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  1. wait. if there's a ghost pilot, we should have the option of ghost plane. like wonder woman view. And people can't see the plane because its invisible but they can see the pilot though. so if one were to go ghost pilot and ghost plane, we'd have trouble, especially if its a mosquito and there's your UFO. Wait that's fake, real UFO is the flying pancake. :D j/k. I think the extra animation up close would take time (to implement) , but I'd like the option. So like if its a girl pilot and she gets grazed in the head, depending if you chose to have her with luxurious long locks or curls or 1920's ish bobs . . . the long hair ladies would get stuff all over the 'pit. Ah well, options .. . moar the bettar
  2. Have toggle, old, new and the 3rd one that's going to replace the first two . .. and also ability to adjust it to where you want. And experten mode have a experten-leicht that has the HUD, but if it was up to me I'd prefer experten not to have any HUD. But more options is better.
  3. I think its progress of the computer system. In WW2 they said the bomb sight could hit pickle barrel, but it wasn't so. The computer took warehouses of space and electricity for a small city, and the only thing could it do was give a rough calculation of an artillery shell arc. Today's computers allows a bomb's nose to not only to get inside a pickle barrel but now pick the quadrant of that pickle barrel and it can be done with minimal power to figure out the calculation. Before the a good sim was this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zplLHd-vYlE but look at what we have now . . . same with flight sims . . . they are getting better. Heck even the airforce has sim (with movement) to help train pilots . . .
  4. Thanks for the update, I know the devs are busy trying to get the game ready and running the beta testing. It's expected (that they are busy), and I'd rather have them put time into the game itself then to make tracks of the beta and show some cool things. And they did give the time frame of the game release (well based off the beta test & debugging. I think that's reasonable, as a concrete date or deadline may force cutting before measuring, release speed before quality, and everyone should know that taking time and measuring twice and cutting once . . . is best. I know some might be "What? Who's on the beta team . . . ' From other games, I know some game devs keep the team partly secret to prevent people asking for the beta or getting bugged on news on the beta. Or they choose people that can fill out the forms with all the information / test bugs and be software savvy to realize its a bug / feature than what the game really supposed to do. Not everyone can do this. Some even hire professionals to do it, alongside community members (or not). It's a lot of reasons why or why not for particular team formation. And truth be told, a game company doesn't have the responsibility or right to give blow by blow or intimate details on the beta. They do have a responsibility to run the beta so the game is ready for release and bug free as possible within the situation / constraints The best thing is to ask to be on the beta test . . .
  5. thanks for the update! all the infantry ninjas and ground crew pirates are happy! This is going to be a great one
  6. thank you thank you thank you that's pretty awesome!
  7. Yes this project is managed properly, and the devs listen to the community. I like the balance approach and also the devs seeking realistic FM and DM, within a reasonable frame in regards to development, information available about the planes, pilot input (both restored and historical). Heck, the DM is compared to another uber sim that focuses on ultra realism centered around a plane that was influenced by the sturmovik and stuka (both found here in BOS). There is lots of communication as well. Some people may not like this but I found the devs allow constructive criticism, provided its based on facts and well presented arguments as opposed to the emotional rants / not believing in certain physics laws scientifically proven and accepted in academics and as well as in various industries / picking fights with opposing forces / members / or arguments based on symptomatic issues and not directed at the root cause that encompass many of the "criticism" posts . . . Also the devs don't like the ultimatum tactics, favored by terrorists, brats, evil Bond bosses, and manipulative / evil ex or soon to be ex girlfriends :D and tend to shut those people down, just because they didn't get their way. If there is fact behind it, and its a reasonable implementation, given the dedication to realism within reason, it will be put in. But watching this game go, its well planned out and well executed and its work is still being improved. It is a good start to the successor to the IL-2 series
  8. Once the game is out, we can start to make a guide like nugget's one and sturmovik essentials like the in the 1946 thread. That thread really helped me sort out IL2 original. basics of flight http://www.aviastar.org/theory/basics_of_flight/index.html http://www.gleim.com/aviation/learn-to-fly/?page=3 http://www.gleim.com/aviation/learn-to-fly/?page=4 Controls: don't mess with keyboard or game pads. Having a joystick is crucial. I like http://www.chproducts.com/13-28464-Home.php but there are other good ones Other options include pedals and throttle Track IR / Track IR substitutes are good. I've heard of people using gamer key pads like razer nostromo or logitech g-13 / or even a mmo gaming mouse with lots of buttons like a logitech g600 to use buttons for scanning in lieu of track IR / throttle / pedals. The game pads even have scripts to auto press buttons (like one can program in a quick start for engines or to scan the skies) or keys binded to game functions. Personally, I think they can help out a joystick only user, but its about preference. I prefer the HOTAs with rudder pedals, because sometimes scrips will hang and knowing how to fly with just the controls is easier in the long run for me. I prefer the track IR and manually hitting buttons to start the engines. A good desk / set up with monitors. Also having a good layout of keyboard / mouse, HOTAS., pedals on the desk to best facilitate your virtual flying. And a chair. Having a comfy chair helps for "long missions" and your back will thank you. Ergonomics helps in the long run, especially if you play a few hours a day . . . http://www.a-opc.com/image/data/seatting0.jpg Dual monitors helps, not a must, but a big help. For monitors there's alot of details . . . but you'll want a 120 Hz or higher refresh rate, and something 5ms or lower (reaction time for pixels to change colors, the industry standard is black to white to black or vice versa, and gray to gray). Remember a monitor can say its 120 Hz but the windows or video card driver may default to 60 Hz, so you'll have to change it there. If you can get flat screen CRTs (pretty rare but I know some gamers that still use their 25" CRT sony trinitrons) they are better for quality and speed, but calibrating is lot of work (LCD are more plug and play) for you machine's video card. computer related stuff: One thing about PC's is the PSU (power supply unit). It's like the heart of PC. Alot of PC upgrades or builds w/out updating the PSU usually has weird issues like crashes / sometimes it powers on, and sometimes it doesn't . . . or get beeps upon powering on . . . Certain sites have PSU calculator (based off parts you have). Get a decent video card. Video cards, make sure your system can handle it, and that your power supply has the matching power chords if the card needs additional juice. Get a decent sound card. People definitely want to hear the merlin roar or the db-605 rumble. And for OS and programs (including IL-2) get a SSD. You can use a standard spinner drive for data, but the SSD helps speed things up (even if more expensive). I'd a say 128 GB is on the small side, but 256 GB is better. About pirated OS's. Hackers like to leave their mark . . .so when using cracked or pirated software, there's a good chance you'll have a "surprise" in it. Even hackers use a legit OS to start from (or one that isn't modified and fix for their own use). I've noticed pirated OS having issues that legit ones don't. Another thing is decent internet connection, get the mid range from your provider (here in the US they usually have 3-5 Mb/s, then 10-20, 40-60 is highest). Some even offer 70-100 Mb/s. Get the highest you can afford, and stay away from low speeds, go for mid or high. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/build-your-own-pc,2601.html http://www.tomshardware.com/t/build-your-own/ www.sevenforums.com/ http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107.html august 14 http://www.anandtech.com/show/7888/best-video-cards-march-2014 march 2014 Even if you don't mod your PC, its good to read up on it, just so some computer dude doesn't pull a fast one on you.
  9. spam the sprint button! I can see guys running out to the AA like frenzied ants, early in the morning when the late bed check crew shows up, then the puffs of doom in the skies start showing up. word
  10. The devs could throw out a bonus random summer map with a p-40 and p-39 and I-16 and chaika, and some variants of existing planes and one bonus for the luft side. I would want a Rabaul setup w/ carrier action next game, and include a B-17 and Betty. bed check charlie missions And some sea planes. then for the the third go to western europe mid war for some revenue . . . and devs put some rhubarb or pie as an easter egg somewhere in the game
  11. The game is well off . .. it's not finished yet. But for something that's not finished it's pretty well made. And continuous improvements are being made. The development team is dedicated to accuracy but also are willing to understand there a limitations (like can't have 3 -8 missions and once you quit, its over) to certain simmers, so its accurate within reason. They are willing to listen and work with the community and keep up with communications. This part is crucial. And there are plans to continue to other theaters . . . It sounds like the start of the IL-2's successor series. I bought in, but based off the dev responses and general satisfaction of the community regarding the game. And the community here is pretty cool and knowledgeable. THere's a few questionable characters *tries to push his hand down* but people are good here. There are some willing to make missions / maps / skins etc once the tools come out . . . I would highly recommend, but only if you are into flight sims with combat.
  12. Thanks devs! I like the FM improvements . . . keep improving the game :D this is going to be more fun or funner or funnier The steam forums have some funnies but its a different forum for sure, lots of them don't have the same passion for flight sims . . . hopefully a few will be turned. I like the sound and triple monitor but the devs should focus on more pressing matters like FM, ground action / aircrew, DM, carriers, weather, clickable (crick-rubble) pits, prop wash, korea, . Besides triple monitor can be had (need a beast system) and earnings close to Tony Stark, but the sound thing I've edited it with the soundcard software (if you have a good one) or 3rd party sound mixers . . . :D First off, its: THIS UPDATE YOU CAN THROW IN THE TRASH * !!!!, if you're going to slam them, do it right and proper grammar separates you from every other 4chaner or /b/ dudes n dudettes. *use an expletive, you'll get banned faster, moar speed add YOU in front of explicit lyrics Second, the devs kind of shot themselves in the foot with the matrix build up of last week's miss, but remember it takes a better man (woman) to help or walk away than to kick someone who's down. Besides you don't want the reverse, of the devs taking down players. Just ask anyone that's played war thunder during 1.37 patch Third: opinions are yours alone but some have validation as each person is valid to some extent, but adding some fact, reasoning, or explanation helps it get close to truth or even something people can believe, rather than people writing it off as useless trolling dribble.
  13. yeah I like this thread . . . it puts forth a statement, and backs it up with reasoning and pictures, an explanation for the argument. I'm with pooling all the relevant and factual based FW pit threads into one giant one, sans the useless arguments like refraction doesn't exist in WW2 glass or something. Bravo OP. I think maybe the devs should scope out a real FW 190 and sit in it, take photos, and should do this for every plane to get closer to the real cockpit
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