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  1. Well thank you for trying. I've noticed pretty much some aspect of AI update/fix for each new patch and I appreciate that. Thanks for: 4. AI pilots correctly attack landed or taking off enemy planes; I mean, imho, AI is still the single weakest aspect of this sim series - but you are chipping away at improvements and it is a lot better than what it used to be. Appreciate that. Still a long way to go, but thanks for working away at it.
  2. ...but it was mentioned somewhere that it is going to be a J variant, just so you know.
  3. Redwo1f

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    Not a big fan of late war - I mean you may like some of the planes, but for the most part it was over, so campaign wise it is really not very compelling (so with that sentiment I think the Berlin scenario is not great at all from that perspective). Mid war is where it is at, imho, where it was far more balanced both between aircraft and between possible outcomes - just my opinion. That being said though, I voted for Talvisota of the choices (I like the plane set and it was an interesting conflict - plus I know France is already being done elsewhere). I like the Italy suggestion above and also would like to see the Pacific at some point.
  4. Redwo1f

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    OBD is doing France as well (Wings Over series).
  5. Redwo1f

    PWCG 5.1.2 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    Error logs should pop into that main directory you have displayed as PWCGErrorLog.txt - not sure why your's arent (???)
  6. Always most interested in any mention of AI fixes/updates, tbh. Always appreciated. It's coming along, thank you with any/all work in this area. Reading through the rest of the items, seems very solid patch. Thank you for your continued dedication
  7. Redwo1f

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Maple Ridge, B.C. here
  8. Well, I saved a fair bit of money and got the GTX1060 6GB and am pleased with it. I gave it a modest memory overclock as well and it is running great - about 20 - 33% faster fps than my old RX470 (game dependent), and yes, going to be 1080p gaming for a while (though I am fine with that). My son ended up with a nice handme down upgrade to his R9 270, lol. Eventually will get a 1440p monitor and move to that, but probably not with this card (though in benchmarks it isn't that bad in 1440p with High detail (instead of ultra) - but that is a while down the road. No intention of going to 4k gaming at all. On a side note, here is a good video:
  9. Update - was able to find a new RX580 8GB version card for even less (by $50 CAD!) - so going to grab it - just awaiting price beat verification. Edit - nope, the reputable dealer won't price match the sketchy online only dealer - and it was one of the worst versions of the 8gb Rx580's (MSI v1) - and not going to risk buying it, so it's gunna be the GTX1060 for me now, LOL
  10. Yes, the rx470 is "okay". A 30% fps upgrade is decent to me - and I plan on sitting with this system for a few years (motherboard locked to 7th gen) and enjoy 1080p gaming. Just looking to make a reasonable upgrade to it. The 1070 and RTX 2060's are an overkill for 1080p (and still far too expensive for me) - so honestly, the RX580 or GTX1060 seemed to be the best fit at the price range I can afford. And yes it is a good deal on the GTX1060 (jumping now will likely be my only chance to get it at that price (from a trustworthy retailer) as the new editions are not price falling much at all relative. I could wait a few months and grab the RX580 a bit cheeper (those are the ones that are really coming down) I think, but if the trending the past 6 months continue, the new GTX1060's still won't be low enough. I think all things considered (power/vram (liking the extra 2gb)/performance) and based of the bit of feedback here, of those two, the GTX1060 6gb is the way to go , so I think I will order it. Appreciate the feedback
  11. yup, I know. Dam inflation cuz of cryptocurrence mining and vram shortage earlier has impacted the market still to this day. Used to be about now I could drop $180-$200 canadian and be able to buy either of these (has always been the case in the past with my video card buying history that a mid range card 2-2.5 years old would be there in that price range ...now unfortunetly not...ughh).
  12. I have been moderately leaning that way - and I do have a 500w power supply (depending upon the maker of the rx580, they tend to specifiy greater (I know the 8gb versions are even more power hungry -- but I am reading online though that regardless, 500w ps is fine though). Yes, that is a consideration too - but it may be quite a while before I can afford that. And just looking at pricing trends over that past 6 months, the Nvidia GTX's have not been dropping down nearly as much as the RX580's. Indeed the only way I can afford the GTX1060 6GB right now is because it is used...the RX's continuing to drop nicely now -- the Nvidia's, not so much at all.
  13. I am never cutting edge high end video card owner and always more of a budget + or perhaps mid range owner - and that is fine and suits my finances. Upgrading a Radeon RX470 4gb card (just upgraded the cpu on unfortunately a motherboard locked B250M motherboard to an i5-7600). I am a 1080p gamer with zero intention of going to 4k - but maybe down the road in a year or two perhaps to 1440p (but main focus for now 1080p). Here is the choice I am looking at this moment (considering budget constraints): Radeon RX580 4gb new or a Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb used (but from a reputable dealer used in-store underclocked and treated well for mining demo set ups). - both are basically the same price I know from all the research and benchmarking numerous games, the FPS on both are pretty much identical overall on 1080p (with the GTX1060 6gb being slightly better (yes, I know the 4gb rx580's have slightly lower memory timings vs the 8gb versions and are slower because of it). The GTX1060 outperforms the 4gb rx580 moderately at 1440p (but that isn't a most immediate concern)). So what do you guys think between the two? Is it worth it to grab the 6gb card (even though it is used - but apparently treated very well) or take the new 4gb RX580 instead considering they are so very close in 1080p? Gunna be worth have the extra 2gb vram trade-off for used stature or not? ...kinda stuck at the moment. Thanks for any opinions.
  14. Thank you! Always most happy to see AI updates/fixes getting done! ...the other stuff is pretty good too! - thanks so much.
  15. Redwo1f

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    Please don't neglect AI improvements (though improving, still the weakest aspect of this sim series). I'd love to read that you have done or are working on a massive AI overhaul for the series or are making it a fairly big focus as well.