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  1. A great mission , well hidden Tanks take you by surprise , the line of sight will no doubt be sorted , hey guys this is just a beta remember and we are all testers ! so get testing and help the dev's cheers for the mission SDM !
  2. awww thank you , hope to play this tonight ! atb oxo
  3. Can anyone winzip this please it sounds super ! atb oxo
  4. looking super ! nice depth to the brief too atb oxo
  5. fantastic insight to how it really was ... very non political as such and an honest realistic account , great read , even better on audible !
  6. great mission , thank you for developing it !
  7. it is very early days yet , no need for worry , it will flourish once it is fully implemented , as SCG_Neun said , the immersion is superb when in full flow , the thrill of stalking and being stalked on an open battlefront is spot on .. atb oxo
  8. thank you ! great work and look forward to playing !
  9. Stop complaining lads ! we should all know this is very much a new project with much work to do , I would say post comments but be constructive and informative , that helps , but some rantings and complaints I have read on here at times are just counterproductive and demoralising for the developers who to be honest have never let us down in the end .. look at the wonderful things they have achieved , once beyond our dreams .. early access give funds to develop , yes DEVELOP ! Comments from very knowledgeable people are coming through , and there must be so much to implement to the level they want this to be , and still make it playable and enjoyable .. it's a tough call guys , help without criticism is the way .. The aircraft pictures are added to show just how far IL2 has come , those that where there at the start will appreciate I am sure ... atb oxo
  10. This is so very sad , I have been a combat flight simmer for 20 years now , from the EAW days , never seen or heard insults ... times change I guess, hope for some good servers to start up, atb oxo
  11. I would have not thought the skulls would have caused an issue , they are not SS skulls , they are Heer, however as has been said rules are different in other countries .. atb oxo
  12. This may have been a topic already , but .. is it not possible to have tank crew skulls ? Also will there be winter uniforms ? loving tank crew ! keep up this great work! atb Oxo
  13. T34 v tiger had great potential ... such a shame it was abandoned so early .... gear changing is essential as is basic motor management.. this area of IL2 can really take off , just needs pushing .. atb pete
  14. that looks superb ! great job ! atb pete
  15. yes , thank you indeed , early stages yet , but will become the best i have no doubt ! atb oxo
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