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  1. You're begging the larger question. I think you are defining a dogfight being "interrupted" as a 1v1 dogfight being come across by a third fighter who joins the fray. If this is the case, then the "interruption" isn't what is unrealistic. It is the 1v1 dogfight. It was very unusual for a pilot to go out alone and patrol, unless he was doing so for a specific reason. In MP, most enemies you encounter are alone, doing their own thing. That is the unrealistic part. Having a third fighter join an on-going fight is just the product of the unrealistic scenario of a duel.
  2. Four years isn't any magic number. The sim doesn't appear to be even 1/4 of the way finished let alone 3/4. Rise of Flight didn't take four years to develop, to pose an example.
  3. Eh, arguing the pilot's story is neither here nor there. I just take it for what he says. And the B-24 wing did exactly what you could see with the Rise of Flight damage model. It certainly did eventually tear away namely because the aircraft isn't made of giant pieces of rubber. Once the forces acting on the damaged wing finally ripped it off, it did in fact fall much like in Il-2. However, the entire scene looked more RoF-ish to me. The wing folded (just like you'd see in-game) and then finally tore away (much like you'd see in-game). Aluminum is rigid, but so is the wood used in bi-planes, admittedly to a lesser extent. What this means is exactly what many in this thread are suggesting, a blending of damage models. More rigid than Rise of Flight, but less rigid than Cliffs of Dover.
  4. Here is an account of a FW190's wings being bent BUT NOT SHEARED OFF. While it is a History Channel TV show, I trust the pilot's firsthand account. Watch 1:17 to 2:03 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LryvsoDEl7w Here is actual footage of a B-24's wing being folded BUT NOT SHEARED OFF. Watch 0:52 to 1:04
  5. Furthermore, I have flown ROF for going on three years and have never seen a crashed plane bounce off of the ground. What are you talking about? But I'm not sure what I'd like to see least...a plane that nose dives and doesn't break up much, or a neat smoking crater. Neither really fit reality.
  6. Whoa slow down partner. This isn't true. ROF and BOS will be incompatible.
  7. No one has mentioned ROF's "camera shake" yet! I really hope this makes it into the game because it definitely adds to the sense of motion and flight.
  8. Neat information. How on earth could we implement this?
  9. That's an import from BoM, not CoD AFAIK...IIRC.
  10. Don't underestimate an E.III! I once ran into one online while flying an SE5a and had my ass handed to me! I saw it coming and underestimated it myself, so when he made a head-on pass that flamed my engine, I was a little surprised,
  11. ROF - Simple and user-friendly GUI I like ROF's GUI more than any other sim I play. It has come quite a long way.
  12. Hahaha, looks like that DH2 pilot is having a bad day... Mimak, that first Tiger Moth shot is gorgeous! All very nice shots guys.
  13. WWI doesn't have the same "kick-ass" feeling you get when you blast a fighter out of the sky with wing-mounted cannons, nor does it give you the satisfaction of dropping your 16,000 lb. bomb load onto an unsuspecting industrial complex. But there is something about taking what is practically a kite with an engine and experiencing some of what the very first aviators experienced; adrenaline-packed biplane terror.
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