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  1. No more precisions on those A-1s and A-2s? how many copies each? Do we know those things?
  2. Yes, I know about the jettisonable canopies on the German planes (LoL, I jettison it so often you know...). Then, when going to external view, bailing out pilots are not fully modelled on board the 109s... About the music: thank so much for your kind response.
  3. Hey, that's an interesting photograph. It makes think the viewer that the photographer captured a scramble take off during the Battle of Britain in the Summer of 1940... but that Spitfire visible on the photograph is equipped with a two-bladed propeller... isn't this contradictory... or anachronistic? I always thought that only the early steps in the Spitfire development presented two-bladed propellers, so in the 1930s only. I always thought that all the Spitfire variants that participated in the Battle of Britain were equipped with three-bladed propellers (Rotol RMS7).
  4. As a reminder only: Battle of Britain (registrations for next Wednesday, 25 November 2020): https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhnYV3MWzsceh17WgCcYmO16Ru0X?e=kGNR5q Tobruk 1940 Air War (registrations for next Saturday, 28 November 2020): https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=1EC7CE167357D819!994&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AEwnp8au_r3vX3A Choose one team and one plane, and add your nickname if it is not yet on the lists... or tick the corresponding box with an "X" if your nick is already on the lists. Gentlemen... good luck.
  5. This is great news! TFS and ITAF... thank you!
  6. Thank you for your kind answer Sokol. In fact, there's no "Tiger Moth 1940 Trop" in the game. "Tiger Moth" is one item in the list of aircraft, and "Tiger Moth 1940" is another different item in the list. The one that has a tropical version is "Tiger Moth", not "Tiger Moth 1940". The A-1 and A-2 variants were prototypes only? really? So... there were no A-1s nor A-2s in North Africa?
  7. We have five different variants for the Tiger Moth in the game. They are named as follows: Tiger Moth (and Tiger Moth/Trop) Tiger Moth 1940 Tiger Moth A-1 Tiger Moth A-2 I think the A-2 was part of the Czech volonteers squadron... correct? And what about the other Tiger Moths in the game, any expert on Tiger Moths out there?
  8. Then, there's one chance for me to play that mission. Please play it again Sam!
  9. Thank you guys, that was much more information than I expected.
  10. Many thanks! This is absolutely fascinating. What about the word "nocciola" ? Does'nt this mean hazelnut?
  11. Thank you so much Hellrider, that was a lovely (and very complete) answer. I guess this applies the same to all other Italian planes involved in the Battle of Britain and present in the game (BR.20, CR.42 and G.50). All of them had this camouglage pattern... right? Where and when were used those liveries coloured in that olive green?
  12. Sorry for last Wednesday, I encountered a problem in the last minute. Will be present next time.
  13. Hi all. I have a few questions on the Italian liveries in the game. First of all, there are 10 Italian planes in the complete list of flyables (BLITZ + Tobruk): BR.20M BR.20M/Trop C.202 Series III C.202 Series III Alta Quota C.202 Series VII C.202 Series VII Alta Quota CR.42 CR.42 Trop Fiat G.50 Fiat G.50 Trop Patch 5.011 introduced the feature "Objects now spawn in a skin which is appropriate for the map" (and I was very happy with that). So, I wanted to know how the above mentioned Italian planes should be clothed when spawning on our two maps. Mainly because on the Channel map, all of them spawn in some kind of "desert camouflage" livery except for the four Macchis. The Macchis' default skin in the Channel map is the following: I think there weren't Folgores in France in the 1940s, there were? So what about this livery in the image? Could we say it's "dark olive green"? Where was it used? In Italy? And what about the Folgores in the Eastern front? How were they painted? About the CR.42 Trop... I think its default skin is not correct when spawning in the Tobruk map. When spawning in the Channel map, the plane appears with the correct livery (I think): When spawning in the Tobruk map, the CR.42 Trop keeps exactly the same livery, which I think is a mistake: Indeed, in the list of available planes, the CR.42 Trop shows a different desert camouflage:
  14. Nice video. And nice music, where is it from? a film? who composed that music? One more question please: that bail out at 2:11 is a pop-up bail out, not a bail out animation. How is that? I thought in this game, at least in 109s and Spitfires, all bail outs were fully animated.
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