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  2. superb work .. nice and easy to use too ! what are the chances of a tank crew version please ? atb oxo
  3. just lets have them how good would that be , just put them all in Bodenplatte ! atb oxo
  4. loaded and will be trying it this week , thank you ! atb oxo
  5. is it just me ?the missions do not seem to work since the update ? atb oxo
  6. they look fantastic !! thank you !
  7. As far as the 88 was concerned , it worked , it was available , it was versatile , it was relatively easy to maintain.. it was right I guess atb oxo
  8. sounds brilliant , looking forward !
  9. A great mission , well hidden Tanks take you by surprise , the line of sight will no doubt be sorted , hey guys this is just a beta remember and we are all testers ! so get testing and help the dev's cheers for the mission SDM !
  10. awww thank you , hope to play this tonight ! atb oxo
  11. Can anyone winzip this please it sounds super ! atb oxo
  12. looking super ! nice depth to the brief too atb oxo
  13. fantastic insight to how it really was ... very non political as such and an honest realistic account , great read , even better on audible !
  14. great mission , thank you for developing it !
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