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  1. np For any new person reading afterward or unsure: Actually that is probably the best route for anyone to take, tbh, as it gives the most flexibility - and that is to buy BOS on steam. It allows for purchase of anything else (additional Great Battles series titles, aircraft, add-on campaigns) to be purchased anywhere thereafter (Il2 1C website or steam) - you aren't limited (providing you link accounts). You do have to have purchased BOS on steam to buy anything else from steam store related to it. If you bought BOS from the 1C webstore, anything steam is off limits and you are restricted to only 1C website purchases from there on in. However, I do recommend people purchase all/most items after BOS from the 1C webstore as more $ goes into the pockets of the developers (who deserve it!). ...and of course if you have a grudge against steam or feel you will never ever want to pick-up anything Il2 related from them, then by all means you will be fine with BOS from 1C website - just know and understand the ramifications of that. All the best.
  2. Just a bit of an aside regarding Il-2 1946 (but still relevant) - it's stock DGEN dynamic campaign system engine did not plot and fight an entire conflict. It number crunched a lot and as far as missions for the player it generated, it only included flights that a player may possibly encounter if they stuck to the mission waypoints. It cared nothing about other enemy or allied squadrons based in the conflict - unless they may by chance cross a player flight waypoint. -- whereas Paul Lowengrin's modded campaign engine (DCG) for Il2 1946, similar in many ways to Patrick Wilson's campaign engine here, plotted and gave missions to various squadrons in that theater/map regardless of whether they may be seen by the player or not -- and this is a big difference. DGEN made missions, DCG made a war. So, apps/titles that care about everything in the theater and attempt to create a dynamic and realistic battle situation in this sense then include: Falcon 4.0 Enemy Engaged series PWCG (for IL2 GBS) DCG (for Il2 1946) Wings Over... series (WOFF, WOTR) BoB2 ? I think perhaps EF2000 as well ? - been a long while, but I think so ...and to my knowledge, these are the ONLY ones to actually do so
  3. Your base game is on steam (BOS) - so launch that. You are linked all purchases made from 1C Il2 website will link up to that. Launching the steam BOS should allow you access to everything you purchase now - including BoK, and all aircraft and campaigns will be available there.
  4. ROF almost invariably ends up in low left turning circles...over and over again... horible horible AI.
  5. Wasn't impressed with Blitz at all...they are going to have to win me over with AI improvement and SP content. -- going to be listening to you guys for honest reviews/comparisons. Hoping for the best.
  6. Cybermat47 is part of the TFS team.
  7. With Lowengrin, it was pretty much tanks that determined line points. And yes, they could fight each other as well. Their advancement, or lack there off dictated line shifts over time. In Enemy Engaged Comache vs Hokum - aside from the numerous air assets in conflict, there was also a much more broader ground war going on too, with tanks, armor personal carriers, troops, etc. And yes, if a situation is stacked in favor of a particular side for the conflict, it is still likely to go their way - however, it isn't written in stone. The draw back being things aren't exactly historical, the benefit is that each mission is actually meaningful in the larger context of the conflict however - so a give and take there. WOFF has an excellent dynamic campaign too (actually amazing!) - but as mentioned, it holds to history in the sense that the lines are going to shift historically as they actually did. You and Paul should hook up some time to talk as he knows the in's and out's of his program: https://forum.jg1.org/forum/8-lowengrins-dynamic-campaign-generators-dcg-for-il-2-cfs2/
  8. All squadrons and ground units are tasked with missions - ground is gain or lost, unit tracking, supply tracked, lines shifting over time. The AI is fighting itself - you are just a part of it - it is a less complex version of Falcon 4.0. Actually the Enemy Engaged series (helo) did this as well.
  9. With Lowengrin's DCG for Il2 1946, one side or the other is not "destined" to win a given conflict or map - you can push the enemy off the map or the enemy can push you off depending on how things go. However, unlike CFS3, where this was exclusively determined by the player and his success and failures, with Paul's DCG, you are just a single plane in a single squadron and part of a raging conflict or war - success or failure of the conflict is not tied exclusively to the player, but you can influence what is happening (but you are just not going to win or lose the conflict alone - you are a small cog).
  10. I am just wondering if I could ask, do any of you run any DCE campaigns? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=191858 ...and if so, how are you actually finding this dynamic campaign engine for DCS? Anybody with any experience care to comment?
  11. SpaceBourne may be worth a look too https://store.steampowered.com/app/732240/SpaceBourne/
  12. I just wish there is something "to do" - it would be fantastic if it had a search and rescue or fire fighting campaign - and if it was dynamic, that would be amazing!!! Give me something to do than simply just flying around - give me purpose. I do appreciate and respect those who are interested in it as it strictly as is. But for me personally, though it looks AMAZINGLY pretty, I am probably going to get board of it after the novelty wears off, just like it did in FSX for me -- and it is going to take up a huge amount of HD space. Maybe there will be a third party that would develop it further? Would love that.
  13. Shadow setting is one of the highest fps influencing settings (you can find specifics in the Remagen bench-marking thread) - definitely lower it if you are not seeing much difference visually as your FPS will greatly benefit (I believe that it is "medium" that is the sweet spot) -- mind you, that may not be the case anymore with the change to differed rendering (?) , but it was certainly proven with the former rendering.
  14. 75% loss?!?!? 😲 - that definitely shouldn't be happening. I am running a 1660 Super (overclocked to pretend to be a Ti 😋) and I am experiencing a perhaps 5-7% increase in FPS since the switch to DS (though that is only a perceived estimate as without Remagen benchmark able to run on lastest version, can't be entirely sure) - this with MSAA and all the niceties. .... Regarding the aircraft outlined in sky background colors against clouds (cloud-blind in a sense) - was told it is a byproduct of the switch to DP. I am not a fan of that either and wish it could be improved upon 🤕
  15. For a seven year old? -- this one: Tiny combat arena - and it is free.
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