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  1. NO_SQDeriku777

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Will the new Air Marshall feature be sharing interface/technology from the tank commander/platoon commander feature from Tank Crew to allow for combined arms action?
  2. NO_SQDeriku777

    Damage model questions

    It has always seemed to me that the AI can compensate for control surface and engine damage with 100% efficiency and continue to fly a damaged aircraft that would not be controllable by a human.
  3. What's the plan for tomorrow? TAW again?
  4. I was wondering if experienced mission designers such as yourself could elaborate on the possibilities these new control elements open up. Also, I am curious if BlackSix has incorporated them into his newly released scripted campaign.
  5. NO_SQDeriku777

    Tactical Air War

    Has testing on TAW with new patch show the same sorts of new lag problems currently being encountered on other MP servers?
  6. NO_SQDeriku777

    Il-2 Great Battles VOIP meeting place

    Good luck. I wish the Devs would randomly drop into MP and experience what new players experience Comms-wise. It sucks. I really hope the Air Marshall solves this. It would be so cool to have the COOP-style spawn interface for each Flight set by the Air Marshall with a quick and dirty mission objective set for all members of the Flight. I spent 40 damn minutes on The huge Kuban map capping the wrong target with no action and got bounced by a high 109 because I was flying alone with no help in sight because there was no way to know whenI joined the match where I should be heading. Chat sucks as I want to fly my plane not type and I invariably get bounced while trying to chat with people. i have been playing this game for over 4 years and 1946 before that. Communication has never been worse, partly because of the advent of Discord. In 1946 we ONLY had Teamspeak and most people used the Server's own TS server ( Spits vs 109s or Zekes versus Wildcats). Now we have a shit show with password protected squadron only TS/Discord servers. Some of us are casual players that just want to play the game and cooperate DURING a given mission and not have do deal with all the drama ( and God there is so much of it ) of being in a squadron.
  7. NO_SQDeriku777

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Thank you for replying. I really think this will be a game changer.
  8. NO_SQDeriku777

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    I see thanks. He spelled it differently ( Marschal) so it didn't register in my forum search. Still, it would be really lovely to get some screenshots or some idea of how the concept is fleshing out.
  9. NO_SQDeriku777

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Which is fine. I just would like to hear something to that effect from the Devs themselves since these are Dev Diaries. If it is something they are actively working on then it's worthy of inclusion even if it's once sentence such as "...work on the new Air Marshall feature is proceeding."
  10. NO_SQDeriku777

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Is the Air Marshall feature still under development? Every Dev diary I keep hoping to see something about it but nothing shows up.
  11. I think I managed to convince a popular streamer to join us. FrooglePete from Froogle sim may be showing up next week. Hopefully he will check into this thread.
  12. Per Sketch's original post the only requirements are:   to jump into our discord channel here: https://discord.gg/ujrMvGn.There, you'll see what has happened over the course of the campaign, as well as the current pilot roster and upcoming missions. a microphone and headset. We use push-to-talk in our discord. a good attitude. The ability to take off, land, and shoot at bad guys If you can manage all of the above please DO join. It's super fun and a very nice group to fly with. We have been flying 109 F4s. Since you are new to the game please make sure you have practiced your take-offs and landings with the 109F4. The main problem new players can cause is causing collisions with other players on takeoff or landing. ALL players directly involved in takeoff crashes/collisions are effectively "out" for the remaining duration of that COOP session so it is REALLY important to try and avoid takeoff and landing crashes.
  13. NO_SQDeriku777

    IL-2 co-op career mode, how feasible is it?

    If you are interested in seeing Pats work on PWCG put into action and you are free Wednesday nights in the U.S. Then check out this thread: I guarantee you will have a blast and TWB Sketch can answer any questions you might have about running PWCG.
  14. NO_SQDeriku777

    Recommend a collector plane!

    Jumping on this as well. What Single Russian Kuban era collector plane would you buy if you wanted the most play options on MP servers?