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  1. Did not know that was the official word fom Jason -appologies for missing that. And i dont care either way, really looking forward to all 3 remaining flyables😊
  2. Don't recall seeing much of external textures or skins, but i will take your word on that.😊...as to the premium plane part, you are right - it was my thoughts. From a marketing/psychology prospective, it's nice to have fancy new toys out and available as an incentive to purchase or upgrade for those that dont have premium. The impact of that is greater if it is a sole release/greater spotlight vs releasing with final BP release - likely more sales. That was my reasoning for putting out the P-38 (premium plane) before final BP release . Regardless, what will be will be. Goodness ahead either way.😊
  3. IDK why so many seem to think P-51 is imminent?😂 3 flyables to go - the Tempest appears to be further along (don't know if you caught it, but very recently (perhaps an oopsie) that it (P-51) hadn't even entered beta testing)...and if they decide financially it is best to release a premium first (P-38) prior to final Bodenplatte release, then that would put the P-51 as (*quietly hides under the bed and whispers*) ...last (with the final BP release).
  4. I think I should have a bronze Stalingrad then as well - but no worries, it's not like it is something vitally important, lol.
  5. Agreed - but throw it in early historical Med. scenario's when it made its appearance there, and it is entirely a different story - at least for a little while.
  6. As of right now, for me: 1. P-39L-1 2. IL-2 AM-38F (but like all variants) 3. MiG-3 (honorable mentions: P-40 E, A-20) -- really hoping P-38 J25 will be top in the future *fingers crossed* Axis: BF-110 G-2 Just an FYI as well - there is a related Poll on this from May:
  7. No mention of Matt Milne's compositions? - his music is amazingly moody with some absolutely atmospheric and terrific stuff - from his starting song, "War Rages On" and all throughout Wings Over the Reich. The music in Wings Over Flanders Fields UE is really really well done too - just hauntingly beautiful. https://play.google.com/music/preview/Terqs6x6fqrtbirt4ru2e7kqtsq?play=1
  8. Well it is being done commercially elsewhere - and it's a smaller/shorter/less mass appeal (for lack of better term - no offense intended), so I doubt it is touched by 1C/777 anytime soon. That being said, would love to be able to fly Hawk 75 sometime in the future in a meaningful way.
  9. Not necessarily. That is only if they are die-hard committed to a 4+1 per side model for all releases. While this poll is merely a fun speculation, go vote in the Number of Flyables per release poll if you haven't already - which I think is a very relevant poll for the developers.
  10. Indeed it is. I tried to go back and add it as a 3rd question, but unfortunately I cannot.
  11. Yes, scripted campaign missions do work as well as Patrick Wilson's Campaign Generator (PWCG) - just can't use the 1C/777's in-house campaign engine generator without online connection (unfortunately).
  12. Reading threads in the general discussion and thinking about the current system of releases got me really pondering this and wondering what the community response may be - so here is a chance to vote (and perhaps give some partially interesting data to the developers). Note - regarding poll answer options, I realize it is not necessarily directly 1:1 transferable regarding aircraft modeling/development and work in other areas. The second question relates to some lateral shifting options that would utilize many of the same aircraft already present, but in a new campaign (eg. Kursk, for example - but could be relevant to any number of future possibilities (Western front, Pacific, or wherever they may eventually venture).
  13. Honestly, I think you need to qualify what you personally are looking for because there are a number of ways a person could answer - ease of flight, OP'ness, challenge, mission type, etc. etc. etc. ...and nobody can be you. I recommend you either pick a plane that you yourself are interested in (or that brings a smile to your face as you think about it) - and learn to fly it, or try a number of different ones yourself giving a lot a chance - and shortlisting from that based upon what your style is, what seems best fit to you personally and flight style - tempered by planes you are interested in.
  14. A very nice bird. Incidentally, I just bought my son a T-Shirt of that one as one of his birthday presents tomorrow (He is turning 11). It's his favorite allied pacific aircraft.
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