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  1. I mean no reflection: Just some glass is desirable. I am sure is much better than nothing.
  2. Probably this proposal was already discussed here but I did not find. My apologies if missed it. Is it possible to make a mod which would allow us to put the glass on the cockpit instruments of the aircraft? I mean not advanced glasses with reflection of the surrounding reality. I am sure that it would be quite sufficient to have something easier made but good looking as it is in BoB and Silent Hunter 5 (with mod):
  3. Exactly. In Russian this letter is "Д".
  4. Aurelius

    [MOD] Icons

    Hi Ptk! First of all thank you very much for your fantastic mods. Exelent job indeed. Could you make a mod that would allow us to see picture as on the screen below. No compass with numbers but icons.
  5. Hi Walter, Thank you very mush for Lost Hope! It is really fantastic work. Looking forward for a new Campaign by you. Keep up the good job!
  6. Aurelius

    Video by MK.Mr.X

    Sure you are right that dirty words are not acceptable to be used for public demonstration. Nobody will get in dispute regarding this matter. Obviously MK Mr.X undestood this as well. Since I saw video lessons I can confirm that they are made very good. No dirty words, no any other wrongdoings. Good lessons. The sinner has the right to be forgiven
  7. Aurelius

    Video by MK.Mr.X

    @@Mr_Pickles Should you visit the School you could note that no advertising videos are there. Just professionaly made video lessons. It is clear that School was approved and not previous private videos by MK Mr.X.
  8. Aurelius

    Video by MK.Mr.X

    Good news! Thank you, Jason, from all of us who was awaiting last days for this friendly decision.
  9. Tanks, Yogiflight So, it will be a new campaign with a new Pilot. I was thinking on a chance to teleport my actual pilot from Stalingrad to the Past (Moscow battle).
  10. Hi Warhamm, I am using your Comander for rather long period and would like to thank you for this great job. My current missions are based on BOS. How I can use BoM supported missions? Probably I just should start a new campaign beggining from the October 1941?
  11. Zami, now is okay. Previous victories are lost but no problem
  12. Zami, thank so much. I was thinking about it. Will try.
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