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  1. Well, the problem is not the map. If you choose the Bodenplatte map and a random "entente" plane, the problem develops all the same. The problem develops when it comes to fight a random "entente" plane.
  2. Ha... ha... ha... Yep, thank you for the joke, but this is a bug. Obviously, a P-51 IS NOT an "entente" plane. PS: the IA guy on board that P-51 didn't even notice my Fokker D.VII. He was on his way and disappeared. No need to say I didn't even try to follow him....
  3. I just flew a "quick mission" on the Arras map (thus offline) and, for the first time chose "random entente plane" as an opponent (I was flying a Fokker D.VII). And my random "Entente" plane was... a P-51!
  4. 343KKT_Kintaro

    Future for VR

    I do possess "Cliffs of Dover" since the very first day of its release, March the 31st, 2011. I ended up by uninstalling the game at some point in the course of 2011, but reinstalled it several times since. I updated my game up to the BLITZ version last year and, this time, didn't unistall it again. I find BLITZ is very satisfactory and I look forward to the "Desert Wings - Tobruk" add-on release. Since yesterday, experienced French virtual pilots of the OBT squadron are teaching me how to fly a Hurricane. Engine start sequence, taxiing, takeoff, ammunition ballistics... all of this is real hardcore simulation. I LOVE IT. A few bugs are still a bit annoying, but my overall judgement on that game is that "Cliffs of Dover" is the best WWII combat flight simulator ever. We are no longer in 2011. Those few remaining bugs are insignificant compared to the quality of that simulation. I'm very happy with the "Great Battles" series but IL2GB bears no comparison with IL2CloDo when it comes to historical accuracy and hardcore simulation. I use a TracKIR 5, not VR. I'll buy "Desert Wings - Tobruk" for sure, there's no doubt of this. I address to Team Fusion the following wish: even if I do not have intentions of buying a VR device... after the release of Tobruk, please, focus your efforts and energy on the implementation of VR on BLITZ so that all of these debates are left behind us and some VR fans... leave us alone...
  5. Hi all. This is only for a mistake on the website, not a bug in the game. Please note that the "Tank Crew" cover reads "Great Battle" instead of "Great BatlleS": https://il2sturmovik.com/store/tank-crew/ Thank you in advance... Kintaro
  6. To Stoopy: no problem, bro, I do agree with you. To Danziger: I don't depend on damage textures neither, but visual realism is spoiled because of them. Everything is visually realistic at the same level in that sim: the sun light at dawn, the far layers of the atmosphere, the planes' textures, the drop shadows inside and outside the cockpit, the mirroring reflexions on rivers and lakes, the clouds… everything is as fake or as real as is everything else in the sim… but not the visual damage on my wings and plane structure. That's all. I think it's an old problem of "Rise of Flight", not intended to depict metal planes. But it's ok, I love that sim, it's my fav'.
  7. Damage decals are HORRIBLE in this game. However… I'm a simmer for almost 30 years now (I started in the early 90s with "Their Finest Hour" and "Chuck Yeager's Air Combat")… and this is definitely my favourite air combat sim ever.
  8. Thank you! Let's keep testing the game on 4.005 now…
  9. Hi and thank you for the update. I upgraded my sim up to the 4.005 version and I've tested three planes: Fokker D.VII, P-51 and Me 109 K-4. I think I noticed a few changes, but I'll test a bit more the sim. I'd like to ask one question: a few minutes ago, when I hit a French SPAD with my double 7.92 I saw that the French plane gaught fire… then I saw that the HEAT HAZE was clearly visible, straight out of the engine on fire… Is that a new improvement of 4.005 or was it already there?
  10. Well, apparently I wasn't that wrong: patch 1.2b, released on November the 15th 2003, was a beta of the 1.22 patch released on January the 21st, 2004. Patch 1.2b really released those three planes as flyable aircraft. It also released the B-17s as AI aircraft among other features.
  11. "What about those roads? is the problem resolved in the current "Blitz" version?" Please forget the above question. Obviously the answer is "no" as Sokol1 clearly stated that the problem developed in "original developer patches", which are no longer operational.
  12. It always was falling in stall! But I have to admit that I never made the effort of learning its flight capacities, nor its requirements for flying it properly. A fine plane… only if an expert is on board, I guess.
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