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  1. Yes, agreed. For example, in the Great Battles series windsocks shake with the wind. In the Dover series windsocks are completely still...
  2. I managed to play "Cliffs of Dover", both the 2011 original edition and the 2017 Blitz edition, with my old GTX 460... so in my opinion the answer is yes. You'll need a minimum of 8 Gb of RAM, but 16 or more would be better. Also, plan a few tens of Gb as empty space in your hard drive, that's better too. AND... I think a good TrackIR is a must have (model 5 is the latest and very tough, very good in my opinion, I purchased mine 12 years ago, and it's working as if it was completely new). AND... a good HOTAS as well (just in case you don't have one).
  3. Larry, that was absolutely superb... awesome skins and screenshots indeed... but the real nickname of the 343rd group of fighters is not "The Aleutian Tigers" but "Tsurugi"... LoL...
  4. Please tell us what games do you play that way in the present day.
  5. Please see above: I edited my previous message. See you tomorrow fellows.
  6. Hey Sokol1, engineers do not design aircraft with a fuel capacity that prevents the aircraft from taking off... and in this instance I was simply doing tests, trying to take off with full payload on board, that's all. Now, after the bulk of my tests is done and thank to all the advice I got from our friends, my understanding is that I need more training with the Beaufighter. Otherwise,I kept testing the plane today and I gladly discovered that there's a plate that hides the engine starter buttons. I loved it! It's partially modelled, not fully clickable, but those starters are ok a
  7. Ok, I no longer want to accomplish that exercise (full payload at takeoff and landing). This doesn't seem to be a historical use of the plane, not even while training the crews, so it is not really necessary to insist. Now I manage to take off with full payload (fuel at 100% and 100 lb of bombs), fly the aircraft, drop the two bombs, land safely and taxi her until I lodge her in a hangar. As you kwow, thank to internet research, I learned that the tail wheel lock system in WWII Beaufighters was added afterwards (on site in their RAF hangars, long after they were manufactured) as of
  8. A Li-2 makes no sens in the game as it is, unless the next theatre of operations is located in Eastern Europe, and in my opinion this is very unlikely. I go for the C-47 in the next add-on, wherever it is located but only if the USA is present in the theatre of operations TFS chose. A Ju 52 is advisable, undoubtedly, as useful in all the already existing maps (Battle of Britain and Desert War).
  9. Ok, I'll do what you say. Well, that was the exercise, my friend. This is ok, there's no problem with that, once I'm airborne in a Beau, everything's ok. At this stage in the process, this is what I do, and it works fine. Again, no problem with that, I land safely at touchdown. I confirm the instructions announce 85/80 mph at touchdown... and I even manage to touch the tarmac at lower speeds, the tyres not exploding
  10. Hey Falco... Kintaro speaking... plenty of problems with Beaus... no problem at all with Cicogne... end of transmission...
  11. Thank you all of you. Definitely the Beau is not for me. That's my tragedy: I'm in love with her but she's definitely not in love with me... After tens of attempts I tried a new one... 100 lb of bombs and 50% of fuel... takeoff goes well... landing ends up with one burst tyre and the subsequent stumbling and destroyed undercarriage leg and wing. I give up.
  12. LoL... I know the basics of taxiing... 😄 Please do some tests yourselves with our Beaus as they are in the game : proceede to taxiing with 100% of fuel and a load of bombs of 100 pounds... and you'll not even take off: most of the times your tires will explode. You'll need to take off more or less at 100/110 mph... and there would no problem if that bl**dy tail wheel wouldn't be making your Beau goes from left to right and from right to left... until one of your tires explode. Out of 100 attempted takeoffs, 1 is successful only... not to mention the landings... they red
  13. I encounter very serious difficulties when taxiing, taking off or landing any of the Beaufighters in the game: the plane goes crazy on the ground simply because there's no lock system for the tail wheel. I made a quick search in the internet, and I found the following: https://stephentaylorhistorian.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/beaufighter-tail-lock.pdf https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/bristol-beaufighter-anti-shimmy-twin-contact-tail-wheel-6623-p.asp https://forum.flyawaysimulation.com/forum/topic/19877/taildragger-wont-steer-on-ground/ Stephen T
  14. Good, I'll proceed to a few more tests, this time taking your report into account.
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