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  1. I'm not too worried about the full mission builder, i'd just love more options added to the QMB. Il2 1946 style "armour, bridge, airbase" attack missions would be so cool, and up to 64 planes
  2. Thanks everyone for the assistance; I've installed VP modpack and am enjoying it so far. Does anyone know how i can get tiger's flybys installed, and also get my game looking and sounding like this? Thanks again.
  3. does VP work with the latest steam version of il2?
  4. My first question is as stated in the title, also, If it is not compatible; does VP modpack present much of an improvement over BAT? Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. ah i see, thanks for the response, is there any mod or tweak out there that can change that?
  6. Hi, I just started playing again after the update and i'm loving it; but unfortunately, i can't stand the new lighting and light blue filter, is there anyway i can remove this so i can revert to the old graphics from just before this update? thanks
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