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  1. After a long autumn of fighting, the sleep deprivation and the pressure from constant fighting finally gets to Karl...
  2. Maybe you think Karl Katladorf plays it safe, always fighting over friendly territory, staying clear of Ground fire und so weiter? Now watch the Knight of the Iron Cross perform some serious Ground pounding far beyond enemy lines!
  3. Finally Karl receives the Knight´s Cross of the Iron Cross! I forgot to start the recording but thankfully captured the end of the mission and the glorious moment of the awarding...
  4. Inspired by the encouragement from the community, Karl shows how to deal with IL-2´s in this Intercept Mission. 8 Kills! Enjoy!
  5. Maybe you thought Karl Katladorf had already been shot down and buried in the cold, hard ground of the Steppe? Think again! Karl is alive and well and drinking beer for victory in his new Honour Goblet!
  6. Thanks for your hard work coco, we had great Times on your server. Salute from SvAF! Katla
  7. Yep me too, it´s much more fun that way. I did actually manage to finish a Kuban Yak 1b campaign after about 40 missions but only because my unit was recalled from the front. We´ll see how long this one lasts...
  8. Hey all! Join Karl Katladorf as he battles for survival over Stalingrad. Will he make it home with a bunch of medals to decorate his little cabin in the Bavarian Alps? Or will he crash his Focke Wulff into the smouldering ruins of the Tractor Factory? Only time will tell. Each video has timestamps for impatient viewers. Also I will upload only about every fifth or tenth mission. Enjoy!
  9. No it was the same attack, I guess I didn't pull out the brakes until later in the dive or maybe i didnt get them out and then accidentally pulled them down whilst exiting .
  10. Thanks again for an awesome server! Some fun I had some weeks back:
  11. A fun flight on Coconut Expert Server. Enjoy!
  12. SvAF strikes Anapa with Fw 190 x5 on the Coconut Expert server some weeks ago. Enjoy! 😄 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seG8LpSLmXk
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