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  1. A fun sortie from some days back! Enjoy 😄
  2. Mission 3: Sinking ships in the dark!
  3. Hello! I just started playing through the Campaign, I like it a lot so far! Here is a video I made, planning to follow it up with the rest of the missions if I have time 😀
  4. Hey all! Here is the first episode of the Sea Dragons scripted campaign. Enjoy! 😀
  5. Ep.14 1942.04.20 After 6 months of intense fighting, Vlad embarks on his final mission. His task is to cover ground troops just east of the frontline. After some dogfighting at high altitude, Vlad and his wingman spots retreating Bf-110´s. Vlad decides to put his life on the line one last time and pursues them to their home field at Gzhatsk. He returns in glory to the capital he helped save. Vlad thanks everyone who followed his adventures during the Battle of Moscow! Career Final Score: Rank: Major Missions: 121 Air Victories: 211 Ground Victories: 109
  6. Haha yep, and nerves of Steel! The ones at 3:50 werent so lucky... https://youtu.be/1PGQM5ZWJ2Y?t=230
  7. Ep.13 1942.04.05 As Commander of his unit, Major Katlakov has chosen to fly mainly intercept and patrol missions over friendly territory. This time however, he leads his comrades on a daring mission to reap vengeance on the retreating Wehrmacht. A bunch of Bf-110´s join the party. Vlad gets one of them before running home. Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 113 Air Victories: 188 Ground Victories: 109
  8. Ep.12 1942.03.28 Vlad has returned to his old unit, the 126th IAP PVO stationed at Khimki, just outside Moscow. This time he returns as Commander of the unit. After flying the Mig 3 the P-40 feels more than a bit sluggish. In this mission, Vlad lets his comrades lure the escorts away from the bombers, and then attacks with great energy advantage. 4 Victories for the proletariat! Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 109 Air Victories: 182 Ground Victories: 96
  9. Ep.11 1942.02.27 Vlad is getting cocky from all his success. In this mission he tries to outrun a 109 but his arrogance nearly gets him killed... Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 98 Air Victories: 159 Ground Victories: 80
  10. Ep. 10 1942.02.15 Vlad has relocated once more. His new assignment is unit commander of the 28th IAP PVO at Kubinka airfield. After scoring 7 kills, his ammo runs out and Vlad is forced to flee with a Fritz in pursuit... Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 93 Air Victories: 153 Ground Victories: 80
  11. Awesome! Well executed mission and really good editing. Congrats! 😀
  12. Yea, I agree! Im glad you noticed 😀 Nice summary! Thanks for watching and commenting! Vlad sends his regards 😀
  13. Ep.8 1942.01.14 Major Katlakov has been transferred to 441st IAP PVO. Operating from Migalovo airfield near Kalinin he participates in the Battles around Rhzev. Vlad is thrown against Ju-88 "Schnellbomber´s" for the first time. He downs 4 of them plus a Messerschmitt and gets his third "Hero of the Soviet Union" award, thus becoming the highest decorated pilot in the VVS. Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 71 Air Victories: 106 Ground Victories: 65 Ep.9 1942.01.27 Vlad has been appointed commanding officer of 441st IAP PVO. He has learned from a previous encounter with Bf-110´s to watch out for their rear gunners. In this mission he attacks with more speed and in shorter bursts with good results. Career progress: Rank: Major Missions: 78 Air Victories: 115 Ground Victories: 66
  14. Interesting argument. I was also surprised about that particular incident. Ep.6 1941.12.25 On Christmas Day, Vlad has his first encounter with Bf 110´s. They bring presents from the Fuhrer... Career progress: Rank: Captain Missions: 58 Air Victories: 72 Ground Victories: 65 Ep.7 1941.01.02 A flight of He-111´s were spotted heading towards Moscow. Vlad is impatient to score kills and his propeller is struck by debris from a damaged Heinkel. Fortunately the fight occurs just northeast of his homefield Vnukovo... Career progress: Rank: Captain Missions: 64 Air Victories: 87 Ground Victories: 65
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