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  1. Thanks, just a heads up, currently having connection speed issues, hopefully they will be resolved in the next 48 hours but until then you might get drop outs when lots of people are online
  2. Easiest way ive found is to just open the mission editor and resave the missions, there is a option under tools to resave all missions in a folder, I think it is recursive so if you select your missions root folder it should (don't hold me on this I havent tested recently) resave all .mission files in all subfolders. Once the missions are re-saved I recommend renaming all .mission file extensions, I usually add .old to the end of the file name eg. "il2map.mission.old" as this will greatly speed up players joining the server
  3. If you just let me know which missions ive missed (obviously some wont have tanks at all) that would help a lot
  4. Ok updated the mission so that one should be fixed now, still slowly checking the other missions as I get time/energy to do so.
  5. Check the tank type rather than it's title, I noticed some of them I'd derped on the name, I'll recheck that mission tonight
  6. Yes they are in there, Boomboxes and Twitching Corpse both have it, the others either have it or are a work in progress as I get time to update the missions.
  7. It should be in all the tank missions, I know there is one where i put an extra pz3 instead of the pz4 i just havent had time to fix it yet
  8. Hi there, As a server owner who has missions with AI vehicles in the missions to make the missions feel a lot more populated and war zone like. One of the things I run into when building missions for my server is trying to work out what is causing the tickrate to be high. Is there a way (or can you make a way) to make a report or indication of what may be causing the tickrate to be higher than expected? Some sort of tools to show "This unit is using x amount of cpu time or tickrate" I find it very hard to make compelling missions when even a small amount of units (in my mind) causes excessive tickrate on the server. An example: I built a test mission that has a single allied airfield with 6 AA guns and an plane spawn, the axis side had waves of bombers spawning and coming to bomb the airfield. I found that the most bombers I could have on my server without the tickrate becoming unworkable was 24 bombers. It did not matter if they were He-111's or Ju88's they both had the same effect. However on another mission I had another combination of AI and I couldnt have even half that number of AI planes active but could not work out why.
  9. Deadmeat here, I can help with vr (vive, soon to be valve index, machine is high end as well) and flying circus. I can also provide a server for testing purposes as well.
  10. Close, was a brief power outage while I slept, next time I do a pc parts order ill be getting a UPS as well but that will likely not be till after PAX later this year.
  11. Hi Kinninmont, The reason for having all the planes available on all missions is so that no matter which packs you own you can still fly the planes you want. The missions are not meant to be historical, they are designed to be an alternative to the kinds of missions you find on other servers, not copies of them. As for people just picking "The best planes", well the stats server says otherwise at my last look. In fact you see people flying the planes they are interested in which yes a few people fly the "best planes" but then the question is... what is the best plane? A 109k4 is never going to be a great ground pounder, why would you fly it to pound ground? Its not the best plane for that role. As for people trying out other planes because the planeset is limited? in theory that might be the case but in practice if people can't fly the plane they want to fly they just leave the server. Glad you are enjoying the server and the low ping we aussies so rarely get just a heads up that a new mission is on its way and im in the process of building it now and it will be focused on tank battles. Now im going to have a nap before getting back to work on the mission DeadMeat
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