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  1. Ep.11 1942.02.27 Vlad is getting cocky from all his success. In this mission he tries to outrun a 109 but his arrogance nearly gets him killed... Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 98 Air Victories: 159 Ground Victories: 80
  2. Ep. 10 1942.02.15 Vlad has relocated once more. His new assignment is unit commander of the 28th IAP PVO at Kubinka airfield. After scoring 7 kills, his ammo runs out and Vlad is forced to flee with a Fritz in pursuit... Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 93 Air Victories: 153 Ground Victories: 80
  3. Awesome! Well executed mission and really good editing. Congrats! 😀
  4. Yea, I agree! Im glad you noticed 😀 Nice summary! Thanks for watching and commenting! Vlad sends his regards 😀
  5. Ep.8 1942.01.14 Major Katlakov has been transferred to 441st IAP PVO. Operating from Migalovo airfield near Kalinin he participates in the Battles around Rhzev. Vlad is thrown against Ju-88 "Schnellbomber´s" for the first time. He downs 4 of them plus a Messerschmitt and gets his third "Hero of the Soviet Union" award, thus becoming the highest decorated pilot in the VVS. Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 71 Air Victories: 106 Ground Victories: 65 Ep.9 1942.01.27 Vlad has been appointed commanding officer of 441st IAP PVO. He has learned from a previous encounter with Bf-110´s to watch out for their rear gunners. In this mission he attacks with more speed and in shorter bursts with good results. Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 78 Air Victories: 115 Ground Victories: 66
  6. Interesting argument. I was also surprised about that particular incident. Ep.6 1941.12.25 On Christmas Day, Vlad has his first encounter with Bf 110´s. They bring presents from the Fuhrer... Career progress: Rank: Captain Missions: 58 Air Victories: 72 Ground Victories: 65 Ep.7 1941.01.02 A flight of He-111´s were spotted heading towards Moscow. Vlad is impatient to score kills and his propeller is struck by debris from a damaged Heinkel. Fortunately the fight occurs just northeast of his homefield Vnukovo... Career progress: Rank: Captain Missions: 64 Air Victories: 87 Ground Victories: 65
  7. Ep.4 1941.11.19 The snow has fallen over Moscow and the battlefield west of it. Vlad and his fellow pilots try to stop German supplies from reaching the frontlines. Career progress: Rank: Senior Lieutenant Missions: 33 Air Victories: 40 Ground Victories: 38 Ep.5 1941.11.24 Vlad has requested a transfer to Vnukovo airfield for a chance to fly the MIG-3. In this mission he covers ground forces under attack from Bf-109´s. He scores 7 victories (2 not shown in the video) and is named "Hero of the Soviet Union". He also received the Order of Lenin. Career progress: Rank: Senior Lieutenant Missions: 39 Air Victories: 53 Ground Victories: 48
  8. Ep.3 1941.11.10 Vlad and Comrades attack a river crossing in formation. Career progress: Rank: Lieutenant Missions: 23 Air Victories: 33 Ground Victories: 26
  9. Happy you liked it 😀 Stay tuned for more!
  10. Hey all! While waiting for Bodenplatte, join Vlad Katlakov in the Battle of Moscow. The Career is played with full realism, labels off, on medium difficulty, realistic career speed and with medium density of frontline activity. Iron man setting is on, so death or capture means the end! I decided to edit the recordings to make them somewhat interesting to watch. Consider them highlights of the career. I will record maybe every tenth mission or so. Vlad´s career progress can be followed in the video description, with his stats and current score. Will he survive until spring? Stay tuned! Episode 1: 1941.10.16 Vlad Katlakov has recently joined the 126th IAP PVO at Khimski Airfield just northwest of Moscow. In his second mission he is ordered to Intercept a flight of German Bombers. He scores his first victories and is almost shot down by escorting Bf 109´s. Career progress: Rank: Junior Lieutenant Missions: 2 Air Victories: 3 Ground Victories: 0 Ep.2 1941.10.23 A couple of missions under his belt, Vlad needs to cover friendly ground forces from a flight of Bf 109 E7´s. The excellent firepower of the P-40 comes in handy. Career progress: Rank: Junior Lieutenant Missions: 6 Air Victories: 7 Ground Victories: 11
  11. SvAF/F-16 members Katla, Matz, OndaAnkan and ArgaMyggan delivers 2000 kg of Luftwaffe-Love to a Soviet Factory at Bol. Rossoshka to the west of Stalingrad. Fast in, fast out was the plan and we stuck to it this time. Filmed on Knights of the Air Multiplayer server Enjoy!
  12. A rare occasion where Katla manages 3 kills in a single sortie, flying the Bf 109 G-6. SvAF members OndaAnkan, Matz, BadLandings, and Neo where also flying Bf 109´s and Fw 190´s along with SvaF friends Kalle and Central. Filmed on Knights of The Air Multiplayer server. Enjoy! 😄
  13. SvAF is back! Katla, Matz and OndaAnkan take out the good old Bf 110´s for a ride. We manage to destroy what was left of an Allied Oil Refinery. On the way home, we were harassed by a single Spitfire who managed to force Ankan to the ground. Thanks to Alonzo for a fun server! Filmed on Combat Box Multiplayer server 190713
  14. After a long autumn of fighting, the sleep deprivation and the pressure from constant fighting finally gets to Karl...
  15. Maybe you think Karl Katladorf plays it safe, always fighting over friendly territory, staying clear of Ground fire und so weiter? Now watch the Knight of the Iron Cross perform some serious Ground pounding far beyond enemy lines!
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