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  1. Here's another quick skin I've made, showcasing a tank of the Armenian 119th Independent Tank Regiment "David of Sasun". I'd like to thank o5m6.de, whose research brought this unit to my attention. The skin can be downloaded from here, and contains both numbered and numberless skin variants.
  2. Here's a quick little historical skin depicting the KV-1S as it would have appeared during Operation Mars in the winter of 1942-1943. The skin can be downloaded here.
  3. The Mosquito, B-26, Me-410, and Ar-234 are all aircraft I was hoping to see included with Bodenplatte, so this announcement is quite exciting for me.
  4. I may get around to making more RCAF skins in the future, but I can't make any promises as I've got other things in the works right now.
  5. You assume incorrectly. This skin absolutely does have an alpha layer, it's just matte.
  6. Here's a historical skin of an aircraft flown by Pilot Officer John Mallandaine of No. 442 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force circa May 1945. The skin can be downloaded here. A huge thanks to ICDP for creating the template I used to make this.
  7. All the profiles I've found of this aircraft, as well as a photograph of another aircraft from this unit, show the T being placed forward of the other letter on either side. (The other photograph I mentioned showed an aircraft with TY painted on its port nose.)
  8. This photograph inspired me to do a little more skinning. I have interpreted the paint scheme as being RAF colours Dark Green over Sky. This skin comes with an alternative version that lacks individual aircraft markings for use as a generic RAAF skin. You can download them here. Thanks to ICDP for the lovely template.
  9. This is a great looking template, but I noticed a couple of tiny issues with it. The screws on the front of the spinner show up while it's rotating rather than while it's stationary, and there's some panel line stretching along the outer starboard air intake. Pics in spoiler.
  10. I have uploaded version 3 of this skinpack. The entire skinpack has been remade using ICDP's new template and includes two extra skins (67 GIAP and 352 IAP), reworked RAF dark green and dark earth colours, as well as adding the later Army Corps of Engineers shade of olive drab paint to a few of the skins. The spoiler below contains screenshots of the new skins as well as a couple of the older ones.
  11. I just noticed a tiny issue with the stencil layer, on the rear port fuselage the number 8 is partially cut off and the 9 is absent.
  12. Are you certain you've uploaded the new template version on your site? I downloaded it and don't see an alternate set of panel lines anywhere.
  13. I have uploaded version 2 of this skin pack. Changes include a brand new alpha layer that has been customised for each skin, an adjustment of the olive drab colour to be more saturated and slightly lighter, removal of the mask layer, five new skins covering four units, and an optional replacement for the default P-39 skin. Note that the latter requires having mods enabled in order to see. The spoiler below contains screenshots of all the new skins I have added.
  14. I have considered doing unit markings for more planes, the mood to make them just hasn't struck me yet.
  15. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I play a career I prefer to fly with the historical markings of the unit I pick. This skin pack provides 32 skins covering 46 units of the VVS, including all the units available in the Kuban career. Download Version 3 Here. Many thanks to Zargos and ICDP for their 4K templates as well as the researcher(s) on goldenarrowresearch.com, wio.ru and Massimo Tessitori , without which this skin pack wouldn't exist. You can find a few preview pics in the spoiler below. This skin pack has been updated to version 3, see post below for details.
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