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  1. S! to any TAW Admin, I've just created a Russian name tag =2GSAP-SF=GenMarkof and when I got in the TAW server and selected a Russian Base... I got the message that my account was locked? Is it possible to unlock it and remove two previous name tag that I created before the above one? Here are the 2 name tag to remove: - =30=GenMarkof - =260-th=GenMarkof Thanks and sorry for the trouble. Cheers, Gen
  2. S! Coconut, First of all, a BIG Thank You for your great Coconut Expert Server! So much fun since I found this server... Coconut, I seem to see a small change with this latest Axis Airfield/map/campaign (Moscow map)... We have less and fewer planes that we can take-off with... 2 out the 4 Axis Aerodrome have none or only the JU-52 available. For example, last night, we were around 8 to 10 players on the Axis side, and we couldn't all take-off from the same place? Strangely, I never saw this on the other maps/campaigns. Is it because of the number of Airfield or more a logistic problem? Well, I hope you can look into this...this would help our Tuesday Night on Coconut Expert server! Hope to get news soon. Cheers, Gen -------------------------- We have (2) two main thing that people or having a problem with: - Night time missions - many of our squadron pilots are not big fan of Night time flying...more because of the gamma problems? - Having a problem finding a plane to fly... for a bigger group of pilots (from the same Airfield).
  3. S! Thanks Pat, looking forward to V. 3. Cheers, Gen
  4. S! All, Quick question, does version 3.0.7 of Reshade works with the new version 2.11 of BOS/M (that just came out yesterday)? I want to try a reshader, but want a version that is stable with the game. Also, I did try to install a older version of sweetfx, I would suggest to back up your BIN or game EXE folder, a lot of DLL are put your game files! Just for info, do you think this app will help a laptop running a nVidia 560M Card? Thanks for any help. Cheers, Gen
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