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  1. I think Rene Fonck was just a troll who took all the fun out of deadly, “man on man” aerial combat. 😏
  2. If you ever find that group, give me a link.
  3. Right on, man. Everything I ever needed to learn about virtual air combat, I learned from watching Battle of Britain. 😜😜😜 Taka taka taka. They could train monkeys to do that. Oh, and never fly straight and level in a combat zone for more than 30 seconds. yes, you could learn a lot about gunnery, unreasonable, I’m sure you’ve never seen it 🤢
  4. I’m imagining the intro for The Love Boat. You’ve got the wise Captain Stubing. You have Julie, the Cruise Director, Gopher, the Purser, and of course Isaac, your Bartender. And to this we add, Raaaid, your “english filogist [sic] and nautic[sic] engineer.” I’m trying to picture it, as the song plays in my head. Good luck to you Raaaid, and I mean that sincerely, but if that’s going to work, you definitely need to take your medications very seriously.
  5. Tempest. Great Plane, and one of my favorites. But with that thing on the chin, it just doesn't have the cool lines like some of the others, and I actually think it's pretty hideous looking. I'm sure I'll feel the same about the Typhoon.
  6. Just saw this. I hope that if read by this guy, it is taken in the jovial manner I mean it in.😀 A Capt. Teddy Bear moment: Blow your engine out after 30 minutes of combat power, before the very eyes of your wingman, after confidently proclaiming that you can run it indefinitely at that speed, and if you don't see how right he is, then you're all fools!
  7. I recall I spent around $250 on Rise of Flight around that time frame you speak of, and was provided with thousands of hours of entertainment over the course of several years. I wish other games (and even other hobbies) could give me as much bang for the buck as RoF did. So speak for yourself.
  8. You know, on perhaps a lighter note, I knew he was a big time guitarist, but never heard him discuss it, and I don’t think I knew the name of his band. Imagine my surprise when I see a picture of him playing...His mannerisms never allowed me to envision him as this hardcore rock and roll badass with a bunch of tats and Neil Young sideburns! Gotta smile at that.
  9. ........I don't even know what to say. Maybe I'll write more more later when it sinks in. I woke up this morning, made my usual rounds of flight sim forums, and reading this is just devastating. Out of nowhere. I can say he was my primary flight sim mentor. Or that he was the very best virtual pilot I've ever encountered. Absolutely with no doubt, he was. I remember how much his compliments meant, whether in the air, or doing things like working with him to paint a new version of his personal skin. In practice dogfights, he was so good, he would leave me feeling l
  10. What made the Hanriot a dud in RoF was it's poor visibility on a 2D screen, and it's weak tail. Might be a lot different if you are in VR and with some structural revisions. Still, for those who were looking to prove something, I remember a particular group embracing it, and they used it to very good effect against the 1917 plane set. Was that map called "Autumn Reims" on the old Wargrounds?
  11. I think these are the kinds of things where joystick extensions really have helped me. I couldn't hover helicopters worth a damn until I got a 75mm stick extension. When it came to AAR, I still didn't feel I had the fine control I needed. So I went to a 100mm, and still retain a 10 to 15% curve for both pitch and roll. Tomcat seems easier for me because (at least it seems to me) that I can make the power changes I need with less dramatic movements of the thrust levers, and also because it isn't FBW. FBW messes with me a bit both when it comes to AAR and also getting on speed on the downwi
  12. Closed canopy on the ground, yes, but not just sitting there with an open canopy. Sounds like a newer bug. JF is another one of those planes that I went all in on, learned it to a level I felt pretty good with, then haven't touched it in nearly a year...a familiar story with DCS for me. I think I'll have to start over with the cold start tutorial!
  13. Understood. I figured once I could tank every time with the wings in Bomb mode, I'd then start practicing doing it with the wings in Auto. Got lazy and complacent though, and never got around to it! 😀
  14. I'd get those wings locked, not able to sweep back and forth slightly on their own (likely screwing up your trim every time you speed up or slow down to catch the drougue, even slighty.) Optimum fixed wing sweep for refueling is 40 degrees in real life. Bomb mode is 55 degrees, but close enough. I don't find roll stability being a problem. It's a LOT easier with the wings swept into Bomb mode.
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