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  1. Hello All The Moscow map is beautiful. I see a red line on the map and sure enough if you try and fly past the line heading east, the automatic turn around thing gets you. I see all what looks like developed sections but can't fly there. Is there any way to access that part of the map? Thank you OH_i_812
  2. Hello One and All I'm trying to access 72ag-ded.su:8080 and have been doing so for about 4 or 5 days without any success. Never had any problems for many months. Any ideas? Thank you OH_i_812
  3. Thank you all for the reply
  4. Hello' I'm just getting started here and am looking forward what is to come. In setting up things, I've noticed the gold bars to the far left with abbreviations that I assume represent the different games I have accessed. Bok , Battle of Kuban. BOM, Battle of Moscow, etc. I have purchased The Battle of Stalingrad but do not have a bar with BOS. I would like to have a bar that says BOS. How do I get one? Thank you OH_i_812
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