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  1. Well, apparently I wasn't that wrong: patch 1.2b, released on November the 15th 2003, was a beta of the 1.22 patch released on January the 21st, 2004. Patch 1.2b really released those three planes as flyable aircraft. It also released the B-17s as AI aircraft among other features.
  2. "What about those roads? is the problem resolved in the current "Blitz" version?" Please forget the above question. Obviously the answer is "no" as Sokol1 clearly stated that the problem developed in "original developer patches", which are no longer operational.
  3. It always was falling in stall! But I have to admit that I never made the effort of learning its flight capacities, nor its requirements for flying it properly. A fine plane… only if an expert is on board, I guess.
  4. I was wrong about the code number (patch 1.22, not 1.2b), about the date (21 January 2004, not 2003), and the American plane (P-51 indeed, not Wildcat). But I was right about the map. You didn't need that Crimean map since, as I was saying, there was a fictionnal Pacific islands map inlcuded in the patch. Please check over there for the content included in the patch (new planes were P-51D-5 Mustang, Ki-84-1a Hayate, and A6M5a Zero): https://support.ubi.com/en-us/Faqs/000009349/IL2-Forgotten-Battles-v1-22-patch-1364550021039 Check over there for the date (January the 21st, 2004): https://www.patches-scrolls.com/dl.php?file=il2fb122dsu.zip
  5. Thank you Sokol! You said "Bananas'drama"... Was this a touch of humour? Or, on the contrary, is this the official name of that forum? What about those roads? is the problem resolved in the current "Blitz" version?
  6. Thank you! That really answered my question : only one line of versions and patches since March 2011. When I log in my Steam account I always see both links, one allowing the launch of "Cliffs of Dover" and another link that launches "Cliffs of Dover - BLITZ". I never tried to launch the one that is not BLITZ, mainly because of the bugs I saw back in 2011 (bad memories indeed). A) What would happen if I ignore BLITZ and I launch the first game? B) Where can I find the complete list of versions and patches, from CloDo's release in 2011 to the current version of the game?
  7. Heinkel He 111 also existed in a torpedo bomber version. It operated over the Atlantic but I don't know if it also saw action during or after the Normandy landings.
  8. Hi all. Please, do you know if there are two distinct lines of versions and patches, one for the original 2011 "Cliffs of Dover" and another series of patches for "Blitz"? Or, on the contrary, is there only one direct line of versions since the very beginning, in early 2011? I found mentions on patches 4.5, 4.54, 4.56, 5.0... what is each for?
  9. Absolutely. It is fair enough to me if we discuss that matter, a future Pacific theatre of operations in this game, but never reaching the point when simmers start reproaching to each other, or getting angry. That would be ridiculous. A s I said in past comments of mine : we will get it when will get it. That PTO will be ready when it will be ready, not after, not before. Let's stay cool.
  10. Indeed, it is smaller than the version I mentioned above… Nevertheless (and I may be wrong 'cause I'm far from being an expert on video gaming development), I think that this one still is too large for the ressources at the devs' disposal. I'm afraid some people here, on these forums, are tired to answer questions about Pacific map scales and sizes. Let's leave it as it is.
  11. Nobody said that something is spoiling somebody's life or day. The guy simply mentioned that he will not buy the Normandy module for the moment and he gave the reason. That's all. The above was only my reading but, naturally, I may be wrong.
  12. Rabaul + Solomons... this produces a map like this one: Which has been already described as a too large map to be properly developed. Rather than including the Bismarck archipelago in the map, let's focus on the Solomons only and put a few Rufes in Munda harbour bases… which is, apparently, much more feasable. Popular sets for a Pacific module, thus better for ensuring commercial success, could be Pearl Harbor or Midway. The entire archipelago of Hawaii fits perfectly inside the frames of the usual "Great Battles" map format.
  13. In 2004-2011 computer engineering and (at the time) state-of-the-art video game development brought to us hours of fun on board of naval aircraft, on board of carriers… and so on. The 2000s did it. The 2010s and 2020s no longer can do it. Sure, I believe you... This game is fantastic, this 1C Game Studios company is fantastic, the Normandy map will be fantastic, and I do approve 1C's policy because I trust them. I who dream of a flight sim game set in the Pacific do not complain. No, I do not complain, I do not whine. That's one point. Another completely different point is the following: future improvements in graphic cards and processors, and efforts provided by the community, will allow in a few years that the current game engine (or a completely new one) runs large boxes of 4-engined bombers in Europe and carriers in the Pacific theater of operations too, with plenty of Zeroes, Wildcats, Hayates and Corsairs. It's only a matter of time.
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