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  1. Hello Pat Tried out a couple of missions no issues noted, did the usual thing with increasing the AI numbers (gives it a real flying circus feel!) and didn't observe any effect on the frame rates. Thanks again
  2. Just came home after a real s**t day at work, but you guys just made my day! Thanks!
  3. Hello Pat Downloaded it and tried it out today, missions went smoothly (used a BF110 for some ground attack missions in Kerch). Only one minor detail some of the ground AI ended up being placed in the water more likely due to my settings (I tend to crank up the density to "high") the happens when the front line crosses lakes and that was where they spawned. I also cranked up the aircraft numbers (minimum and additional, 7 and 8 respectively) to get some higher numbers of AI aircraft and there were no issues with the frame rates. Cheers
  4. Here you go Alienware Aurora R6: Intel i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 3000 Mhz, 4 Core : 16GB settings attached
  5. I tried it tonight, great mission loved it, but same as everyone else got into slow-mo dogfights (settings at Ultra and 144 FPS). Actually quite like it as it looks like one of those old gun cam films. Its the AI numbers. You get the same effect with PWCG missions when you crank up the the AI numbers in the settings.
  6. Yes, thanks to everyone who take their time to design and post their skins, really appreciate it!
  7. That's great tried it out works well now. Thank you
  8. ACS777

    winter dustsmoke

    This is a great addition to the game thank you very much!
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