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  1. @lg=Kathon my problem is a little more severe, I have one account that is "locked" and with the same login info another account that is unlocked. For some reason any attempt to change my old account email and username has no effect, meaning that, when I join the server, my accounts are always getting recombined. what can I do?
  2. ^@=LG=Leutnant_Artur thanks. For some reason I cannot get "1946" into lower case. what is up with that?
  3. hello, for some reason I have two usernames with my email. Username I want to keep: 7.GShAP/kOepi Username I want to get rid of: 7-GvShAP/kOepi [unlocked] currently I cannot play on the server, because it kicks me when I start the engine. Can I or you fix this? greetz kOepi P.S.: I cannot join the TS server due to a wrong passowrd I tried : "in mission briefing" and"inmissionbriefing" what is going on with that?
  4. Hey, I got banned yesterday for 24 hours, I know it was not friendly fire, anyone can tell me why?
  5. Mhm I got banned for 24 hours today. Any thread or way to find out why?
  6. @DED Indigo well, if you manage to get like 3 or 6 heavy bombers to take out three airfields ( all ) at the same time, destroying the runway or limiting the fuel amount heavily ( not 100% ), then you deserve to be in advantage for the next hour. Normally you will have one or two guys trying to destroy an airfield, but 20 minutes inactive wont even matter, the flight of the bombers itself is probably 40 minutes already, like Asgar said aswell. Right now nobody bothers destroying an airfield, it is not worth the effort and risk. You need more time to fly to it than it will actually disable it. you could make it so, that it would need two full payloads or whatever size to disable it for an hour and after the 1st airfield is destroyed and they try to get the 2nd one, the attacked actually have to intercept that undertaking, instead of just looking for a fight or destroying some objectives. It would become more dynamic and the failure of the side has a bigger effect on the overall mission, so they actucally have to coordinate defenses more. Right now it doesnt even matter.
  7. Best mission ever, Great work with it. Anti Air is good. a rapid firing anti air gun vs a diving attacker should hit each other pretty 50/50, unless the attacker zeros on 800+ meters and shoots from that distance before the AA gun starts shooting. I have a few suggestions: 1. fewer maschines before resupply, maybe two machines per mission start and another two with resupply fly? 2. an airfield fuel depot which can be affected partly by attackers ( fuel storage , but in the first place needs the player to estimate their needed fuel and mission in advance in order not to waste a fuel tank all the time and bring back fuel from the objective instead of jumping out of the plane behind the front line. A resupply fly would stock the airfield with low fuel up a few thousand litres ( whatever the payload of an pe-2 is ). This would need more communication and coordination among the players. 3. disabling the runway instead for 20 minutes for a complete hour.
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