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  1. I really hope the devs DON'T do the Eastern Front OR Korea...not yet anyway. There is so much of WW2 that hasn't been done yet. Whilst I'm so glad we have the BoBP a/c there's a part of me which wishes the devs didn't do BoBP (that should have been maybe 2-3 battles away) but instead lead up to it via North Africa, Italy and even 1943 (beginning of USAAF daylight raids, night time raids, anti shipping missions, Typhoon ops, etc). What we don't need is more jets. Again, not now anyway. I really wish they killed off CloD. Whilst the models and cockpits are pretty good, the map itself is ugly as hell and needs to be forgotten. If IL2 is going to be a proper whole-of-WW2 then we need to cover most if not all theatres using the current BoS engine, etc ie. 1. Battle of France/Britain 2. Battle of Malta 3. Battle of North Africa 4. Battle of Italy 5. Europe 1943 (Spit V, Typhoon, BF109, FW190, Mosquito, B17, B26, etc) 6. Battle of New Guinea (Wildcat, Dauntless, TBF, P40, AM6, Kate, etc) 7. Battle of the islands eg. Iwo Jima, Saipan, etc Leave Korea.
  2. Maybe 1C can make a Lancaster so we can fly that mission and honor those fine gentlemen
  3. absolutely loving where we are with IL2BOS however when are you guys going to update the server browser? eg. - save favourites - filter out empty servers - filter by map (i just wanted to play the rhineland map but unless it was in the name, i had no way of finding it) - filter by battle (eg. if a server is running rhineland map but with stalingrad only a/c or viceversa) - remove the need to click dogfight. I've only ever seen one COOP server so maybe include in the full server list but with a check that says COOP vs Dogfight - updating server ping seems to take forever. Is there a special trick to this?
  4. I'm really hoping this is the case. We really need to focus elsewhere.
  5. So the whole 'tail falling off in a dive' will be an addon for the Typhoon?
  6. I'll be honest, I'm a massive fan of DCS for modern a/c but nothing comes close to IL2 for WW2! One thing that would REALLY make things better would be to develop/release maps of the different theatres and let US make it happen online!
  7. I bought BoBP mainly for this. Always loved the Tempest esp after reading Clostermann's book. 4 x 20mm hispano should be fun.
  8. Honestly, I would have loved for 1C to focus on 1943 - the beginning of daylight bombing, fighter sweeps across the channel, anti-shipping strikes, medium bombing raids, etc and the constant battles between the 109/190 and the Spit IX, P47, P51B, P38. Or even the Med/North Africa (Italy, Malta, etc).
  9. ah ok thanks mate. I haven't hit purchase on BoBP as yet until we get an a/c (or map) that I'm after (particularly the Jug or Tempest). Will wait a bit longer
  10. Sorry I've been away for a while - exactly where are we at with BoBP? I know the P47 is coming soon (which I'm eagerly awaiting) and we have the FW and BF109. Is the map complete as yet?
  11. The original posters question is: "Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front? Answer: Hell no, we haven't even bloody left it yet!!! BOS, BOM, BOK - thats the only released battles so far are ALL based in the Eastern Front. And you want more?? We need to keep this title alive for the future...and that means moving west or to the Pacific to bring in players who don't particularly like the EF.
  12. its disappointing that the devs aren't going to the Med. that would (IMHO) be the next logical step esp given the Luftwaffe a/c are pretty much already developed. What they do need to do is let CLOD die or redo it. The graphics look pretty good until you get close to land - then you see how ugly it is.
  13. After seeing the new Bodenplatte map, I rubbed my hands in glee going 'man this is going to be awesome for ground attack and medium bombing'....then I thought to myself, hang on what are we going to use for medium bombing? Then i realised the BoBP plane list is just full of fighters. This is the plane list: 2 Collector Planes (P-38J and Fw 190 D-9) 8 Battle of Bodenplatte Aircraft (P-51D, P-47D, Spitfire Mk.IX, Tempest Mk.V, Bf 109 G-14, Bf 109 K-4, Fw 190 A-8 and Me 262) Umm....those are all fighters. Given, yes the P47 did a lot of strafing and dive bombing, however where is our equivalent to the PE-2 or IL2? When we fire up TAW for Bodenplatte (in lieu of a proper MP dynamic campaign), are we only to use the A20B (even though the USAAF operated the Havoc)? During this period of the war, we had a lot of twins/medium bombers that operated eg. de Havilland Mosquito, B25 Mitchell, B26 Marauder, A20 Havoc (C/D versions i believe), Beaufighters, etc. Where are our bombers?
  14. oh man I would LOVE a Mosquito. Something about having 4 x 20mm hispano and 4 x browning .303s in the nose (assuming we do the F version) makes me all hot and sweaty. I've watched numerous videos of Mossies doing antishipping strikes at 50ft. can't wait for that!!
  15. The way 1C works is they release things one at a time or a bunch at a time - I quite like this process. As long as you've purchased BoBP then when they release the individual a/c (eg. Spit, P47, etc) as part of a patch, you should be able to use it. Heck..I'm wondering whether this would be incorporated into current maps...should be.
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