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  1. having flown a few missions for the D'archangel MP upcoming mission, I can tell you that Allied bombers are weak. The biggest we have is the A20, which is really a light/medium bomber. Try taking something up against a formation of JU88s or He111s and then do the same in a german fighter against A20s or PE2s. You'll see what I mean. The devs developed both the JU88 and the He111 for the Luftwaffe but only the PE2 and now A20 for the allied side...quite diff aircraft in size and tonnage carried you'd think, but primarily in defensive armament too. Anyway, fingers crossed. That list I put above would be awesome....even if its just the B25 for USA, Mosquito and Wellington for RAF and IL4 for the VVS
  2. A bomber pack comprising the following would be awesome: 1. B25 2. IL4 or IL6 3. Mosquito 4. Bristol Beaufighter (would work for the Pacific as well) 5. Wellington
  3. good luck trying to take out factories with your 8 guns. Medium and heavy bombing (especially heavy) is about more strategy ie. rather than compete head on 1000 fighters vs 1000 fighters, send bombers to blow up the factories/fuel dumps/ammo dumps/airfields/etc so that you end up with 1000 vs 500 fighters (because the other fighters can't fly due to shortage of everything basically). Thats what happened to the Luftwaffe at the end of WW2 when they were running out of fuel (and pilots). To damage industry you need bombs.
  4. from the wiki Role Light bomber Fighter-bomber Night fighter Maritime strike aircraft photo-reconnaissance aircraft
  5. I'm with you on this. I think 1C should have done BoN first rather than BoBP. BoBP is like the 'end game' ie. you get it last after having played your heart out of 1943 era a/c (so as a Typhoon pilot, moving to the Tempest would be the next 'natural' progression). Still though, glad we're getting it. I really wish we could do proper campaigns that start in 1940 (BoF, BoB) that can end in 1945...if you survive long enough. So, say joining the RAF in 1940, flying Hurricane Is or Spit Is or IIs in the Battle of France, then the BoB...and then: - Hurri I > Hurri II (N Africa or Malta) > Typhoon (based in England) > Tempest (BoBP); or > Beaufighter (N Africa or Malta or England) - Spit I/II > Spit II (N Africa or Malta) > Spit V (England, Malta, N Africa) > Spit IX (England, Italy) > Spit XIV (France); or > Typhoon (based in England) > Tempest (BoBP) > Tempest (France) - like Clostermann I loved reading WW2 pilot autobiographies which showed how varied some pilot careers were (for those that survived).
  6. They call it the "Battle of...." which is probably a misnomer if its really only "75% simulation of that battle", otherwise it should be called "Fighter Battle of Stalingrad" or "Fighter Battle of Bodenplatte" or "Fighter Battle of Kuban". If you're calling it the battle of, you have to include most of the main things in that battle don't you? 1C have thrown in medium bombers as well (HE111, JU88, B26) so there is recognition of the use of bombers, however they did use heavy bombers in Normandy to soften up targets prior to the invasion. Just throwing it out there. The fact that the B26 is NOT included in the BoN (as flyable) is disappointing.
  7. Have I missed something? I just read up on the C-6A (basic wikipedia) and it states: the C-6 as night fighter was typically equipped with FuG 202 Lichtenstein BC low-UHF band airborne intercept radar, using the complex 32-dipole Matratze antennas. The first four C-6 night fighters were tested in early 1942 by NJG 2. The trials were successful and the aircraft was ordered into production. In October 1943, many C-6s were upgraded with new radar systems. The first new radar equipment was the FuG 212 Lichtenstein C-1. After the UHF-band Lichtenstein radars had been compromised to the Allies in the late spring of 1943, the next development in German AI radar was the VHF-band FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2, discarding the 32-dipole Matratze antennae for the much larger eight-dipole Hirschgeweih (stag's antlers) aerials, required for the longer wavelength SN-2 system. So does that mean we're getting night fighting capability? does that mean we'll be encountering streams of a/c from bomber command at night? I don't know much about Luftwaffe a/c but you certainly wouldn't be flying a JU88 nightfighter during the day, surely.
  8. I know its probably been mentioned elsewhere however the IL2 engine needs to be able to cope with massed bomber formations. It doesn't have to be modelled in detail (except maybe the damage) but we definitely need it. Strategic and tactical bombing was a key part of WW2...thats where the Luftwaffe on the WTO focused their fighters, and what the RAF/USAAF focused their fighters on protecting. What would be awesome would be for us to be able to generate AI bomber flights (assuming we had the B25 or B26 as flyable) so you spawn as bomber leader and you get 3 bomber AI wingmen who fly perfect formation and don't leave the formation unless otherwise ordered. Imagine forming up over England then heading out protected by fighters...knowing every german fighter is going to be gunning for you and your wingmen!
  9. Hi guys Really happy with the Normandy release and plane set EXCEPT the fact that the Dakota and Marauder are AI only. We need more medium bombers (esp since we can't get heavies). I was hoping any release would come with more large multi engine a/c (ie. larger than the mosquito). Is there any plan to make it flyable? I'm happy to pay for this as a collectors item. I'm sure others are as well.
  10. all I've mentioned above is what I've read on here so yes pinch of salt definitely. However my point still remains - 1C needs to redo the BoB themselves. The last time I flew on the BoB map, the ground textures were horrible so I quit and uninstalled it. What I really wish TF could focus on (this is just my wish) is development of new maps! eg. Crete, Malta, North Africa, etc. We could then use the plane sets to match.
  11. lol that is bloody hilarious!! The only reason I don't like the TF agreement is: 1. TF are still using the old engine which needs to die. (I read somewhere they've been given the new engine but who knows) 2. this is stopping 1C from actually doing the BoB/BoF and North Africa.
  12. Actually, what I wish they announced is: 1. We've cancelled the Team Fusion agreement for Cliffs of Dover; 2. We will be taking over all WW2 ETO ops and plan the following releases: i. Battle of France/Britain ii. Malta/Crete/Italy iii. 1943 WTO iv. PTO (Pearl Harbour, Midway, Guadalcanal) v. PTO 2 (New Guinea, Philippines, Saipan, Iwo Jima, Okinawa) vi. mini battles (other smaller battles, maps) 3. After WW2, Korean War 4. After Korean War, Vietnam Air War (hey dreams are free!!)
  13. Well, BoBP has finally officially been released. Would be good to get some sort of indication where this franchise is heading. As you know, we gamers are an impatient bunch! I think its more the 'well I can stop guessing now and focus my attention on a specific area' rather than the PTO vs ETO vs WTO arguments.
  14. you're complaining when it goes below 70??
  15. I wonder if 1C could do a Vietnam Air War add on as well (that would be awesome). I know its still EARLY days (but we do now have a shiny new jet in IL2) but one can dream. No point waiting for DCS to do it as probably my grandkids might be the first ones to try it out.
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