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  1. superb work ! amazing … where are these downloadable from please ? atb oxo
  2. I was doing fine , then lost a track … bail out great mission ! atb oxo
  3. I find this problem with everything moving away or back but not in all cockpits , I just thought it was a bug ? I am new to VR and love it , the reverb works very well apart from this occasional issue with some but not all cockpits.. atb oxo
  4. this works for me now , things must have changed at some point ? the 190 still only responds to button presses and not axis .. but at least all aircraft are now with elevator trim as such
  5. my 109 elevator trim wheel no longer works on trim axis … works on stuka and he 111 as normal , any progress on this lads ? works on allied aircraft too oxo
  6. Top stuff , looking forward , thank you !
  7. as such a D day scenario is not really much to do with Tanks on the German side until d day +++ , also the luffty boys hardly went near the beach head , however as an extension to the maps and inland scenario's it is very exciting what could be done , from a tank crew perspective it is awesome , from a flying for both allies or axis an exciting prospect … however I would think this is also a prelude to a Battle of Britain map to come (yes please ) great times ahead , just keep buying and supporting I guess ? .... also having now tried tank crew in VR .I am totally sold amazing ! … flying too , as bigger quantum leap as track ir was all those years ago atb and of course happy new year .. oxo
  8. With Normandy on the way I think tank Crew will expand vey quickly , it is all in place I am sure atb oxo
  9. superb work ! just as it should appear … too many snowflakes , its history FFS ! .. you cannot just stick your head in the sand .. great work ! atb oxo
  10. this is more like it ! great skin ! atb oxo
  11. hey guys , a bug that has always bothered me ,,, If I run a quick mission , then pause or come out to change key inputs on the fly , when changing inputs the game crashes ? however, If I change inputs and keys etc without first starting a mission then all is ok , and I can then run a mission fine any ideas , bit annoying when wanting to change a key binding on the fly.. atb oxo
  12. true , but were referred to often as rabbit ears .. very often used in assault guns ... narrow view field
  13. It is Luke ... for sure and we all know and appreciate that .. however it is a very off putting step the devs have taken , that said as I sit and fiddle around with it I am get used to it and regaining the feel again , .. atb oxo
  14. A geared cranking system will start and stop when the wheel is turned for traverse or elevation , An electric motor traverse system will stop almost, and most probably immediately too .. an electric motor with gears turning a heavy turret is a high friction bit of kit . I was watching an 88 flak going through its paces of elevation and traverse at the victory show in the uk ...(Bruce Crompton collection ) it was very accurate from all inputs , and quick too An electro/ hydraulic system much the same . so why the constant swaying , continued movement with lack of elevation or depression sometimes ??? .. it is a mess , I can sort of get it to work , but it is a real game killer , it will be the cause of many dropping the game .. it would be nice of I could operate the traverse with my rudder brakes , and elevation with mouse or keys , with the turret stopping when I stop input , and elevation /depression the same .. it did work , now it does not ... and that awful aiming help floating around ... it needs fixing .. end of ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhA51aL6euQ
  15. As far as I can see the gun sighting is not fixed at all .. somewhat disappointing in that respect ... it makes tank Crew unplayable for me at the moment , as the missions progress it gets worse and worse and has a mind of its own ... hope i have missed something and its a setting atb oxo
  17. superb work .. nice and easy to use too ! what are the chances of a tank crew version please ? atb oxo
  18. just lets have them how good would that be , just put them all in Bodenplatte ! atb oxo
  19. loaded and will be trying it this week , thank you ! atb oxo
  20. is it just me ?the missions do not seem to work since the update ? atb oxo
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