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  1. On planes that have Auto Rich settings, or automatic mixture settings, I normally leave it set right there. But recently with the P-47, I read somewhere that when you've got the Water on, and really want to push it, you should go to Full Rich instead of Auto, and that will give you a little more power. Do you really get more power, or are you just contributing to the cooling? So let's say I'm running like hell, and I want the absolute maximum power...what planes are going to benefit from me going Full Rich?
  2. And likely red-headed and freckly too... That's ashame: The new Jug is so good, I've vowed to name my first-born Anatoly, regardless of gender.
  3. I think that's a good move on SRS...satisfying the people who wanted a more "integrated" solution with frequency switching, but still relying on a third party so as not to reinvent the wheel.
  4. I'm confused now. I have "Simshaker for Aviators" and "Simshaker Sound Module", which was payware. These work successfully with DCS, and allow me to customize each plane individually. Are these products obsolete now, and I should purchase "Simshaker Wings" instead of those other two? Is "Simshaker Wings" a newer product?
  5. Not sure what you mean when you say get a "wider" field of view. There is nothing in those files that allows you to go beyond the zoom in/zoom out limits that you can do in the game with your view controls. Editing these files by hand is not a "mod". It's just an alternative to positioning your head and zoom factor in game and hitting F10. That's where the game saves those numbers when you hit F10. First line from my fokkerd7f.svc file, which defines the default virtual head position: [snap] cvc = -0.115, 0.000, -1.000, 0.190, 0.116, -0.750; ........ .... The default zoom factor is in bold. -1.000 means that the view would default to fully zoomed out. Left to right, you've got vertical head tilt, horizontal head angle, XYZ head position, and finally zoom factor. I don't have RoF installed anymore, but assuming the 3D model from RoF was ported over to FC, with the origin point the same, I'm pretty sure you could just cut and paste that line into the 7F .svc file in Rise of Flight, and it would give you exactly the same default view as you have in FC, and vice versa. As I said above, there is nothing magical about the numbers in the .svc files that allows you to zoom out farther or position your head in any way that you can't do inside the game with the view controls, and saving them with F10. The only reason to edit them manually is if you want precision and uniformity: For example, I want all of my airplanes to default to a 75% zoom factor, looking straight ahead (0.000) down the gunsight and if I'm sitting in similar planes, like D7F and D7, or BF-109 G-4 and G6, I want them to have exactly the same head position, so in that case, I'll just copy the first line from one .svc to the other one. Obviously, when you recenter your TrackIR, your view will come back to the default XYZ position, and the zoom factor will come back to the default when you make use of the "Reset Zoom" command in game, both of which you either saved with F10 or specified manually like above. I don't have a "Zoom Out" command mapped on my joystick. I only have Zoom In and Reset Zoom.
  6. I recently bought about $20 of particular paints that I can only envision using a small portion of for the rest of my days as a scale model maker. I was debating whether to get a return, because it's just the nickel and diming of the hobby, and I'm like did I really need to buy those colors? But you have 16 unfinished kits? wow. I guess I should just keep my $4 1/2 ounce bottle of RLM 70 only for German propeller blades, afterall! 😀
  7. Field of view is Field of view, whether we are doing Rise of Flight or IL-2. Same thing. I used 3 screens for years. I don't anymore, because I wanted a G-Sync monitor, and I wasn't going to pay for 3 of them, otherwise I'd probably still use 3. You definitely get a wider lateral field of view with 3 screens. I'm pretty sure if you adjusted the zoom factor in the snapviews.lua files so your center monitor showed exactly what your single screen does, you would in fact have 3 times the FOV on your triple screen setup. However, there is some fisheye distortion on the periphery when you do this, so your tendency is to adjust the zoom factor to be closer, thus cutting off more vertical view. If you pulled the zoom out so far that you can basically see wingtip to wingtip on a single screen, the view would be very unpleasant because everything would be so small, and all that fisheye effect is right in front of your face instead of on the periphery of your vision, though true, you would have a much greater vertical FOV. The perception of looking through a slit is obviously because you are now at a 48:9 aspect instead of a 16:9 aspect. Bottom line, you definitely can achieve higher lateral field of view, while still having a decently sized and readable center display. I think my ideal perfectly proportioned monitor would actually be something in the 32:9 aspect ratio range instead of the 24:9 21:9 my monitor uses now, but to do that with 2 monitors would obviously put the screen bezel right in front of your face.
  8. The laws of Flight Sim purity demand that you reverse your collective from how you have it for Fixed Wing! Real men pull collective to increase 🤪
  9. That plane is solid, it's just a matter of how committed you and your brother are to really learning what there is. You'll find they bitch and moan in DCS as they do in IL-2.
  10. The state of some issues in Flying Circus notwithstanding, damage model or whatever, stop with the idea that they owe you something for the money you spent on Rise of Flight other than what you got in Rise of Flight. You purchased the content, you got the content, and you got your money's worth out of it, didn't you? I don't recall reading in the EULA for RoF that it was a forever-sim that prevented the developers from developing other things. (actually I don't recall reading the EULA at all, but you know what I mean! 🤣)
  11. Full screen or borderless windowed? G-Sync, V-Sync, none? See what happens when you uncheck Full Screen and ditch any V-Sync Are you going to grow one of those 1970s mustaches now so you can fly the Tomcat? "If you ever need RIO, just give me a call" (just kidding, Iceman 🤣)
  12. The damage model will not be revisited until morale improves. 🤪
  13. P400: "A P-40 with a Zero on its tail"
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