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  1. I think you mean earlier campaigns - to my knowledge they weren't used in Kuban at all (could be mistaken) -- but it fits very well in the Moscow campaign.
  2. Just an FYI, unless something has changed in the last week or so, don't be holding your breath - the Yak-9 collector is due out before the Hurricane...and that hasn't been released yet, so it is going to be a while still.
  3. LOL, once upon a time 5GB was massive for a game...not any more at all. Biggest on my system at the moment: Forza Horizon 88 GB, IL2 1946 BAT 89GB, X-Com2 74 GB, Kingdom Come Deliverance 66GB, Divinity Original Sin 2 & TW Warhammer 2 both 55 GB.... nah, BoX is just fine. Guess you aren't going to be wanting MS Flight Sim 2020 which will probably be something like 300+ GB full detail scenery? LOL
  4. Well for starters a 1660ti is pretty much a 1080p card, so be prepared to play in that resolution. A 4k or even a 1440p monitor wouldn't be of much use to you right now - unless you were buying with the intention of an upgrade in the not to distant future.
  5. ...and it also easily overclocks to be the equivalent of a 1660 Ti as well. I have one and am happy with it.
  6. Redwo1f

    [MOD] Sky & Clouds Mod

    That better lens flare is terrific! Thanks for that LizLemon. 👍
  7. Well, the bad news is that it is spreading relatively rapidly, the good news is that this epidemic could be far far worse. SARS, for example, was much more perilous (but spread far less quickly). The vast majority won't get the virus, and the vast majority that do will be just fine in the end (many/most with moderate, minor, or almost no symptoms)- however, we owe it to our families, neighbours, co-workers to at least be vigilant regarding it's spread - slowing it down saves lives as there are indeed many seniors, very young, and people with other health conditions whom this virus may be very nasty to (and indeed deadly) - plus the otherwise healthy outliers who take a very rare lethal hit. Life isn't just about you - be thoughtful and proactive, but also don't panic. Wishing you and your family good health.
  8. I really didn't suffer from stuttering at all when I had my 1060 6GB running at 1080p (though my processor isn't that strong relatively speaking to those that spend a bundle on high end systems (mine is i5-7600, but I also have 16GB ram as well). -- currently running a 1660S (with no intention of going past 1080p for a long time, tbh, lol -- but the cpu and unfortunately motherboard is next in line for upgrade for me down the road).
  9. Honestly, there are no clear winners and the distribution of the voting of the final 8 at this point are all really close (realistically speaking) - even the spread from top vote choice to lowest vote choice is not that great, at least at this point (I think there may have been a greater variance if voting choices were limited to perhaps max3 instead of 8). ............... I actually predicted that the Hurricane and the IAR 80/81 were going to be released as collector planes (instead we are getting two variants of the Yak 9 (one of which only barely fits into Kuban, and the second they have to fudge the testing date with the operational date to fit in). IAR would have been a perfect paring with the Hurricane for Moscow, imho. Hope we do eventually see it.
  10. Terrific skin! Well done. Would love a copy too please
  11. 1. Kuban (tough choice but haven't seen Normandy yet) 2. Other: Wings Over Flanders Fields Platinum (though BAT modded IL-2 1946 is close). 3. Hurricane (quite like La-5FN (but it doesn't fit as well campaigning currently (only very very end of Kuban)).
  12. ????? All I see are two blank underlines. What is being referred to here??? Could you PM me if it is moderator removable as I am curious.
  13. Well before people make any conclusions here based solely on this, here is a direct quote from Jason: Moving forward we will be more careful in taking on new products and evaluating the impact on our core team better. Both Flying Circus and Tank Crew are awesome products in their own right and we urge everyone to grab a copy so we can continue to make these types of products in the future. Our partners have done an excellent job making these a reality and devoted much time and effort to the work. We hope you will recognize their efforts and reward them with making a purchase of either FC or TC. TC won’t be finished until this Spring as we still have a couple more tanks to introduce and a few more improvements to make. We will continue to squash bugs and evaluate these experiments for potential follow-ups in the near future. These two titles were indeed experimental gambles, one was a new take on an older product and the other was something completely new for us. I hope they work out long-term just as much as you do. Source:
  14. Really solid list of improvements/adjustments/fixes. Thank you so much!
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