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  1. please expand .. I am using vr , reverb 2 , and so are my sqd mates , I have not changed my settings which are quite high, it looked great before , now landscape it looks jaggy after medium distance ? atb oxo
  2. Jaggy maps in MP since update , especially looking in the distance , go to single player and all is good again ... all my team mates have noticed this but only since the update ... as if they are a lower res map , they now load quicker too so is my suspicion correct ? atb oxo
  3. can you re post the link please , I cannot find it lol ?
  4. distortion only in 60 hz for me , image smaller on left optic , back to 90Hz all fine ? have you just moved to VR or is this a new problem since an update ? atb oxo
  5. does this also fix the distorted image ? any word on release date please ? atb oxo
  6. try loading the game in 2d first , then shut it down , ….. then load wmr then open game in in steam , speeds up opening in steam , less flickering , and may help your problem ..?
  7. there is a separate thread for this problem as such .. more to do with light levels in the room ? atb oxo
  8. try my dodge Briz , reduces loading time and flashing by a long way ! at least for now , many games on steam have long loading times as you said , I have post scriptum , takes ages to load . atb oxo
  9. spitfire cockpits are small anyway , many books from real life pilots mention the shoulder room as touching the sides , even an account I read recently from a woman transport pilot said how small it was … for me, I have sat in a spitfire , and it is not in any way huge , on the same day I sat in a p47 … that was like sitting in your front room ... the size difference was so different
  10. so very true ! it is not a good situation really , yes you can look away internally till it stops but I have seen no warnings or advice … it is for sure a loading issue , even in 2d it takes some time to load from steam now I thought that had been sorted in an update a few months ago ? , other friends with VR all have the same issue .. however this method goes a long way to help , it would be good to be able to start from a 2d environment with no flickering etc atb oxo
  11. just a work around , I tried loading 2D il2 , then quit it , then start up your vr etc as before , load time and flickering improve by 70 / 80 % .. so when you put on your PC have a try , just load 2d then quit 2d , works for me
  12. yes I look away , its just a bit annoying really .. hope that they sort it eventually ..
  13. I am sure there are various posts about this in this forum but is there a current answer to the "problem" when loaded all runs fine , no real issues and very happy with VR performance and visuals .. but the load times are quite long with flickering , if I quit and reload everything in the same session all seems so much quicker to load with less time flickering … any progress ? answers ? is it just a wmr thing ? atb oxo
  14. you are using 60hz ? will only play correctly at 90 hz at the moment .. atb oxo
  15. just the best work done for the uniforms , so looking forward to the download !
  16. superb work ! amazing … where are these downloadable from please ? atb oxo
  17. I was doing fine , then lost a track … bail out great mission ! atb oxo
  18. I find this problem with everything moving away or back but not in all cockpits , I just thought it was a bug ? I am new to VR and love it , the reverb works very well apart from this occasional issue with some but not all cockpits.. atb oxo
  19. this works for me now , things must have changed at some point ? the 190 still only responds to button presses and not axis .. but at least all aircraft are now with elevator trim as such
  20. my 109 elevator trim wheel no longer works on trim axis … works on stuka and he 111 as normal , any progress on this lads ? works on allied aircraft too oxo
  21. Top stuff , looking forward , thank you !
  22. as such a D day scenario is not really much to do with Tanks on the German side until d day +++ , also the luffty boys hardly went near the beach head , however as an extension to the maps and inland scenario's it is very exciting what could be done , from a tank crew perspective it is awesome , from a flying for both allies or axis an exciting prospect … however I would think this is also a prelude to a Battle of Britain map to come (yes please ) great times ahead , just keep buying and supporting I guess ? .... also having now tried tank crew in VR .I am totally sold amazing ! … flying too , as bigger quantum leap as track ir was all those years ago atb and of course happy new year .. oxo
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