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  1. It might be possible that you are running into something that I ran into after the update. Prior to ver 3.010, I typically ran with Full Screen checked, and things were very very smooth. After the update, things started getting micro-stuttery in Multiplayer, even though fps was reported as extremely high. It was bad enough that I even started to feel a little motion sick at times. I ended up unchecking Full Screen (to run in borderless windowed) and it seems to have smoothed things out quite a bit, bringing me back to where I was before. If you are already running in borderless windowed mode, I don't know what to tell you. I don't know if it helped or not, but I also deleted the startup.cfg and allowed it to rebuild itself cleanly, just in case, and then went back in and re-did all my settings via the GUI.
  2. SeaSerpent

    Tactical Air War

    You mean the guy in the scarlett red I-16? It's very likely that the E7 that took a quick snapshot was me. Here's the thing: I was orbiting high over the fight for what appeared to be a couple of minutes. In that time, I saw him damaging at least two of you, and it really seemed that the fight was in question, and even though the guy was going to eventually be doomed due to the numbers, he still appeared quite alive and doing very well against the odds. I decided to dive in and take a shot, in and out, and I was in good position to end the fight once and for all. In these situations it's a judgement call, and I always try to be careful not to cut someone off, force them to cease fire, or veer away to avoid a collision...I wouldn't have engaged if I thought I was putting any friendlies at a risk of collision or friendly fire. This is always the problem with the label "kill steal"....it's very subjective. One guy might be thinking "who the heck just 'stole' my kill," but I I'm thinking, we have to end this fight now so we can all get the heck out of here! If we had been on comms, I would have announced that the top cover was going to come on down and do what a Bf-109 does best, boom and zoom...I had the energy and the element of surprise. Even then, if you had opened fire before you passed under my nose, I most likely would have pull off; believe me, I don't want to be flying through your stream of gunfire any more than you want me to! If I hadn't blown through, you probably would have gotten the kill in the next few seconds, but I had to make the judgement call, I did, the guy went down, and whoever got the kill, it ended it, and gave us all the opportunity to stop fixating on that guy and regaining a larger situational awareness. Hopefully the guys he damaged were then able to get out of Dodge and get home. I suggest we all be very careful with the term "kill stealer" because not all situations deserve the label, or are as straight forward to everyone as they seem, and especially if we aren't on comms, we don't always know if another player who appears to be attaining a good shot position is going to be able to close the deal or not. As we know, the longer a fight like that goes on, the more likely other enemies are going to come in and ruin your day, and that dogfight had been going on too long, imo. If you see me in that same situation, and in your judgement you can blow on through and nail the enemy without putting me in danger of collision or having to veer off, please come in and take the shot! I might be pissed because I really wanted to be the one to close the deal and get the kill, but I'll know you did the right thing when I consider the larger picture.
  3. SeaSerpent

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    I'll be glad to argue about the 'purity' of the experience. Have you never heard of "virtual life" in these games? There are a lot of people who take pride in racking up streaks, and for that to happen, your virtual pilot has to keep on living (and not get captured). I hope that the people who care so little about virtual survival that they don't even want a parachute should probably just make sure they're sticking to the fast food/furball servers, even when alternatives exist.
  4. SeaSerpent

    MFG Crosswind Pedal Review

    You've got some First World problems there, moosya. 🙂
  5. Yes, I also experienced this after 3.010b update. I rarely fly bombers, but earlier tonight I took a Pe-2 up. When a bandit came in, the first thing I noticed was the sound of gunfire, when my AI rear gunner opened fire. I seem to recall in the past, we had the rear gunner yell out "number one, he's coming in!" or something like that. He actually may have said that, prior to opening fire, but I never heard it over the engine sound. I did occasionally hear the "I'm on fire" call from other aircraft, but it was really faint. My game sounds come over speakers (4 channels), not a headset.
  6. SeaSerpent


    The only confirmation you're going to get that SLI is actually working and scaling is the SLI indicator, togglable by the Nvidia control panel, and barring that, very noticeable differences in reported framerates compared to when it's disabled. Both cards running flat out doesn't indicate anything in particular.
  7. One of the things that I decided would be a good thing to do was allow the Startup.cfg to rebuild itself. Comparing the old startup.cfg and the new one that gets generated shows that there are several previously user-configurable legacy parameters in the old one that are either no longer there, or else, can no longer be changed by the user from within the GUI, because I guess the developers desire their chosen values to be the optimal defaults. These include things like sound quality and client upload/download traffic limits, among other things, which you used to be able to change (and are definitely different values than what I had them at when they were user-configurable parameters). So having allowed that to regenerate, we'll see later on today in multiplayer if that does anything to help the jitters, or if not, hopefully the last several sessions of MP have just been a fluke, because there is little else to be done on my end. I also have fingers crossed.
  8. SeaSerpent


    But SLI still works well and is supported in Il-2, and even has the Nvidia profile bits. I've not heard of any change from the developers of supporting SLI regarding this game. To OP: I check the box every time I start the launcher because it's the same for me. It's always been like that, as [CPT]Hawkeye said, I don't think it really matters if you check it. The important thing is that in your startup.cfg you see the line 'mgpu_compatible = 1'.
  9. FEW_Hauggy, I don't care what "you and your mates" experienced, or your theories about my internet or my computer, which are just fine, thank you. I'm reporting MY experience since the update for the purpose of giving feedback to the developers.
  10. I know some people have been reporting exactly the opposite, but the last 2 nights of multiplayer (on WoL) server have been very bad for microstutters and warping enemies since the update for me.
  11. SeaSerpent

    DCS news

    Regarding the original Black Shark, I think it's pretty ridiculous that some people believe that something they bought 10 years ago is going to work forever, and that spending 60 bucks back in 2009 means you'll never have to spend another dime.
  12. SeaSerpent

    Strong cannons now weak?

    It actually boggles my mind every time I see people claiming that caring about stats leads to Airquake type behavior. That is about 100% opposite of my experience in multiplayer. From the first days I ever played online air combat it was obvious that there were two types of players: Those people who paid attention to their stats, and therefore took care in their flying, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, those that were always throwing around terms like "stat whore" and never missing the opportunity to proclaim that they "didn't care about stats". The latter group were almost invariably the Air Quakers, dying several times per map, flying like Kamikazes, vulching, ramming, and all manner of arcade-game-like behaviors, and then they would rationalize it all by claiming that they were somehow "mission-oriented". It struck me as nonsense. When I see people throwing around the term "stat whore", all I see is sour grapes.
  13. SeaSerpent

    calculating sun distance from tolepmy experiment

    If the world was flat, cats would have knocked everything off the edge by now.
  14. Are you sure this is enough? Just think how many people you could convince to play Flying Circus, if you were to make about a dozen more nearly-identical threads about it.
  15. Yes, and the more things change, the more they remain the same, Jaster5_Klugermann!