flawed and demonstrably incorrect assumptions. As for the resolution? Current gen VR headsets sit somewhere between 1080p and 4k monitors in resolution, do you want to guess what the majority of users are using for their monitors (excluding VR users)? I'll give you a clue, its definately not 4K. Now back on the actual topic... It would be good to compare 1080p, 4k, a Vive/Rift 1st gen, Rift S, Index and Reverb like the pictures in the first post...
  14. Its the F.B variant listed, not the bomber version. This is the one with 4 x .303 and 4 x 20mm hispanos
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