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  1. My tests are done! The two bindings work fine in the game and, now, I understand their functioning. Again, thank you my friends.
  2. Thank you guys, I did a test with the stopwatch in a 109 E-1... it's working as you said, thank you. Thank you Sokol1. I used this binding in a Su-26 and this is what I get. Behind a quadrangular opening, a white strip moves this way: 1) By default, the quadrangular opening is completely white, obscured by the white strip. 2) 1st use of the binding (1st image below): the quadrangular opening turns black (the white strip slides to the left and completely disappears). 3) 2nd use of the binding (2nd image below): the quadrangular opening becomes hal
  3. Could anybody tell at least one or two planes in the cockpits of which there would be one or two of these two bindings please?
  4. Can anybody tell how is that the present discussion thread is happening in the "Screenshots" section... with not a single screenshot visible on it ?
  5. In the present discussion thread we discuss this announcement.
  6. Obviously we already have a Wildcat and a P-40 (skins make it when they cloth our exisiting Martlets, Tomahawks and Kittyhawks: click here... and here, you'll see) and we already have one or two "online fictional maps" that could be used as Pacific Islands. So... Hypothesis 1: a Zero won't happen in the Dover series because Jason Williams and 1C Game Studios won't allow such a thing: they keep the Pacific for a potential future "Great Battles" module. Hypothesis 2: a Zero won't happen in the Dover series because TFS cannot add a new plane to model to their c
  7. I already gave you the answer, please go back to the first time you asked that question, click here, it's over there. Do you use JoyToKey? It's an ideal solution for hat-switch users like you. Otherwise, the best advice one can give you is: spend your money and purchase one TrackIR, as long as Cliffs of Dover is not VR compatible, TrackIR is the best view system in this game. I'm afraid it's the opposite, guns' recoil is modelled and clearly visible in Cliffs of Dover. I think it's not in Great Battles. Simply go to extern
  8. Look at my screenshot shown above... my Cliffs of Dover Widows Mixer is very low, this makes I hear properly my collegues on TS and, also, it makes my simulation sound is not excessively loud. Honestly, I see no problem with the sound in this game.
  9. Switch back to how it used to look like? This implementation we discuss here... is not yet in the game my friend.
  10. Hi all. There are two consecutive controls on the Controls Options Page: - "Stopwatch Control" - "Flight Time Clock Control" What's the difference between both? What is the purpose of each of them?
  11. You need to open the "Windows Mixer". 1. Launch your game. 2. Go to "Options". 3. Go to "Audio". 4. Here you have it, the "Windows Mixer":
  12. Thank you Stickz. I use a cap and a classic clip for my TrackIR, thus in my case, the visor in the cap receives the clip, not the headset. I guess you use a clip pro... do you?
  13. palker4, thank you, but I want the audio and the mike are all-in-one. Dan55, thank you, this "SOUND BLASTER X H5" matches very well what I'm looking for. I'm considering the purchase of this product seriously. Puma, thank you but... this ArctisPro seems to be really expensive, somewhere between 250 and 300 dollars. An excellent product with no doubt, but too expensive nevertheless. I've heard something about a brand named "JBL"... Does anybond have something to say about the JBL headsets? Any advice?
  14. Thank Sokol ! Are we talking about... this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payload
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