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  1. So far in the yak 1 and the p 40 and mind you this dosent happen often the main guns wont fire. needless to say this glitch is very upsetting when your on a enemys six. anybody else experince these issues? it seems to only happen in single player missions!!!
  2. So like the trees the clouds will shift as if changeing shape constantly now not all the clouds do this in all depends on the cloud type. i run a fx 8 core processer at 4.0 ghz, amd 290 x 4g vram and 16 gigs of ram on windows 10. the clouds change shape there not distorted or pixelated.
  3. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this issue, the sim runs great but the shifting clouds and trees are annoying.
  4. i turned turbo mode off and i did not change performance even when i set distance landscape to zero. i guess its dcs for me now for a while. any other suggestions??
  5. so this update has brought me new issues. 1 when i go into view mode and i pan around my aircraft and trees and building come into view it begins to stutter reallt badly. espeacilly when i fly low to the ground. any ideas on how to fix this and why this is happening? specs fx 8 core 4.0ghz, r9 290 with 4 gigs of vram, 16 gigs of ram for my system windows 10. help please
  6. I have found that amds drivers is what was causing me serious issues with this sim. It was so bad that the driver issue actually gave me the blue screen of death when I tried to uninstall and installed new drivers which for me led to a driver conflict that crashed my computer. I had to wipe and reinstall windows. this had a huge upgrade in game performance FOR ME BUT ITS NOT PERFECT. IM THINKING OF UPGRADEING TO A GEFORCE TITAN IF I CANT FIX AMDS DRIVERS. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ADVICE OR TIPS, TRICKS THAT I COULD POSSIBLY USE TO DEAL WITH THESE DRIVERS FROM AMD.
  7. Im, happy to report that I have gotten a hug performance gain in single player mode its awesome almost perfect. mp I still wack I saw peoples planes sinking into the ground lol and other bizarre stuff but at least things are on track. everything is on the r
  8. Well regardless of how cpu intensive bos is if a fx 8 core that runs at 4.0 ghz isn't enough then theres a problem. my system windows 10 64bit, fx 8core 4.0ghz, r9 290x 4gb ram ddr5, 16 gigs of ram on the mother board.
  9. OK so how about planetside2. that is one of the most cpu intensive games you can play il2 doesn't even touch it. I play that maxed out up to 3000 playes per map going at it no problems. So are you saying meow that il2 the only game on my rig that has slight micro stutters, sound issues, and every ten minutes a freeze frame but in between its buttery smooth, that its the only game that has a conflict with my operating system. Doesn't add up. Hell I built this computer just for il2 and my specs far exceed what is need to play this simulator. I really love il2 but come on man this is crazy. iv
  10. The point is, that the game is not optimized properly. Now you have people who can play there other games and what not, that are way graphically better and more demanding then il2 battle of Stalingrad. With that said that's really going to make people very angry. This oh its isolated nonsense is a grand excuse, but honestly if your rig runs everything else on max setting including rise of flight, and the only program that doesn't is il2 battle of Stalingrad, well there's your sign people. Only thing that us die hard fans can do is hope the next update will be the golden ticket. Lets face it yo
  11. So I here nonstop about nividia how about ati? my system specs are r9 290x 4gb of vram, FX 8 core 4.0ghz, windows 7 64bits 16gb of ram. I can play war thunder on max, planet side two on max, rise of flight on max, silent hunter 5 on max but bos is full of issues still. so whats is the problem? BOS is the problem not my system.
  12. So we are left with a broken sim awesome. Personally I feel that the devs making a sim in 32bit had to know that it would be pushed to its limits. I cant understand why they just didn't go with 64bit to begin with. The simulator market is fragile at best with a highly demanding customer base. Not a good way to do things how am I supposed to recommend this to other people, the potential of this sim is great but come on fix it already.
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