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  1. ...or a non-collector, base aircraft that comes with a scenario/map, etc... It all depends upon what the future plans are - but yes, there has been a lot of desire expressed for that aircraft. Time will tell.
  2. Appreciate the work, gents - thank you very much!
  3. A shameless poll link, but so incredibly relevant:
  4. Confirming indeed - it is out now.
  5. Well they just put this out: And I see that the developmental diary is now up too.
  6. ??? Why is this in the Il2-1946 forum?
  7. Jason never said it was to be immediately next -- only that it was postponed. Here is the original english forums message:
  8. For what it is worth, just up today (this morning) on steam went the Dev Blog #231 (that we have already been given here 3 days ago) - with the news update 3.201 isn't far away...so, I don't think anything is coming today.
  9. Simply commenting that it would be fun to do in a interview does NOT indicate that it is impending. Wayyyyy too many people, just took that comment as being indicative of their next release and ran with it, lol. It may likely be done in the future at some point. Also please read Jason's recent response in the now locked what's next thread and tell me that it isn't going to be WW2 next.
  10. Umm, it is designed to be this way - it is not a static mission/campaign generator - it is meant to be dynamic. What happened the mission before influences the next. It is that way by design - so no, you cannot just simply have it generate a bunch of missions ahead of time.
  11. Two of my very favorite aircraft! Can't wait! Thanks for the pics - all look beautiful (just some a little more than others ).
  12. Paul Lowengrin does a similar sort of thing with his DCG utility for IL2-1946. You guys don't get enough credit for really enhancing other's products and making far more dynamic and living campaign generation. Thanks for all you do with your outstanding PWCG Patrick! - the game wouldn't be the same without it! We gotta put you in the outstanding dynamic campaign maker club with Paul Lowengrin, OBD Software (Wings Over...), and the original Falcon 4. 🏆
  13. Trying to be without bias or inclinations of desires, and objective as possible, I believe Jason, while not saying where they are going next, strongly hinted at where it would NOT be (I don't think it is too much of a jump at all to make to see he was referring to the Japanese aircraft. At least that is what I took out of it, that, and it appears it is going to be WWII.
  14. My thoughts and prayers are with the team member in the accident. In the end, this is just a video game - life, love, and family are what really matters. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
  15. Honestly, there is no point in arguing at all anymore - the decision is already made. The developers have not recently asked for community input, and none of us are going to influence it now whatsoever. Some people are going to be absolutely correct, some are going to be completely wrong - there is no point in bring in any animosity. There is also a lot of psychological biases, as with life, influencing people's beliefs. https://www.verywellmind.com/cognitive-biases-distort-thinking-2794763 ...we will all find out soon enough. Enjoy what we have, look forward to Bottenplatte - and rejoice that we have a developer willing to make a combat flight simulator (and doing a pretty decent job of it overall).
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