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  1. Happy Birthday m8 hope you (WE) get a nice surprise
  2. I have an itchy rash after a weekend playing on pc, should i see doctor, asking for a friend
  3. Hi all, been a VERY long time since i published a skin for IL2 so i present to you .. my favourite rendition of a P51 by Matchbox models many many moons ago, hope you like?! Best Regards Sparty https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j9dp0zn8pajidl4/AAD-G_aWpzLXQQS7ZBI6rr1Za?dl=0
  4. RESOLVED thanks guys for the help! Regards Sparty
  5. Yes the image file show in "game" folder but does not show in the skin Viewer list of applicble "skins" to use, and yes, the settings are correct, everything was fine before i did a format on a new h/d, with aclean install of cs6, i have no idea why this is happening, everything seems correct! Thanks for ideas m8 , appreciated!
  6. long story short, new install on a new hard drive, inc cs6, installed the DDS plugin, all seems fine, save my psd as per normal to dds with default settings, skin shows in game folder, but not in viewer, ive done the usual google search and nothing matches, anyone have ANY ideas?! i'm stumped!... Thanks in advance! Regards Sparty
  7. seems to be a problem with my dds plugin, tried to save a known previous working skin/template and getting the same negative result! i have no idea what to do next, , i have re installed and still no joy sadly, anyhoo, thanks for all your help m8 , much appreciated
  8. yup, file paths correct! maked no sense to me, i must be missing something stupid, i wonder if its the DDS plugin that is off?! .... Thanks for your help m8 Sparty
  9. Many thanks ๐Ÿ˜„ Edit:.. skin still now showing in Viewer :(, somethings amiss for me
  10. I seem to not have a P51 folder to put skins into in my game directory :(, anyone know the naming convention so i can create one please Regards Sparty
  11. Im now getting CTD after this 2nd hotfix :(. oh woe is me! Update, now getting this:
  12. Torps would be great but imo would need a larger target base (ships ala BB's CC etc and also those carriers, someone mention Midway at all (please gimme, i'm holding my pee in till you give it to us Devs)..) be nice if we could have the SD series of munitions ingame as these would fit in with the current progression of the game, Soviets already have PTAB which is similiar result ingame on targets, saying all that, so far game has been worth every penny and i trust in Dev teams future outlook! Regards, Sparty
  13. Updating game client, 486 mb, update for fixes or an april fools surprise? ๐Ÿ˜„
  14. D/L link is dead, can this be re uploaded if possible?
  15. Those Russian girls...Oh MY!......
  16. Very tempted myself to get it, whats she like? few more days for pennies yet so asking out of curiosity cus i'll get her at some point lol
  17. I've never watched a thread so much with F5 taps since the 46 Peshka addon thread on whobee ( sitting on my hands, honest! )
  18. Honestly guys, im relieved its not just me :), my rig is a good rig but is temperamental and likes a hissy fit for no reason at times and i wasn't sure if it was time to flip again! Thanks guys for your help ๐Ÿ˜„ Sparty
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