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  1. It ridiculous to generalize your observation of the new AI based only the only Jet fighter in the game which arguably has nothing in common with the rest of the prop planes in the game. The prop planes could conceivably share AI code bounded by their individual performance characteristics. No way you could apply the same AI to the 262. I think we all know that. Put your axe away.
  2. I really hope the Air Marshall and new mission types will incentivize the use of specialized Premium planes ( Ju52, U2, HS-129 ). For multiplayer there does not seem to be much incentive to buy/fly any of those planes.
  3. I miss the old stats system that was used on some of the IL-2 1946 servers. You could dump stats on how well a given plane type performed on a server relative to other plane types. It would be illuminating to tally up the kill-death ratio of all p39 sorties and compare it to other planes. I suspect it would be right at the bottom. A great bomber killer though.
  4. Are you running VMware or Virtual box? If so try disabling your virtual network adapters as a test and see it it works after.
  5. Have you seen any discussions there about new features, such as the new Air Mashall? I am really starved for information about how it is developing.
  6. Must have been a weird copy/paste error, resolved now.
  7. It appears that your referenced Teamspeak sever 'Netscape.teamspeak3.com' is not resolvable in DNS.
  8. If possible, could I get the Raven 4 slot? Thanks
  9. They will not be introducing it any time soon, if at all. From Jason's recent interview with Stormbirds it is clear that they have no iplans to implement COOP career in-game and they are more than satisfied that PWGC is sufficient to meet that need. See https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/06/part-1-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev-il-2-great-battles-series/. Interestingly Jsaon says it is "not a long range goal" yet right after that Daniel Tuseev says it is a long range goal. It would be nice to know what the official,position is here though I expect Jason sets the priorities.
  10. Many people have been wanting to get a preview of how Air Marshall and the new Lobby feature are shaping up. Until the details are released in an upcoming Dev Diary you are not going to see an answer to this question. That's just the way things roll here. We just have to sit back and wait.
  11. I got vulched and killed on landing approach. That's well within the rules and I am not complaining. However, since the new update I can't seem to detect the fact that an airfield is under active attack before I takeoff/land. Is it just me? Is there some clue in the new version I can use? I am not sure the attack warning flares were popped off, maybe I missed them?
  12. I hope you have better luck that I have in getting an answer to this.
  13. Well, in any case it's a good thing they didn't try to flog it as a "Premium plane". Few people would own it if it was not bundled with Kuban. It would be interesting to mine server stats to see how much flight time this plane gets relative to other fighters in the VVS plane set among players that own Kuban.
  14. Every P-39 in this game should come with a ball gag and a gimp suit. A plane designed for masochists. Interesting to fly though. I wish multiplayer was mission oriented enough in this game to find it a role where it could be used without being consistently slaughtered.
  15. Will the new Air Marshall feature be sharing interface/technology from the tank commander/platoon commander feature from Tank Crew to allow for combined arms action?
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