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  1. I don't necessarily disagree that shooting down AI might be useful for furtherence of mission goals, just as it was shooting down AI HPs on the old Wargrounds, but as far as measure of pilot skill it is still as " inconsequential as emptying your guns at thin air", so I'm not sure why you are trying to sell it off as some kind of virtue that can be capitalized on by people interested in streak numbers. Sort of reminds me of those "train slayers" in RoF who used to spam their numerical score by repeatedly killing the train over and over. I suppose it requires a change of the parser script to not group Airborne AI kills with Airborne PvP kills, but that's a shame because they are for all practical purposes two separate categories.
  2. I honestly don't think he is "saying that" in so many words. Nor do I think the issue is so simply summarized. I fly with a number of people who are flying with 1080/60hz run-of-the-mill monitors, and they are spotting things a lot better than I am when we are all using Normal Viz. Meanwhile, I have a very nice 34" 3440x1440, good refresh rate, calibrated to the best of my ability. For all I know, if I had 4k, it could be worse, or it could be better, not sure. I think summarizing the arguments put forth as a matter of the have's vs the have-nots, or a screw-you because I've got mine stance is a misrepresentation of what is trying to be conveyed.
  3. His premise is that other games with easier spotting have lulled people in to thinking that things are easier to spot in real life than they really are. That is probably true. Next time you see a contrail pass overhead and see the very small object at the front of it, realize that this is likely at least a 737 sized aircraft at a distance of about 7 miles. Now remove the telltail contrail, make it's size about 5 times smaller, give it a drab camoflauge scheme, and put it against a cluttered background. Easy?
  4. I'm highly confident that after 7 long pages, the major participants in this thread are fairly aware about what game is being discussed and what is being reported by various parties.
  5. How insensitive of you! What if my entire life and raison d'être was dependent on this game and the choices of it's developers??? 🤢
  6. I find it interesting that not one person has mentioned anything about interception of high altitude reconnaissance flights. This is what drove a lot of the high alititude action in RoF, and it obviously was a prime task in the real war. This up to Mission Designers to emphasize this task. As far as people's attitudes towards virtual survival goes: There are those that go for killstreaks, believing the test of skill is not only to shoot down enemy planes or accomplish their bombing run, but also to survive doing so, and then there are those who just want to play arcade-style. The former tends to lead to more "realistic" pilot behavior, meaning there is an incentive to survive, while the latter tends to promote low-level berserker behavior). Again, the choices the server operators make in their mission design plays a large role in determining what kind of playstyles predominate.
  7. SharpeXB, Combat Box said it has now completed it's test runs and is going to run with Normal Vis. (and yes, it would be good if they put that in Server description)
  8. I'm not a fan of either of the two options currently available, but feel that since the choice needs to be made, the 'Normal' visibility is the best one for a server trying to make the best of realism. There are some great things about Alternate, but seeing things that look like 737's out at 40k is just too darned gamey. All I can say is that hopefully the issue of visibility is not a done deal, and in the future the developers can find the time to do further tweaks to it.
  9. The cop out position is that you have decided that things as you describe are an insurmountable barrier and that the developers will magically be solving it by incorporating much of exactly the same requirements "in-game". Who do you think is going to be tasked with switching channels, muting/unmuting, volume changing etc? Presumably this will all be automatic in your in-game system, and you won't have to do anything? It's all moot anyway, they announced that they aren't doing it. I guess that could change, but if it does, a lot of people will be perfectly correct to be saying "you mean that you did this in-game comm system, but didn't fix x, y or z, that has been outstanding for years???" Sounds like a pretty big job to do this, for questionable gain.
  10. If it's a problem for people, I submit that it's a problem largely of their own making. If someone isn't getting on comms because installing Teamspeak or Discord and joining a server isn't "easy" enough option, then I definitely don't think I would want to fly with them. They want scarce resources taken away from a whole host of other things that people are demanding from the game because they are too lazy to spend 10 or 15 minutes figuring out how those third party comms system works?
  11. Perhaps, but at distance, I think whatever scaling is being done needs to be a fraction of what it is now, and probably gone altogether inside 4 or 5km. My problem with Alternate has always been a matter of degree, not an opposition to the particular method by which better realism is achieved. I just want what I'm seeing to be credible and I don't care how they get there.
  12. Amen, I think a lot of people are feeling this way. My own preference would be some sort of middle ground between 'Expert' and 'Alternate' where it's pretty much the same as Alternate out to say 15 kilometers, but chances of spotting beyond that drops off much more significantly after that than currently.
  13. I just found one that you might like in your own cockpit, Trupobaw:
  14. I think all that the guy with the unpronouncable name is trying to say, Talbot, is that scheduled events are one thing, but in order for FC to truly break out of the box, it needs more non-scheduled, drop-in playership. In RoF, the joy used to be being able to go in and get some good MP action whenever.
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