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  1. It's disappointing that there are no plans for in-game VOIP. The Balkanization of Comms caused by the numerous Teamspeak/Discord servers causes a real coordination problem for casual players. I really hope the Air Marshall feature addresses this issue in some fashion. The new maps are way too big to fly alone. Flying around for 40 minutes over the wrong target during non-peak server hours sucks. It's even worse when you get gang-banged by 5 dudes in the same squad. That would be the typical multi-player experience for someone that just bought the game. It's no fun and not likely to l
  2. Every time Colector planes go on sale I really wish there was some more information regarding upcoming game features that might make the purchase worth it. With Bodenplatte coming out and everyone in my timezone hyper focused on the newer plane sets I find it hard to believe that I would get much out of buying some of the older collector planes in a mutil-player context. Please, if there is any information that indicates the promise of better multi-player roles/missions for the PO-2 or JU-52 publicize it.
  3. What does it even matter what the outcome of a individual map is? Until the Air Marshall feature is rolled out it is hard to claim that any sides' outcome is based on a unified cohesive strategy shared by all the players. Things happen while you sleep that may advance or undermine the goals you thought you were working for. It is laughable to assert that one side has an advantage in such a fragmented command environment. The only really influence you have on events is the choices you make during your sorties in coordination with the few people you can get on comms. You could have the best
  4. I would ask you to consider the age of most of your player base. I would guess that many of us are over 50 and don't have 20/20 vision anymore. Flight sims are my last entertainment refuge. I can no longer endure the trash talk from 12 year olds in FPS shooters because my reflexes have slowed down. Now I have to be at a competitive disadvantage because of my relatively weak eye-site. Won't someone think of the geezers!
  5. Your Messiah complex not withstanding its very much on the Dev road map. I'm very much looking forward to it and I hope that there will be some API integration between Patrick's Mission generator and the Lobby. Since you don't like COOP and want to "...dance of the COOP mission grave." perhaps you should address your concerns to Jason the Devs directly rather flying in like an incontinent seagull and crapping over yet another forum topic with your negative energy
  6. So your contribution to this thread is to sh1t over all the hard work that Pat has done with the active support of Jason and the Dev team. I really don't know why the mods keep putting up with your attitude. You have NOTHING to offer these threads except Your negativity and unbelievable rudeness.
  7. The problem is that as long as it shares the folder with Virtual Squadrons thread it is very difficult to see new postings since Virtual Squadron has for more posting churn from people trying to recruit. Pat Wilson has just released his new Competitive COOP mode and it really seems that threads trying to organize COOPs don't seem to get much traction because people don't see new posts in the forums when they log in.
  8. It would be really great if a specific forum sub-topic were visible from the main forum page advertising people running COOPS. When it is buried under special events high volume threads such as FNBF obscure new COOP events due to the high post update frequency.
  9. Really wish the Dev diaries would flesh out the way the air Marshall will work and also provide more detail on the new mission types that will be available for multiplayer servers. I am kind of interested in picking up the JU-52 and the PO-2 but I just can't seem to motivate myself to buy these planes without compelling MP scenarios that involve spotting or cargo delivery for points. I know FNBF does interesting stuff but the timezone doesn't work for me as I live in the US and work on Friday afternoons.
  10. It ridiculous to generalize your observation of the new AI based only the only Jet fighter in the game which arguably has nothing in common with the rest of the prop planes in the game. The prop planes could conceivably share AI code bounded by their individual performance characteristics. No way you could apply the same AI to the 262. I think we all know that. Put your axe away.
  11. I really hope the Air Marshall and new mission types will incentivize the use of specialized Premium planes ( Ju52, U2, HS-129 ). For multiplayer there does not seem to be much incentive to buy/fly any of those planes.
  12. I miss the old stats system that was used on some of the IL-2 1946 servers. You could dump stats on how well a given plane type performed on a server relative to other plane types. It would be illuminating to tally up the kill-death ratio of all p39 sorties and compare it to other planes. I suspect it would be right at the bottom. A great bomber killer though.
  13. Are you running VMware or Virtual box? If so try disabling your virtual network adapters as a test and see it it works after.
  14. Have you seen any discussions there about new features, such as the new Air Mashall? I am really starved for information about how it is developing.
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