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  1. Bodenplatte has just gone on Sale today, $19.99 for Premium, now is the time!
  2. Thats my un-intentional good deed for the day done, yay me :), seriously, thanks for for your attention on this and all your hard work! what a community we have here
  3. ok redone again and this one worked only differences are Moscow map from Rhineland and checking the Historical planes box, if that helps, sorry i broke your amazing app
  4. just tested this but still getting same result, mission IS generated but not showing
  5. Hi and thanks, that is correct, mission generates but does not show in list i have all content except the new yaks so that wont be a problem I shall reduce plane amounts and attempt with new name and see what that gives! Thanks again
  6. Single mission for now This is what i have on mission generation and this is the end result as you can see, as far as i know i'm doing it correctly but ingame nothing appears for said generated mission
  7. Hi all, need a little advice, i had V.20 of this amazing little program and it worked perfectly, sadly been away for a while and have just updated to latest version, V.31, so the problem, it generates the missions in the mission folder but they dont show up in game! V.20 still works and does produce in missions folder,. I have now over ridden v.20 with V.31 but still nothing and game path is correct. I know it will probably be something stupid but i cant for the life of me find whats wrong! any thoughts? Regards Sparty
  8. A little Dickie bird told me the release is held up on account of the lack of handle bar moustaches so until enough of the community grow one and the handle bar mostaches reach critical mass the Hurricane will only then explode into existance in a furball...what what!
  9. Happy Birthday m8 hope you (WE) get a nice surprise
  10. I have an itchy rash after a weekend playing on pc, should i see doctor, asking for a friend
  11. Hi all, been a VERY long time since i published a skin for IL2 so i present to you .. my favourite rendition of a P51 by Matchbox models many many moons ago, hope you like?! Best Regards Sparty https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j9dp0zn8pajidl4/AAD-G_aWpzLXQQS7ZBI6rr1Za?dl=0
  12. RESOLVED thanks guys for the help! Regards Sparty
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