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  1. And just the remark, since I understand you don't want the fair play - in that case you should not mind any changes in favor of red players, since it should not trouble you ... So why you are so much against them? πŸ˜„
  2. ... dude this is front created by Finish guys for multiplayer game - as such I would say it should be balanced for both of sides, as close as possible... Otherwise you will have situation as you have right now - more blue players then red players. You want to have some opponent in the game in multiplayer, give them some equal chances... If you do not understand that than go play single player game with AI .... @LLv34_Temuri @LLv34_Untamo Please make for some limited time - 2-3 months - a bias for red, really, really good one - like tempest vs bf-109 E7 for example just to show the point to guys like @13/JG5Luck Would like to see the arguments then... If this should be 'in sink' with historic combat situation make it like limited number of blue players, 1 blue - 2 red or 3 red, like historically it has been... Don't allow the number along with planes/tank sets advantage... While speaking of the Panzer, I don't see in the game KV-2 - would like to see you in the PZIII vs KV-2... Make it also historical, allow the Tigers back in the game, but limit the number of players - I think 5:1 on the west front was more less the ratio .... 'We are playing a historical simulation with the pros and cons of the equipment.' Somehow again you forget that historically that the number did not favour blue, even on the east front in the beginning of 1941. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Barbarossa 2,770–5,369 aircraft vs 7,133–9,100 aircraft 3,350–3,795 tanks vs 11,000 tanks 'If you want a fair play you better play chess.' - does it admit that you don't allow fair play and are not for it? Good to know, shows your character....
  3. I would bet that the tank was perfectly ok - did not see the icon on the way to the camp, and trust me, in Ju-52 it is quite a while... And it is not the first time I see that. I could check the track for that as well - but the track from previous version do not open in the new version of the game
  4. Count me in if you need support from getting the log files entry transferred into the database inserts that later on you can do whatever you want... I can do that πŸ˜„
  5. There is a bug with the missing tank icon where enemy tank is attacking the targets camp in the multiplayer - noticed on: yesterday: I have 2 videos cut and zipped to save the size, I made the Ju-52 paradroop and notice blue tank shooting at camp, where there are no icons on the map - this is one of many when I see that this time manage to make video, when coming to drop, switch to map, you can see on the video enemy plane icon, there was one, but there is no tank icon... and then next video is after drop when he tried to shoot me... https://youtu.be/luym0A6pcOE
  6. I am really not surprised you do not understand the comment πŸ˜„ Why you should bother for the balancing the game for both side when your side is superior... When it comes to the historical accuracy of the flight model and the damage model all is fine, but when it comes to the historical accuracy of the numbers some how the understanding of plain facts is limited... Let instead of Tiger play PZIII against KV-1 or IS tank... Would you? Or have your Tiger, but without any air cover facing 3 P38 with rockets and bombs... Would it be historically accurate... As a gamer I would say you would never pick the weaker side since looks like you picking the stronger one.... And let the opponent have their problems while you don't have any. You don't have problem with Ju52 on both side for the paradroops do you? But when one side have the jet when another one does not than it is ok for you right?
  7. Plus me - same question, how I can watch the tracks from earlier version of the game?
  8. ... just the question, do you have problem to play track from previous version of the game? - today was new patch and now I have issue to open tracks from previous versions...
  9. I did not have track as well, but I notice very similar behavior - first with ships - depending on the zoom they are rendered or not - sometimes it results in the effect that you can see the torpedo boat but don't see destroyers... And I notice the disappearing of the Ju-52 depending on the zoom level - I spot the dot then try to zoom, and at some point the Ju-52 disappear and then when keeping zooming appear again bit bigger - I am not sure if this is the same bug but it results in the appearing and disappearing of the objects... Now I am well prepared - have the recording button ready and also screen capture video app waiting for the issue to pop up again...
  10. would be nice... (just kidding) - but still while asking for historical accuracy you as most of the blue players usually forget about the quantitative advantage of the allies against axis... Which is never mapped here Usually there is more blue players on the server then red one... Yeah, I know, I am for balanced game - strange right... No bugs noticed in the game or server, only issue is that the map get the issue with fps drop - my self get it after 30-40 min game start dropping to even 4 fps, making impossible to play - quit the game, will see if that repapers again after connect next time
  11. ... mmm, playing the T34 I did not notice that while being far behind enemy lines and running out of ammo and decide to re-spawn instead of going back to the red side that my virtual life as tank-man get impacted by this or if the number of tanks in the spawn I started get reduced... As for the last one will pay more attention to that next time but frankly speaking did not see the reduction in that case.
  12. Does not destroyed Tiger will reduce the number of Tigers available in the tank spawn? The one Tiger that will run out of ammo will just re-spawn and will have the Tiger available...
  13. Infinitive? How many rounds are in the Tiger or Panther? And then the player will just respawn with the Tiger again with full ammo load?
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