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  1. Have you accepted the rules? I see you joined twice, once with TOG_Strewth and once with Strewth
  2. feel free to jump on discord and ask in the general channel, someone there may be able to help step you through it and get you up in the air
  3. RPM on allied planes is not controlled automatically or by the throttle, it is a separate control
  4. @TOG_StrewthAt a guess I would say you still have the parking brake on or you have not increased your rpm just your throttle
  5. The updated link for the stats page is in the #information-and-links channel on the discord Check the first post for the discord link.
  6. The more WW1 planes I can fly in VR the better
  7. Thanks, that mission is in the process of being rebuilt, those issues should not be present in the new build.
  8. Ill need to know which moscow mission it was exactly? all missions are in the process of getting overhauled. - Airfield fires are hit and miss about if they will stay on the ground or not, it can literally put them into the air just by saving the mission sometimes. - The vanish issue will be from an old template, that will be fixed in the mission refresh/rebuild but as I said ill need to know which mission exactly so I can make sure I get it. - The re-arming issue is nothing I can directly influence sorry, but if you can replicate it and give me a track and a video recording I can
  9. I have been passed screenshots by people of someone who has been badmouthing me and the server in some communities. I really can't be bothered repeating myself and getting misunderstood in multiple community servers so I am posting this here for reference.
  10. Any time is ok to jump on the discord server and ask around. There are players from all over the world that play on Unpro
  11. Jump on the discord and ask around, I am very much a WW1 person, its where I started with flight sims, but I am not the one who organises fly outs. Enough interest and the weekly flyouts on the FC server will start up again im sure.
  12. Information will be coming. - new rules - new discord - new team to help run the server beyond just me
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