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  1. There's a Problem with your tropical splinter patterns; there's only Black Green, Dark Green and even plain boring Green. I don't have any thing against the color (You know I love the color green) but thats about it, just three type a black, dark and plain of green is all that it is....
  2. [AoA]Potenz, yeah I saw what you did here. I've notice a Junker 52 that look very similar to Hitler personal plane, would mind going for those by any chance if so that would be great. Also do you know how to do 4 bars as a censored version of the Junkers if so then thanks.
  3. Well thank you for being so considerate, however these problem to you're method. Have you try putting only 4 bars instead of soft censorship. Also may I be the first to ask a Emblem of Stab IV./St.G.77 and the beautiful Emblem of 7./St.G.77 on your next skin, if you have the time. P.S.: These skins are without the numbers and only the Geschwader unit without any sign or symbol of the pilot
  4. OK bra, I've be looking at this for a while. But I didn't guts nor courage to to tell you but, instead of Soft Censoring (which is still bugging me) try a little 4 bars instead k. Would you mind giving it a go not as insult, but a request OK!
  5. Sadly in the game it does not show real life causes such as (cowards leafing for the hills away from the tank) instead like any in the game circumstances they press on or if signs of destruction "keeps on firing" like the pilots in a burning plane that "keeps on flying" without the any decision to bail out. Also how sure are you 3-4 penetrating shot if so which part of the T-34 is better than any other part so many choices but which is more effective then the other. Finally I still have no idea how to get up and close Panzer tactics to help Pz.IIIs to survive the T34s and other tanks.
  6. Aw I noticed, may be I must of learned to angry thank in part of AngryJoe on youtube and Angry Birds 2 by Rovio on my iPad 2.
  7. Sorry I don't speak German, But will anyone explain how the Panzer Tactics to get up and close to any of these tanks without being destroyed?
  8. Alright then but how many numbers of shots and times to damage or destroy a T-34s, OK thats great to penetrate that tank but ingame its required a "number of hits" to fully be effective to knock it out.. Also I wanna to point out: How the hell do Panzer III (Ausf L specially) get so close to guarantee a hit and what type of German Panzer tactic would help it to work! Not only you need to hit it over 40-70 hits to guarantee destruction of a T34s, but what worse is you need to get up and close to those unfair tanks in the first place!! Still not convinced.
  9. OK, OK, I meant to put it bluntly as Soviet–Japanese War of 1945. There should be some evidences of a Japanese Imperial Army Air Force remains in Japanese Fifth Area Army to encountered the Red marines of the Soviet Navy and Mongolian Cavalry Group.
  10. Hi HellHound if I would mind, if I ask a Bf 109 F4 skin with the Emblem of III./JG52 I love the diamond with the red cross and the rounded Emblem of 8./JG 51 "Because I love Cats". Also it seem you lack the Stuka skins dept., may I be the first to ask a Emblem of Stab IV./St.G.77 and the beautiful Emblem of 7./St.G.77. Without the numbers, only the Geschwader unit without any sign or symbol from the pilot and (most importantly) replaced that (dreadful) swastika with 4 bars instead.
  11. Again Sorry for being offended if its too much work for him I understand, I have no rights scold him. If it seem OK with everyone else that fine, it just that skin (even with or without logo or numbers) is not for people like me. But its fine, I wait on other one who does skinning but understands my distasteful on the swasitkas.
  12. About those troop transporting ferries from scenes of every Stalingrad movies titles and early Call of Duty games? Also Soviet armed cutters that transported T-34s and those other smaller riverboats?
  13. Thanks for the tips, now I'll help my self to hope and pray that the next update I'll be seeing it.
  14. OK buddy, that so call lucky shot "ahem": it takes est. 40 [Edited] shots to damaged it and here the outstanding [Edited] unbelievable; it takes 40-70 fucking (so call lucky shots) to destroyed the T-34/76 STZ both Model 1941 and 1942 at a distance of 0.3 mile (300 ft.) or 0.5 kilometer (500 meters) including the [Edited] sides and here's where it gets [Edited] for you're money; T-34/76 (specially AI) can fire twice that distances. BTW: I tested it with my Pz III Ausf L with the 50mm Kwk 39L/60 and 5cm Pak 38. Fired at both models of T-34 BoS and BoM, also all of the T-34s are AI! I painstaking counted all the shots and I'm sorry but face it Pzkpfw Mark III Ausf L sucks for tank on tank battles. They're a reason how it got replace by the Panzer Mark IV (which I love hold dearly) and I have evidences to prove it. Try sugar coated it, yeah come on convinced me otherwise "I'm curious". Also: sorry being [Edited]. Please check your PMs.
  15. Now hold thy ponies bros, what about Battle of Wake Island, Iwo Jima, Marianas, and Japan (Mainland Japan!). Lets not forget the Battle of Korea (the whole Korea) between the Soviets and Imperial Army of Japan (Dai-Nippon Teikoku Rikugun) and its Air-force (which this tropic already established) Imperial Army Air Force of Japan (Dainippon Teikoku Rikugun Hikōsentai).
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