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  1. I think this would be a very good thing. I am just not very sure it is possible to get right without a lot of back and forth between too little and too much.
  2. ond, or when I move my head in trackIR. I have had the trackIR issue too, but for a few months at least. Sometimes alt-tab will fix it and closing chrome or steam interface 🙄
  3. I also have a spare code from the survey
  4. Would it be completely impossible to have a much simpler AI for a bomber formation and simpler flightmodel? If they only need to keep a heading and speed and only serve as a backdrop and "static" target for enemy fighters. Maybe it would look too goofy
  5. It is one of my favorite planes in the game but yes very difficult to fly and the guns are very frustrating and underpowered. To me it seems there is a sweetspot between where the plane will almost topple in a weird stall and being able to turn amazingly. Good use of rudder and flaps at low speeds can outturn many planes I find. It also works well in diving attacks if one is patient enough with many times not getting a kill if it is with the 50. cals. I'd say fly a bit higher until you learn the stall behavior and yes i wonder too if the guns are really supposed to be that ineffective
  6. Maybe we could let red gain some ground to prolong the campaign?
  7. I don't know if this is possible, but I think it would be good to disable the "plane spotted near xyz" when the server is above a certain number of players. I guess it is ok when there is few playing but I have often been saved by this message when climbing to a target or have been able to intercept peshkas attacking a train. More complicated - perhaps a single plane would have a lower chance of being reported compared with 3-4. Another thing I was wondering if was possible would be to lock a pilot to the first airfield chosen at the start of the mission, unless of course he lands elsewhere, then he would have to take off from there. Maybe this would be unpopular but I think it could create some interesting situations and give the one team a way to sort of suppress the other. Either one would risk a take off to defend the field or have to stay grounded until it is safe.
  8. I certainly would not like to waste my time logging out to check a replay. Should everyone then too make dual accounts to check for paradrops and so forth? At what point is the enigma fully cracked?
  9. For me the times I have played TAW the first map was always the most fun, unless it is stacked of course. I think there is something nice about allowing weaker planes to fight against stronger ones. It is fun to run into a swarm of I-16s and suddenly realize you missed one of them, and then down you go. Just as it is fun to climb that thing to where it can barely run and try to sneak in on a 109. Then later on as the map progresses you get a bit nervous wondering if the p-40s are in the area. No doubt it is more frustrating playing red, but I guess also more rewarding when succeeding? I at least find the first map quite immersive no matter the side I have tried.
  10. If it is consistently stacked axis just move the allied spawns closer to the front and that will give playing that side some appeal. So far for me it has been fine
  11. I am like some others also getting random stuttering and fps drops that I did not have in the previous version. Would be great to see some attention given to multiplayer as well
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