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  1. Thanks for this campaign, really appreciated it ! -IRRE- should fly RED again next one, hoping to avoid the classic "everybody switch at the same campaign". @ =EXPAND= : sorry for the ram during a dogfight one day... did not understand what happened, maybe a small lag due to my bad connection... anyway, that was my only death of the campaign, I'm really not used to this kind of behavior
  2. Is there some kind of prioritization when you're login in the server depending your ping, connexion or whatever else ? My ping is usually 90-100ms for TAW server. Since the last campaign, I'm almost unable to play during evenings (European time). For example today I tried to connect maybe three hours ago during a restart of the map. first try, 8 players connected. I retried plenty of time, seeing the list getting full little by little. As the number reached +- 70, I joined 3 times the map menu, but without any airfield and I was kicked with error message "connexion lost
  3. Hi Stick-95, thanks for your explanations, I copy your post directly to Quintus in case he doesn't read it here The text messages are poping a few moments after the event, so you are usually arriving too late to catch ennemy bombers. To my knowledge, only the alert circles around the airfields icons (on the map) are real time.
  4. Hi guys, we've been at least 3 IRRE tonight to suffer disconnections with Error #10019. It never happened to me before, your server has always been really stable -> is this some problem you are aware of ? I deleted all my multiplayer folder, and my next flight was OK... I hope that is enough to fix it -> IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Multiplayer (Edits : spelling mistakes)
  5. I guess it's not only the driver then, but also depending the graphic settings as it has been mentionned by somebody. After I updated the driver, I had like 3 crashes for 3 flights (after +- 15min flight), and also some weird game crashes when I tried to load solo or multi missions. TThen I changed the graphics a little bit randomly and I made a 50min flight without problem on Random Expert. I noticed I passed from windowed to full screen just before it worked. But sorry guys, not sure if I changed something else... I should have wrote every setting.
  6. Still no problem ? My first flight after I updated the driver, crash after 25min (multiplayer, random expert server). So 2.010 just made BoS/M/K unplayable for me. I am quite... sad Yes RobCarter, I also noticed it on the poor 780 owners dedicated thread
  7. I got a 780 too. Since the 2.010, old driver 368 is not stable anymore -> crash after 12 min I updated to the last Nvidia driver 382 -> crashed after 25min. That same old D3D_ERROR. DXBufferMan11::vb(..) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED Sad sad sad...
  8. I have a GTX780, still with the old stable driver 368.81. Since the update, this old driver is not stable anymore, I had again D3D Error: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. -> Should we, 780 owners, update to the latest NVIDIA Driver ? That would be great. PS : and if yes, maybe update the announcement there.
  9. Hi ! TM support confirms they're taking the problem seriously. We are more and more notifying the problem on french forums - and tickets opening with TM support. Try this sequence, it could be a work-around : Launch Target / Your profile Launch TS Stop TS Stop Your Profile / Exit Target
  10. Hi, got the same "issue". I already cleaned the potentiometers and even re-welded some connections, but it is still really sensitive. I will try NNFFL-Carleo advise.
  11. I wish it would be that easy for me... but no I linked this thread to TM's support, in case somebody finds something... or simply if other people have this problem, maybe they will log it with a higher priority.
  12. Yes, me, and some other people in the french community. Tried a loooot of things, nothing works. Opend a ticked on TM support. For now, "they don't know this problem".
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