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  1. Whether it's offline or single player, my throttle is either at 100% or 0%. It's been a couple weeks since the last update (November I believe). I have tried remapping, deleting joystick files and such but nothing seems to be working. When looking in the key mapping section of the settings and at the adjustments icon (the graph with the line), whenever I move the throttle on my joystick, the needle does not move at all. I even 'un-mapped' my already made throttle in the key mapping section, meaning that only the default keys can move the throttle (Plus, Minus keys). Even then with just the keys alone I have to hold it down for a bit which then moves the throttle to 100%. And if I hold the minus key for a while, it jumps back down to zero, not stopping at all when doing so until it reaches the max or min of the throttle. I can play other flying sims no problem but for some reason this one seems to not work at all.
  2. Looking forward to all the amazing content going ahead into this project, and hoping for improvements of optimizing the performance and etc. Keep up the great work! *Just saying, seeing the Lancaster and the Mosquito would be absolutely phenomenal in the future*
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