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  1. I'm the same however I'd prefer to start in early war (1939 for the Brits, 1942 for the Yanks) in the ETO. Pretty much something similar to what Johnny Johnson or Pierre Closterman did, Closterman especially given he transitioned to Tempests.
  2. BoN is quite close to BoBP so the time diff isn't too great. However, what does 1C do after BoN then if the Pacific is off the table? you can't go an further than BoBP realistically...you have to go backwards. Now, I'm not against going backwards...I actually welcome it. My point is, they should have started with say 1942/3 aircraft and 'built up' to BoBP. Anyway, as I've said above - I'm in this for the long haul and will continue to support them. I just hope there are bombers on the horizon given WW2 was the bomber war as much as anything (1000 aircraft raids, etc).
  3. yeah I hear ya - I've said it before however I think the Devs missed a trick by going straight to BoBP instead of what they did with the russian front ie. BoS, BoM, BoK which kinda followed a chronological order...42, 43, 44 I think. But with BoBP they went straight to late 44/early 45.. Now they're trying to go backwards with BoN. Should have gone the other way and 'built up' to BoBP. Now everything we get will be a sort of 'step down' (not in quality..the quality is excellent, but in performance as you go backwards like a Spit XIV to IX to V to IIa to I etc). Either way, whats done is done a
  4. Loving the fact we are getting the mosquito but yeah the devs seriously need to look at adding more medium level bombers into the game. Given where we are with battles (esp after BoBP and BoN), they're kinda running out of unique fighters to make especially given the Pacific is kinda off the table and we have that crappy (imho) CloD addon that has taken over the Med. So what should/could the devs produce next without having to include medium bombers? If the next release was something like 1942/43 aircraft that would just be a real waste as it would only really be earlier variants of what we al
  5. my goodness...so the C-6a is a heavy fighter? what will it be used for then? I thought it was a bomber. You'd be brave taking to the sky in the daytime in one of those. I'm assuming we're not getting B17/B24 AI aircraft right? (I can't remember - do we even have them in game right now?). We certainly don't have night battles, thats for sure. Thats why I'm a bit confused...the C-6A is still a twin bomber being used in a heavy fighter configuration. Would've preferred the B25 or B26 or something like that.
  6. Appreciate the comments. Its just, the Luftwaffe have medium level bombers (JU88/He-111/upcoming JU88) but the allies (who had more and more numerous) really don't have any other than the A20. Not very 'balanced' imho especially given the level of bomber use by the allies throughout the war and especially from 1942 onwards when the US joined in. I would have thought a Normandy campaign would definitely have bombers hence why I originally asked the question. With all the talk of the devs NOT developing more level bombers, why are we then getting the Ju 88 C-6a? Or is that just a co
  7. Agreed. The group I fly with tend to do low level max speed sorties (with some escorts as well) using 'the long way' to get to targets, then a one-pass-haul-ass or short loiter. Quite a lot of fun flying in formation at around 50' at 250+kts. I'm assuming we're getting the Mossie with multiple cannon/MGs in the nose....plus a bomb load. Perfect for attacking enemy airfields. We did runs in PE2s on a german convoy on the black sea map....knocked out a whole convoy in one go with skip bombing.
  8. Sorry to bring up an old post but just reading it I didn't realise the Mossie we're getting can't level bomb. Having done a few online MP formation bombing runs on the Finnish server, I can say it is a LOT of fun and something I wish we could do more of but with bigger Allied bombers. Anyone know what the status of the B25 is? are we definitely getting a flyable version? If so, what model? I know we keep asking for it and the devs are hesitant to develop multi engine a/c for the allies (after the JU88/He-111/etc) but I reckon there's a demand for it, especially for onl
  9. ok great thanks I'll have a look. I'm a long time supporter of IL2 so I'll definitely be getting it and am fine with their normal release schedule - just wasn't sure if something had been released as yet (which is fine).
  10. hi guys I know this is always a bit of a guess but any ideas re the BoN release timeline? I'm ready to push the button on buying BoN but from what I understand there isn't anything available at the moment is there? (ie. maps/aircraft). And specifically...at what point is the Mosquito (which is the main reason I'm buying the BoN) to be released ie. early/mid/late? Thanks
  11. having flown a few missions for the D'archangel MP upcoming mission, I can tell you that Allied bombers are weak. The biggest we have is the A20, which is really a light/medium bomber. Try taking something up against a formation of JU88s or He111s and then do the same in a german fighter against A20s or PE2s. You'll see what I mean. The devs developed both the JU88 and the He111 for the Luftwaffe but only the PE2 and now A20 for the allied side...quite diff aircraft in size and tonnage carried you'd think, but primarily in defensive armament too. Anyway, fingers crossed. That list I
  12. A bomber pack comprising the following would be awesome: 1. B25 2. IL4 or IL6 3. Mosquito 4. Bristol Beaufighter (would work for the Pacific as well) 5. Wellington
  13. good luck trying to take out factories with your 8 guns. Medium and heavy bombing (especially heavy) is about more strategy ie. rather than compete head on 1000 fighters vs 1000 fighters, send bombers to blow up the factories/fuel dumps/ammo dumps/airfields/etc so that you end up with 1000 vs 500 fighters (because the other fighters can't fly due to shortage of everything basically). Thats what happened to the Luftwaffe at the end of WW2 when they were running out of fuel (and pilots). To damage industry you need bombs.
  14. from the wiki Role Light bomber Fighter-bomber Night fighter Maritime strike aircraft photo-reconnaissance aircraft
  15. I'm with you on this. I think 1C should have done BoN first rather than BoBP. BoBP is like the 'end game' ie. you get it last after having played your heart out of 1943 era a/c (so as a Typhoon pilot, moving to the Tempest would be the next 'natural' progression). Still though, glad we're getting it. I really wish we could do proper campaigns that start in 1940 (BoF, BoB) that can end in 1945...if you survive long enough. So, say joining the RAF in 1940, flying Hurricane Is or Spit Is or IIs in the Battle of France, then the BoB...and then: - Hurri I > Hurri II (N Africa or Malta) >
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