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  1. Just saw this video on youtube and thought you guys might find it interesting. Wish I had skills like that to build one for myself...
  2. 2 years ago when I bought pedals I exchanged few e-mails with him. His e-mail address at the time was: mfg@simundza.com
  3. Same here and I never linked account with Steam.
  4. Yeah I missed his comment above, this is very exciting!
  5. Which means they plan to implement it after BOK is finished right? Still great piece of news and can't wait for it. Rudder authority, especially at lower speeds is something I'm still struggling with a lot.
  6. I'm glad we are finding a common ground and its interesting that some of us never witnessed a vote kicking in multiplayer. Proves that when it comes to TKing it is often resolved in polite and mature manner. Lastly, if we want to help this community grow then if something is worth writing its certainly owning up and appologizing for our own mistakes. Otherwise its better left unsaid. And this time I'm pointing finger at myself too hence my appology in other thread.
  7. And 2-3 additional posts after that one which clearly show what that means. If you don't kill me on your first pass I am in defensive mode and will shoot you down so long as you are a threat, yes. But go ahead and cherry pick any sentences you wish, it doesn't make your argument any stronger. EDIT ... and yes it felt great 2 times I survived the incident, for a change.
  8. Just a little clarification on "revenge killing"... its the term brought up by Space_Ghost, not me, and implies that I set myself to avenge my death which is not true and I have never said that. English is his native language not mine so he should know better. If you pose a treat to me after all my attempts to warn you that I am friendly I will defend myself, plain and simple. If you give me no other choice I'll rather be the one apologizing than the one limping back to base with the damaged engine, if I can help it. I've tried the passive way and still got shot down regardless. You apologize and go on your own way while I deal with the damaged plane and have to start a new sortie. You say I should continue that way but I disagree. This is the first thread I've personally seen on forum that complains about reaction to team killing. It's not as big of an issue as you make it out to be because generally team killing is well tolerated and politely resolved in chat, on WoL at least. And if someone snaps from time to time and ie tries to vote kick you (which I didn't know it was possible cause I never seen that on WoL) don't complain about it on forum, you screwed up after all. Start showing some sympathy for teammates you shot at and FF will not occur as often as it does now. That's the solution, not the other way around.
  9. No. If you are a threat to me I'll shoot you down with no remorse.
  10. Actually what I understand is that you are complining about how some people react to being TKd and I've shared my opinion on that subject. If you think I'm that bothered by FF then perhaps check what I posted in FF appology thread a few days ago. Its a game, shit happenes and sometimes if we had a bad day we react in negative manner. But I took my time when posting to apologize for MY occasional bad response to being TKd. You on the other hand took time to criticize the reaction of a team mate you killed. There is nothing you can do to undo the team kill except try and be more careful in the future thats all. Reflecting on my first post in your thread I was steaming off a bit but the thing that triggered me is your lack of understanding that being TKd often is damn frustrating. And sometimes on a bad day 'sorry' is just not comforting enough especially if it happened by other team mates the same day already. @Boo and Space Ghost Its not a mistery, I fly mc.202 90% of the time which looks very much like Mig3. Its no suprise but at the same shouldn't be an excuse either.
  11. Lol talking about exagarating things for the sake of your own argument. When you get TKd on regular basis as I do then you can be the judge. I'm well past accepting appologies when flashing lights and rocking wings has no effect on team mates dead set on shooting you off the sky. "Because those sneaky VVS sometimes do it too..." as I was told many times as an excuse. Scraching my plane and immediately breaking off is not what I consider team killing btw nor do I take such actions offensively. Its when 109 sticks on my 6 until I'm shot down. At that point its a threat that needs to be taken care off. Chat will not warn for FF until you land a hit and most dont focus on chat alerts when they have a plane in their crosshair anyway. If I'm forced into evasive maneuvering and I get the upper hand then I'm not taking and risks and I will fire if presented with opportunity. Ban or no ban. TKing friendlies out of carelesness is equally damaging to community. You are not the victim here, its the guy you team killed. But yeah he called you an idiot so everyone on forum has to know about it. Poor you. You can't compare pushing people on street with video game... but I'm writing an essay here already so forget it. See you in the skies.
  12. If its you on the receiving end it will be worth it. As a matter of fact, your complaining is childish and if you've spent even a second thinking about inconvenience your TK caused to that guy you probably wouldn't even start this thread. You sound like the guy that needs to be TKd on a regular basis for a period of time, perhaps you'll start understanding the frustration. I'll keep an eye over my shoulder for you.
  13. Don't think about yourself but the guy you killed instead. Perhaps you are his 3rd, 4th or 5th TK incident that day and he lost the temper. I often have days when I get FF in Folgore several times in just a few sorties. Its frustrating to have your limited free time wasted on limping back to base just to get shot by a careless teammate again on the next sortie. And you might have guessed it but your 'sorry' in chat doesn't magically fix your teammates' planes. Be mindful of other team mates, don't shoot unless absolutely certain it is enemy. If more players actually gave a fuck about that then TKs would happen much less frequently. But 90% of players are there to score kills whatever the cost so when they screw up out of carelessness then somehow "sorry" in chat should make up for it? What I started doing recently is if I get shot at by a friendly and survive I try and take him down when he overshoots followed up by my sincerest "sorry" in chat. Did it 2 times successfully and felt great! Cheers!
  14. This is great news didn't know about it. I've been living under the rock. Will this affect all aircraft in game?
  15. I don't fly 109s often but E is my favourite too. Having to be conservative with cannon is what appeals to me the most besides nimble flight characteristics. With relatively slow speed you need to pick your engagements carefully and I always like to play as underdog hence my unconditional love for Folgore and P40.
  16. @Beazil Good monitor and gpu definitely play role in recognizing silouettes. I recently got 21:9 screen and can now even tell the camo of the plane from a fair distance. But on my older setup it was much harder. What I'm strugling with is how to tell a friendly on my 6 that I am mc.202 and not mig3. Flashing navlights or rocking wings often makes no difference and there is no time to type in chat. On several occasions I've been forced into rolling scissors with 109s and they still wouldn't recognize me to break off the attack.
  17. I get TKd on a daily basis in Folgore so from time to time I lose temper and call someone an idiot on chat. Its a video game and is meant for us to have fun. Shit happens, and most importantly I never got TKd on purpose. So my appologies for those times, I didn't really mean it. One thing I'd like to add is try to ID target before shooting. Learn the sillouetes. I made mistakes too but only when I was on receiving end I realized how time consuming it is to fly damaged plane to base then gain altitude with new plane only to get shot by a friendly again, and repeat the whole process. That's an hour of game time gone to waste and all applogies in the world won't turn the clock backwards. Cheers!
  18. Hm interesting. I have custom pilot head position on each plane set from time I used my old 16:10 monitor. I will try zoom in a bit, maybe that will mitigate streaching on the edges.
  19. I think Breda 12.7 have the worst velocity and trajectory actually. On 90 degree deflection angle VVS fighter can pass through your bullet stream without taking a single hit.
  20. Well one thing that bothers me with image distortion on 21:9 screen is the extremly blurry terrain on the edges of the screen because it is in fact a very distant terrain that appears much closer due to stretching of the image. I can live with streched aeroplanes because you only notice them until you take off but that blurry terrain is up in your face during the entire time of the flight. EDIT And that's with terrain.cfg with 16gb set on each distance.
  21. I only use boost in combat but I thought without boost increase ata above 1.3 made the difference. The tech chat was confusing me as it would show emergency mode even though I didn't engage boost. Thanks for clarification!
  22. I got it as soon as it hit store to support the game. I'll get around to flying it eventually for sure but still learning to fly other planes at the moment.
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