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  1. Partly answering my own question. Through my own research, it appears that raising/overclocking the variable refresh top limit is very difficult and seems in many/most cases not possible (monitor and luck of the draw). However, lowering the minimum appears to be more successfully achieved (though again this isn't guaranteed and is monitor specific). Also I am seeing that there are potential issues if your system can consistently push much higher fps than the top/max limit of the adaptive variable refresh rate and you are running freesync (not sure if this is the case with gsync or not -- and again, this appears to be monitor specific but also quite common)...still looking into things... Edit: And just to be clear, I am talking about the variable adaptive refresh rate and range of the monitor, not the standard refresh rate. As it stands right now, my idea of possibly obtaining a 75hz freesync monitor and overclocking it to get 90hz to maybe 100hz AND also be able to tweak up the max adaptive variable refresh from 75hz to also 90-100hz (in line with the overclock) does not look like it would be a pretty good bet at all. And if you can consistently run most games much higher than 75fps and also plan on using the freesync in this case, it may not be such a great idea.
  2. Yes thanks. I know about overclocking. I currently have a 60hz monitor that I was able to get up to 67hz (better than nothing, lol) - and yes I can get far beyond the 67 in fps - but the actual fps visually seen is up to the maximum refresh rate the monitor can display (so for me, even though I can get 132, 138, etc by fps indicator, it is still only truly 67 fps to the eye (in my case)). - and for me, best settings is actually Vsync on (in game setting) with Fast Vertical Sync turned on (driver setting) - and yes, run smooth with no tearing. However, I am just interested in the impact/effects OC'ing a monitor has on the variable refresh rate. So for example, a person gets a 75hz monitor with freesync and is able to OC it to, say, 100hz. If the variable adaptive range is 40-75hz out of the box, will this adaptive range change (40-100hz)? Or does it still stay fixed regardless of any refresh rate overclock? Just curious. Wondering if anyone knows or has experience with it?
  3. Just generally curious - I don't have a variable refresh monitor yet so please forgive my naivety, but wondering what the impact of overclocking refresh rate has on variable refresh (freesync/gsync). Does the adaptive range change at all as well (perhaps in scale relative to the overclock) or does it remain fixed regardless of overclocking?
  4. Honestly, decide what you actually want and need and set a budget (it appears you have), and stick to it. Just like computer components, it is easy to nickle and dime yourself up and up (the - oh if I just spend $30 more I get...but just $30 on top of that gets...etc, etc.) However, there isn't a huge number of choices in the lower and lower-mid bracket. As you have probably seen, there are some incredibly expensive sticks - and if a person has the dough and that makes them happy, then go for it (and all that is going to depend up personal preferences, priorities, finances, etc.). You can pretty much find positives and negatives with them all (be it price, quality/longevity, button placement and numbers, software, accuracy, shipping/availability, etc.). I recently bought a Thrustmaster T16000m with the Thrustmaster TWCS throttle just after Christmas. I bought the HOTA's pack with the throttle because the apparent knock on the T16000m stick is potential longevity issues with the twist rudder axis --- and the TWCS throttle includes a flipper axis that can be used for rudder instead of needing to rely upon the joystick twist (I don't use rudder pedals) - and this is my first experience with an actual throttle - always previously relied upon stick (the throttle is pretty decent btw and I am enjoying it and still learning it's use). As to the stick - it is very accurate and smooth. It has a good range of motion. The tension is perfect (at least for me, imho) - it is not a loose stick, but nor is it overly tight - it is the right balance for me. It does have 16 buttons (including trigger) and a hat as well as a built in throttle slider at the rear of the stick. It would be better if perhaps there was another button or two at the top of the stick (it has 3 + trigger & hat) - but it is adequate. 6 of the total buttons are going to be delayed access as the stick spreads 6 on right side base, 6 on left side. Some of the buttons are a little on the losser side and plastic'y (but they are okay and acceptable given the stick price). Base is reasonably weighted and doesn't slide on my desktop (though still getting used to it there as I have always previously used my stick in my hands/lap (but now need my second hand for throttle)). A caveat if you have a smaller hand (as I do) - the wrist rest feels low (indeed I boosted mine up by a cm or so using an extra left hand piece and black electrical tape, lol), and also the top access to buttons feels a tiny bit wider than I would prefer (I actually prefer the ergonomic feel on my hand of the actual stick and individual adjustment capabilities of my older back-up Saitek Cyborg Evo (wonderful stick in this respect)) - but the Thrustmaster isn't terrible and I am getting used to it. I am not a big fan of its throttle slider (which I don't use now away having the TWCS throttle) - I don't like the shape and resistance of it (preferring greatly the handle like construction on the Saitek Av8r-01 (the stick it is replacing) and even the built in throttle on the Cyborg Evo - but I don't know if you will be needing to use the stick throttle or not (?) - but it does function fine. Anyways, it is a decent stick and I am happy with it for it's price.
  5. if the pickings are pretty slow for BOSp, I think my son would enjoy it (he is 11 and plays il2 1946 quite a lot), and I think I can get it running on his system (AMD Phenom x4 965 (3.4Ghz)) -- and Stalingrad + Moscow are a little lighter than BOK & BOB ...so if that is indeed the case, I would be grateful and happy to gift to him BOSp after I set him up with an account. Very nice give away!
  6. But the AI in ROF even with AI mod's is still awfully terrible - revisited/reinstalled it about a month ago...uggh (mind you, I have been spoiled with WOFF AI (brilliant!)) - I just can't stay with it. It always invariably ends up with low altitude tree top circle fests again and again...and again...😫
  7. I honestly don't get DCS - they seem to be going haphazardly all over the place with no real direction, planing, or foresight - and is there any reason for anybody to play it single player? Somebody enlighten me if I have a false impression.
  8. Wish we could make multiple choices - for me #1, #2, and possibly #7 (idk if it will give me motion sickness or not (?) as can happen with a few games with me). - but absolutely for right now, it is far too expensive a self-indulgence and I can live just fine without it
  9. Forgive me, but I was not making any comment about pricing or value for money whatsoever. Just when you mentioned that the Super and the Ti were the same performance, I expected to see that. I didn't. The Ti outperforms the Super in every fps gaming benchmark I have seen - and it varies game by game of course (average being about 6% increase in framerate) - that in both 1080p and 1440p - so not huge though. I completely agree with you regarding pricing - it is in general selling for more than 106% the price of the super - so not the better value there at all - however, if anyone finds a deal where the Ti is offered at the same price, grab it if that is your price range, everything else being equal.
  10. Just pointing out to anyone who stumbles upon this thread and is maybe looking at this card, that this statement is incorrect. Do your do diligence and research - the super is NOT the same performance as the Ti, it is somewhere in the middle between the standard 1660 and the Ti - but more towards the Ti than center. The Ti is, however, the superior card performance wise vs. the super.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone! πŸŽ„ May your holidays be filled with family, love, and joy. God Bless.
  12. 1. 3D (tho this one could be real - honestly the hardest to tell for certain, tbh) 2. Real - absolutely has to be 3. 3D 4. 2D 5. 3D 6. 2D 7. 3D
  13. Good stuff! πŸ‘ - thank you. Always terrific to get in further improvements and refinements to the sim, much appreciated. Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful winter holiday. πŸŽ„βœ¨
  14. I am so excited, thrilled, and grateful for your kindness, Busdriver! Thank you so much!!!😊
  15. Now I am worried if I have done it right - it seemed to embed the link automatically for me - not needing any code per se (at least it appears this way from my end in the thread when I look through it again). Can anybody tell me if mine (first page) appears correct on your end or do I need to do some sort of coding? thanks
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