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  1. You had me at Curtis Hawk ๐Ÿ˜ (would love to see it in a relevant fashion in this sim sometime - and that is quite an interesting proposal too - I like it ๐Ÿ‘) -- regarding any future GBS ventures, however, it will be interesting to see where the CLOD group go next (as I doubt there will be any overlap between titles in the plans -- well perhaps better stated that they won't compete directly) - and I believe they will be up first with that series' announcement before IL2 GBS (or so it looks in the tea leaves ๐Ÿ™ƒ- apparently already known, just not announced yet)
  2. Well you may be right, idk. However, I am trying to understand the basis of your point. If you are contending that because it is a Russian developer, that therefore a late Eastern Front scenario will undoubtedly be constructed - then does not a Russo-Finnish conflict not also fit the bill in many respects? Or are you saying that it has to be the last iteration of Russian fighters which are only going to be the ones that are going to sell to eastern consumers? I mean there are other aircraft involved (used by both air forces) - wouldn't they be interesting too? --just looking for clarificatio
  3. Personally, I'd prefer to see Winter War or the Continuation War vs strict late war Eastern front - but maybe that's just me. It would open the door to some very interesting aircraft on the Finnish side for sure (and also may be easier to cover if current plane offering per module model is maintained).
  4. You might want to look here ๐Ÿ˜‰: https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4502725/uaw160-2020-downloads#Post4502725 -- massive amounts of add-ons/aircraft/theaters, etc - and yes, the bombers are there. (simhq is the place to peruse for EAW items if you are interested)
  5. I know that there was some effort, be it more limited, placed on in-house dynamic campaign generator development. Is this still progressing and is it still a long ways off?
  6. Redwo1f

    steam reason

    You can - even with steam (it runs just fine in "offline mode"). You just can't utilize the in-house dynamic campaign engine without being able to connect to il2's servers (as it actually generates the missions there and sends to your computer - and that is an il2 thing, not a steam thing) - static campaigns can be run fine, however. Also, you could use PWCG for dynamic campaigning to circumvent online connection too (as it doesn't need it, and it is also a better engine too, imho). --- this for il2 GBS Edit: Oops, I replied to this from the activity thread thinking it was a stea
  7. PWCG (Patrick Wilson Campaign Generator) does not require that a user be online and connected to the servers. That is an alternative to dynamic campaigning if online is an issue (also it is much better than the in-house generator anyway).
  8. Hmmm, must it be precisely 96 or better? It's ironic that I see this post as I have been doing some empirical testing (as best I can anyway) with different sample settings this evening. I have been looking at its impact on fps and boiling in particular on my system. There is most definitely a correlation. I personally don't like 128 as it hits my fps too much and went to look at 96 - which was much better (and eliminated pretty much any boiling for me). I started experimenting with other numbers (can I go lower and pick up fps while still almost eliminating boiling?) - long story short, it's l
  9. Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> View Devices and Printers -> find your joystick -> right click -> game controller settings -> choose properties ...then test your joystick through all it's motions. You may have to reconfigure it.
  10. Yes all that (completely agree), and not utilizing multicores well or effectively with the current engine too, I think (and potentially the very programing/optimization of the AI coding as well). For reference (and not meant to be a this is better than that at all), I have yet to encounter TD whatsoever in Tobruk (with similar and even much heavier assets present) - though I have the odd stutter there (for me, system related in that department I am sure). I am starting to get obsessed with pulling out a stopwatch now though ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿคช
  11. There are other posts around suggesting that it can and does happen to everyone, regardless -- and Gambit27 (major mission/campaign designer) has stated that it is unavoidable - it just happens regardless of cpu (suggests some significant engine/optimization flaws to me - also why big bombers will not likely ever be possible in current situation (yet alone lots of ships either I am thinking, idk - I am probably doomed anyway as far as that goes, lol)).
  12. It is essentially the slowing down in fluidity, even though fps stays high - sometimes people call it the "slow-mo effect" . The sim engine clock does not match the rate of real time real life progression (is slower), even though things visually are flowing smoothly (eg. 1 minute 15 sec real life time may equal 1 min sim game time - yet no frame rate reductions). (and no, it is not multiplayer related per se - but core engine related (and seems to be what is looking like a relationship to the number of "thinking" entities in mission)).
  13. If recent posts concerning time dilation (seemingly affecting pretty much everyone in some capacity) is any indication, then that is suggesting some serious limitations in the engine/optimizations - so I'd like resources put to that for sure (and oops, I misvoted netcoding as coding/engine in general, my bad). -- so I guess my vote should be technically "other" (AI would be my 2nd choice).
  14. .....oooooooh, some possible spoiler alerts? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜
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