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  1. Ignore is a joke. Nobody really ignores anybody. Let's face it, someone might put another on "ignore" to make themselves feel aloof, but they always end up unhiding the comments of their nemesis and reading what the other guy has to say anyway. Reality check.
  2. Its been a while, but I also seem to recall you need to manually download the IL-2 maps from the Tacview website, otherwise it will just show things over generic terrain.
  3. I don't want a G indicator. On a desktop flight sim, I think it is ok to allow for certain subtle sounds, creaks, or other audible indicators that indicate you are pushing up against something, even if you wouldn't hear those sounds in real life.
  4. I hope he doesn't mind me referring you to him, but if it were me wanting to join either 1.PL or it's WW2 counterpart, I would contact the user @307_Tomcat
  5. I would make sure that in the Nvidia Control Panel--> Manage 3D Settings -->Program-->Settings that the IL-2 .exe (note: not the Launcher, but the .exe) is specifically set to G-Sync or Use Global Settings(G-Sync) under 'Monitor Technology'. Also make sure that 'Vertical Sync' is set to 'Use 3D Application Setting' and finally, that in the IL-2 settings V-Sync is OFF. If it still doesn't work, all I can recommend is that you double check that everything is set in case you forgot to hit Apply or something like that. This -should- be working if you have done all of the above.
  6. I recommend 307 Squadron for WW2/ 1.PL for WW1 activities in FC. I think they are the same guys. Very respected group.
  7. I recall seeing a sketch from some guy, maybe included in Shattered Sword, about what the Kaga looked like before it sank. Looked basically burned and melted down to the water line, or at least to the floor of the lower hangar deck, along most of the length of the hull, .
  8. In your Nvidia driver, under the G-Sync tab there is a checkbox that commands support for both full and windowed.
  9. I curled up in pain and was non-functional for about 30 seconds just this morning when I stubbed my little toe against the leg of a chair!
  10. There is nothing wrong with the Saitek pedals. I used them for years, and even here, if I were going to go for a decent set of budget pedals, the Saitek (and CH) pedals are what I'd be getting. If you want something better, you can take a look at MFG or Slaw pedals. I would imagine that they are just as accessible in Argentina as they are anywhere else.
  11. The solution to these problems is to stop letting so many bullets slam into your virtual flesh.
  12. I don't know what your experience is in multiplayer flight sims is, but before you start throwing around words like 'snobbery' when experienced old-timers basically laugh at the AI, I suggest you get really, really good knocking down the AI, and I mean like Ace of Aces at it...and then come into an MP server.
  13. Well, I guess I'm too old school, but what it means to be good at the game and some of the squadrons that form the backdrop of it all have definitely changed since I was in the World War I fray a few years ago.
  14. No they both aren't "correct" depending on how one looks at it. Post-Modernism at its finest?
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