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  1. Question: That mean spoot range will incrase as well ? And how will be working on multiplayer map I hearded there its problem becouse on server exp, TAW its limit ground units FPS problem
  2. Hallo Good news But when you give new flight models to German planes????
  3. Hallo i spend my money when comming new flight model to German planes. Now its totaly ... .BF 109 its like old 80 years grampa Rusian ruls with laser guns 1 shot 1 kill , especialy in multiplayer mode
  4. 1)This spitfire will be o steam sale? I bought game through steam and waiting for Ju 52 on steam shop 2) New carrier mode will be only to Kuban or all theatre
  5. Hallo I found some thing about cobra http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/en/aircraft/usa/bell/p-39airacobra/aerocobra-aircraft-with-engine-allison-v-1710-e4-russian.html
  6. this is my resolution on ballance in game http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/lento_ohjeet/inpursuit/inpursuit.pdf Pls read this if have time, and have fun in game:)
  7. Hey guys whay do you crying when you see planes above airfield ( register to IRRE) Thise ise part of game. Im dont see the problem from rus and german side
  8. Hallo Yes that is good idea but: This is my idea (proposition) Those plane will be very good as a in multiplayer mode First if you wana find key position on the map , you have to use reccon plane . After that will be visible on map. Second transport mission Every airfield on map have some points of resource (Gasolin, Ammo etc.) .When example resource its clouse to zero, players must refill this points (some like resuply mission) and after this airfield operate normal. Sorry for my English
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