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  1. well spotted m8
  2. same here, no idea!
  3. Updating game client, 486 mb, update for fixes or an april fools surprise? ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. D/L link is dead, can this be re uploaded if possible?
  5. Those Russian girls...Oh MY!......
  6. Very tempted myself to get it, whats she like? few more days for pennies yet so asking out of curiosity cus i'll get her at some point lol
  7. I've never watched a thread so much with F5 taps since the 46 Peshka addon thread on whobee ( sitting on my hands, honest! )
  8. Honestly guys, im relieved its not just me :), my rig is a good rig but is temperamental and likes a hissy fit for no reason at times and i wasn't sure if it was time to flip again! Thanks guys for your help ๐Ÿ˜„ Sparty
  9. Yes i can connect offline but purchases not showing (server end i guess) individual installation but use steam to start the game ( NOT a Steam installation) I wonder if its a Steam issue then? i shall try game only Game says no
  10. Just bought the 109G6 and La5fn , gone to check in game and cant connect to game, update maybe or is something screwed? net is working fine and items are showing in my purchased list TIA Sparty
  11. I've not seen this much anticipation and guess work since Oleg's updates on "46", gotta say, i need putting out of my misery!!
  12. I glad they didnt, it was a god awful sound! like listening to some politicians, on and on and on ad infinitum lol
  13. You need to climb into the back and slap that lazy no good gunner till he does his job correctly!
  14. Well, that's the house work abruptly called off,, there's an emergency in my IL2 and i need, oh maybe 6 hours to figure it all out, think i'll get that past the wife ??
  15. Well, I'm gonna bring this one to an end, few tweaks still to do but pretty much done and dusted Sparty
  16. It will still shine on 5V but not as bright as 12V but to be honest its still bright enough at 5V i have found, please remember electronics is a recent hobby and i dont understand all the quirks just yet but so far its working for me , hope this helps Regards Sparty
  17. Ok! the LED + is connected directly to 5V with a 220 ohm Resistor in between and the LED - through the the switch toggle ground, inputs go through to the board, as you can see im using an Arduino Uno lol. If i remember correctly the image is basically how i wired the LED's and switch up! Hope this helps m8 I am of course assuming you mean the the red and green LEDS and not the illuminated toggle switch with the safety cover, for that you will have to wire input, ground and 5V normally and then set the input switch to LOW in the sketch corresponding to which og the pins you use, assuming you are of course using and arduino uno. If the switch state remains HIGH the illuminated toggle light wont work properly and the LED will be trying ti light up in a weak way whilst in the off position and the switch will not activate properly. (As i found out through trial and error) and i am ni no way and arduino expert so please check for yourself Regards Sparty
  18. Hi guys, I made a button box for my bro a few months ago and some of you expressed an interest in a build diary so, I am making a new box for myself and want to know should i do a build diary for this inc components etc? any interest for the DIY'ers trying to save a few quid on their flight sim experience?? Below is the box and testing with my rig setup before giving to my bro. Let me know guys Regards Sparty
  19. Thanks guys, made me feel happier that at least i can still hit my IL2 in the future! and for keeping it clean lol
  20. Hi all, 1st off i dont want this descending into tribal politics so just DONT lol... so, my question, the minute after Brexit happens , will it affect any access to IL2 BoX due to leaving any relevant treaties and compliances within the EU and external and having to fall back on WTO 3rd nation status rules Re, the Internet. I'm not that savvy so just a straight "it'll be fine" or not will suffice with maybe relevant info if poss from those with more knowledge than myself please, In a nutshell, providing there's no power cuts etc will i be able to "play" the game?? Regards in advance Sparty
  21. Thats EXACTLY my issue, phew!! thought i was going mad!, seems to be working again now that engine aids are unchecked! Cheers all, your the best! Much Regards Sparty
  22. good point, not sure, i'll look into it , Thanks for the pointer!
  23. Hi guys, been a while since i flew as family stuff etc but i have noticed a poss issue with the A20, throttle assignment in key mapping for x52 and flight yoke pro (controllers are only one set up per time in config so no conflict ) seems to effect the prop pitch ONLY and not throttle levers but in other plane throttle assignment works as it should, poss bug with latest patch or me?? Regards Sparty
  24. A packet of sawdust cigarettes and a fumble under Lenins shadow
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