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  1. Hola a todos, TFS organiza una Batalla de Francia en su servidor Team Fusion #3: Tendrá lugar el domingo 4 de octubre a las 20.30 GTM (por lo tanto, a las 22.30 hora española). Para los países hispanoamericanos, calculad la hora local en función de Greenwich: 20.30 GTM. Es necesario tener BLITZ actualizado para poder pilotar algunos de los aviones ingleses que participaron en la Batalla de Francia. Para poder pilotar el caza francés Dewoitne D.520 se necesita además poseer la expansión "Desert Wings - Tobruk". Aquellos que lo deseen y que sepan hablar francés pueden venir al Team Speak de "Check-Six" para las comunicaciones por radio : https://www.tsviewer.com/index.php?page=ts_viewer&ID=7858 Algunos de nosotros volaremos a bordo de nuestros D.520 para intentar derribar los Bf 109s E-3 y E-4... ¡empezad a calentar vuestro Hispano-Suiza!
  2. Salut à tous. TFS organise une bataille de France "comme en 40" dans son serveur Team Fusion #3 : Ça se passera dimanche 4 octobre à 20.30 GTM (donc, à 22h30 heure française). Il faut posséder BLITZ à jour pour pouvoir piloter certains avions anglais ayant participé à la bataille de France. Pour pouvoir piloter le Dewoitne D.520 il faut en plus posséder l'add-on "Desert Wings - Tobruk". Ceux qui le veulent et qui parlent français peuvent venir sur le TS de Check-Six pour les communications radio : https://www.tsviewer.com/index.php?page=ts_viewer&ID=7858 Certains d'entre nous piloterons du D.520 pour essayer d'abattre les Bf 109 E-3 et E-4... Commencez à faire chauffer votre Hispano-Suiza !
  3. I've been waiting for this since August the 6th and even since it has been announced that the D.520 was planned as a flyable! No idea... But smaller battles that were part of what we call the Battle of France are, for example, the Battle of Amiens... the Battle of Dunkirk... what else? Well, let's see next Sunday
  4. How ridiculous, the above issue was because of my fault only: I didn't allow the switching positions options. Problem resolved.
  5. Thank you for your kind response Buzzsaw. All the best!
  6. Thank you, I'll watch them later. Asking questions simultaneously, this is a privilege I missed as I wasn't free for this event. Maybe the next time. Cheerio and thanks again.
  7. Hey, Revell, what a mind-blowing gif sequence!!! 1. Obuses impact on the target and the affected areas on the target are exactly located where the obuses explode. 2. Portions of the target and smoke balls spread into the atmosphere with outstanding realism, sticking to a higly realistic physics model. 3. The landscape is also highly realistic and absolutely not cartoon-like. You hosted that gif file in the forum's server. I copied the URL so that I can post it on other forums in order to prove Cliffs' superiority as an air combat sim. You'll be always mentioned as the author, obviously.
  8. You posted on the right forum. This is absolutely not the "Flying Circus" forum. This is the "Cliffs of Dover" forum. "With regard to Cliffs of Dover do I install the original game and then the BLITZ add on?" Yes. Installing the DVD and activating the Steam key included on it, this will launch the procedure that installs the BLITZ version for free. You'll be updated automatically up to version 5.007. If you do not possess the DVD, simply purchase BLITZ: https://il2sturmovik.com/store/cliffs-of-dover/ (25 dollars). "And is there a Perferred order of installation for all the IL-2 games? And is IL-2 1946 a stand alone game?" "IL-2 1946" is the final compilation of the first generation o IL-2 games. "IL-2: 1946" has nothing to do with "Cliffs of Dover", nor with the "Great Battles" series. You can play all three games if you want, but they are three completely different games and you'll need to proceed to three different installs: 1. "IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946" (2006) => install the 4.07 version (DVD or DLC) and feel free to patch or mod your game up the version you prefer (go to the 1946 forum, those guys will inform you of all the necessary procedures). My personal opinion is that "IL-2: 1946" is an obsolete game... 2. "IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover" (2011) => this is the best, trust me! you need to install the basic game (BLITZ version) and then, if you want, purchase the "Desert Wings - Tobruk" add-on. I really recommend to possess both products, the basic game (BLITZ) and the add-on ("Desert Wings - Tobruk"). Best combat flight simulation ever. With no doubt. 3. "IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles" (2013) => very easy: each game in the "Great Battles" series is a DLC stand alone... so, you only need to purchase the product you want and add it to your user account.
  9. It's a shame I'm not available this evening. Is this event planned for being repeated in the future?
  10. Thank you for the clarification, Fred. I'll edit my message. Now that I found the hangar, I can fit it on the map and create one mission... but I'm encountering problems when trying to launch the mission : I get, which is normal, the message that invites me to chose one army (British or German) but the little flags (this is, the armies themselves) are not there. What's going on? I tried other missions in my multiplayer and all of them seem to be undergoing the same problem. Any help?
  11. It's ok chaps, I found it: "Static" -> "Buildings" -> "Airfields" -> "Gravesend laws Hangar" Cheerio!
  12. Hi all. An accurate historical hangar had been modelled by TFS for the Gravesend airfield: Spitfire Mk I of no. 66 Squadron R6800 "LZ-N" over Gravesend in September 1940 (skin by Mistralfred901) Where can I find that hangar in the mission builder so that I can create a mission and use it? what folder in the builder?
  13. Good! Thank you so much Mikmak, I'll relay your kind response to my picky friend.
  14. I don't use any force feedback joystick as I don't like that. Nevertheless, I'd like to ask one question because of a friend of mine who recently told me that he stopped playing "Cliffs of Dover" in 2017 and one of the reasons why was that the force feedback effect stops working everytime one goes back to the game after having left it momentarily for the Windows desktop. My friend says that the "return to Windows" function should work correctly without any need of restarting a new session of the game. What about the above? Is there any trouble with the force feedback in IL2CoD?
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