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  1. No flight sim can be considered the true successor to IL2 STURMOVIK and have a body in the pilot's seat. ;-)
  2. Many are asking for the Mediterranean. I understand the desire but Team Fusion Simulations is working on that theatre and since TFS is under the 1C banner of sorts, this development group won't be competing with that. This leads me to ask if there will be charges for Cliffs of Dover's upcoming patch to 5.0. If there is will that cost help with IL2 Pacific? I plan on upgrading CoD any way, but knowing that monies derived from CoD would help this series I'd hope others may invest in Team Fusion Simulations effort in hopes of continuing BoX. Just a thought...
  3. The lines on the PBY get me every time. It's hardly graceful looking but it is beautiful. It had many uses, making it quite versatile. Plus it can swim. Let's see a B 25 do that.
  4. This is a stretch... but I pick the PBY Catalina. I said it was a stretch.
  5. I was trying to keep the teams even so when the blue side needed a fighter I switched sides to hunt the reds... except when I took off I forgot I was now blue and after finding a lone enemy coming toward my field I excitedly shot at the blue. I fully expected him to be strafing my base only to find out he was RTB. Flamed him on the first pass (which never happens with me in multi) and I realized my mistake. "Uh ohhh. The shame. The pain."
  6. Fantastic. So movie making is a feature we can still do with VR. I really appreciate some of the great cinematic videos the community puts together. Thanks for the input, coconut.
  7. Within the next month I plan on building a new PC and investing into VR. I'm pretty excited but this lead me to wonder about the future of IL2 movies created by our community. Can one make a cinematic film using VR? Are there special editing apps? Will I only be able to view VR movies on You Tube (for example) by using VR goggles? Or if you save the track does it play back as a regular monitor image we are used to viewing and from that one would grab the necessary film clips to edit. I'd hate for the movies to dry up if so many transition over to VR. Just a thought that currently swimming about in my head. Input or discussion is appreciated.
  8. 1./JG54_Lang, Thank you. Been busy with with sudden family issues so I haven't spent much time working my HOTAS. I appreciate the D/L.
  9. So in essence I have to assign buttons for each function inside of BOS with keypad buttons. THEN go into CH Control Manager and assign those buttons to my CH throttle/Fighterstick and Pedals. Do I understand that correctly? This is the part I've not understood. THANK YOU Sokol. You're always one of them most helpful forum members. I appreciate it. I'll give it a go. I believe I now understand the concept.
  10. I've used Joy to Key on a few Microsoft games that require an XBOX controller. As a last resort I may delve into that. Thanks. My experience was pretty much plug and play with my logitec controller, though. No assigning buttons as I liked the configuration that was mapped by default.
  11. Before I waste anyone's (or my) time; Since the SHIFT function is not programmable in the IL2:BoX button commands, I wanted to try the CH Products software. I own the Fighterstick Pro, Throttle Pro and Rudder pedals. I'd love to use the Fighterstick's pinky button for SHIFT so as to arrange functions on certain buttons or hat switches. For example: I use the Throttle's top hat switch for engine management. Up and down operate propeller incidence. Forward and back operate the mixture. In IL246 and CoD I can assign the pinky button on the Fighterstick as a SHIFT key. When used the Throttle button I mentioned now operates radiator and oil or cowl flaps. I do the same thing with other functions by grouping them on a certain button - with and without the SHIFT button. NOW my problem. Assigning the CH Products' buttons so as IL2 BoX recognizes the inputs. Is there a key code or file IN the game that I use to get the software to 'talk' to IL2 so I can assign the buttons as I'd like to? I'm not understanding how the software communicates with IL2 and therefore have no idea how to assign a specific button for this game. I can record a keystroke (SPACE BAR for example) in the CH Programming software but what does that do for BoS? I can't INSERT COMMAND because the option is grayed out. So I'm wondering if there is somewhere I get a list of commands for BoS (and can assign as I wish) that CH Products will recognize and 'talk' with IL2. As I said. There's a fundamental disconnect that I can't get past. Hope I'm making sense. And lastly, do you recommend combining the three devices into one device or leave them as three separate ones? Thanks in advance.
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