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  1. I'll also agree, always been a feature that I wanted to see impleminted into flight sims.
  2. SCW would definantly be interesting to see.
  3. My biggest wish would be a Large Scale Europe map for proper immersion. Granted this is BOS, but eventually I can see this sim branching off to the Western Front. Proper distance / escort missions. The only thing I've witnessed thats been close is Cannon, and 352nd Cross Channel maps. Granted its an insanely huge undertaking, but we haven't seen much of it since EAW, and B-17 2 (only 2 i'm familure with)
  4. Also agree with this. That was always one thing that bugged me when flying online, you'd have a handful of people flying nicely done historical skins (which I liked to gander at) then you'd have a handful flying hot pink atrocities. Its a Simulator for a reason. I have no experience with RoF but sounds like a good deal.
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