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  1. May he rest in peace. Condolences to his family. We lost another good one. Fly high and soar.
  2. There is a 11.5.1 that went up last night. What changed?
  3. Well, yes and no... Yes, they do need planes for more modules in the future and they need to be completely mindful of that. But no, in the sense that all collector planes have pretty much been done to enhance already produced modules (and not be extremely "required" planes) - and also generate sales. So in that vein, some of the suggestions in this thread do really work too.
  4. ...well I have no idea, that's why I asked as I have seen it mentioned elsewhere too. Just looking for some sort of confirmation - just mulling over buying it, waiting on it, or saving the money... Thanks for any info and experience
  5. Are you guys having HOTAs problems with it? Been seeing videos claiming there is an innate 50% deadzone on them (unfixable until a patch if it comes). Here is one:
  6. 5 v 5 is pretty small tho...and that is disappointing
  7. Are you happy with the AI in DCS?
  8. Gosh, I was hoping to be able to tell you that yup, AI wingman wasn't behaving (and therefore there was an issue specific to the mission)...but I can't. Ran it 3 times. No issues. Wingman was fine (he even got kills in 2 of the 3) - and no lawn darting....i'm sorry 😕 (Could it be a cpu hiccup of some sort you are having (???) - idk...)
  9. No worries - I am off to test behaviour just with quick 2v2 and that particular match up. Last 2v2 quick I ran (109E-4 vs Hurricane), wingman not only didn't lawn dart, but assisted by killing a Hurricane on my tail that (I purposely got into trouble to observe) - off to look at your match-up. Edit: oh, not that is should be relevant, but was it over a particular map? Edit - I have just ran 4 ---- no problems. As long as you tell your wingman to engage, they have been performing well for me - aggressive at times, defensive, also protected my tail from number 2...so Idk (I have seen some complaints - just haven't experienced lawn darting at all and AI seems okay (???)). Can you upload your mission and I will specifically run that?
  10. May I ask what you have been flying? I have yet to have seen that at all - trying to replicate.
  11. Well, yes, you certainly aren't going to get any arguments from me regarding DM. In very general terms FE2 sits in the middle of WOFF and current rendition of FC insofar as, shall we say, general time it takes to down an aircraft. WOFF is the sturdiest, with more focus needing to be placed on fuselage to get at engine or pilot (though wings can and do come off, but not like FC) and FC certainly the easiest (finding the key to easily do it is the opposite of WOFF - spray the wings - seems most shots chew away the sparring rather quickly) - FE2 sits between these two (which actually feels decent in general terms of lethality (though not having the "sophistication" of FC) - ROF would probably fit in there too. Anyway, it's nice having a larger set and variety of aircraft --- and more two seaters! lol Each to their own, and hope the WW1 fans can all find something they can enjoy flying.
  12. First Eagles 2 isn't bad at all either - just reinstalled and rebuilding with all the mods (damn huge amount) - not high fidelity, but have a close look at the AI during furballs (and you can have MASSIVE ones if you choose) and you might be surprised at how decent the AI is in it (game by TK - same guy who did EAW back in the day).
  13. Gosh, idk, I just can't stand the AI in ROF - of the 4 ww1 offerings available (well 5 if you count RB3D), it has got to have the weakest of the entire bunch (WOFF, FE2, FC all have much better AI) - I guess if you were strictly playing MP it isn't as much of a concern, but SP....ughh... - each to their own I suppose. A shame about FC though - it had (has(?)) potential.
  14. Yes, I have seen that before. His whole youtube channel is good - with back-in time looks at, for example, Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, San Francisco, Victorian England -- really interesting and good stuff!
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