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  1. I agree. No PTO would be a major setback IMHO.
  2. Yaks, Macchi, 190s, Stuka, Rata, Mig... Oh, and Hs129. Don't ask me why. I just don't like them.
  3. Don't play with my feelings, LuseKofte.
  4. First one: 2 Arm. Div., 66 Arm. Reg., 3 Bn. USA 3036754, G 2 "Goldie" https://www.mediafire.com/view/ek5uy1pd94j74bj/M4A2_Goldie.dds/file
  5. Maybe that's too harsh, Detcord. Tank Crew it's still a bit unripe, butI'm sure it's gonna be the best coop tank warfare experience ever. Sherman is finally here! Let's enjoy and remember: the best is yet to come.
  6. Maybe I'm a dreamer, but imagine a bomber-centric expansion in TF 6.0. All efforts centered on a flyable multicrew B-17F during 1942 and early 1943 would attract bomber guys in masse. Unescorted raids over sub pens in Saint Nazaire or Brest would be a blast. Less aircrafts (maybe early Gustavs and some Antons) and only one map, just make the fortress the star of the show. Maybe would be a bold and risky move, but I'd be in from day one.
  7. I'm with sevenless. Virtual LW pilots are far more experienced than real german pilots during '44 and '45. They also fight in equal (when not superior) numbers. Facing large streams of bombers with heavy escort would be a different story.
  8. I'm a Sherman lover too! About its use in BoBp we face two (little) problems: iirc this version was only used by the americans on D-day and in the PTO, and it'll have russian tankers.
  9. +1 Tank Crew is gonna be amazing and I'll buy it eventually (now isn't possible without divorce risk). I want it so bad that I started skinning some Tigers. The problem is I can't check the textures in-game so TC vehicles in model/texture vehicle would be really great. I can't hardly wait for the M4!
  10. Amazing! It's a dream come true. So many memories with Panzer Elite.
  11. Can I suggest a change for the franchise title? Maybe "One-O-Nine: Battle of..."
  12. Hiromachi, Judy presence was minor during 1942, so I'd prefer Rufe or Jake. USN list seems perfect! Just my opinion, of course. About Solomons and/or New Guinea, I´d love to see these, but we´re talking about large maps (from Lae to Moresby, or even larger, from Rabaul to the Canal). In the end you´d have to choose between airstarts (immersion killer) or very long flights.
  13. May God hear you, Feathered_IV! IMHO the best move would be a completely new theater (PTO, MTO...) in order to attract new customers, and release small addons for the Ost Front like Odessa map, Tante Ju and/or variants of existing aircraft for the russian market.
  14. I´ll send you the code for your friend ASAP, milo.
  15. Hi! As some of you can remember, I won a copy of BoS Premium during the Superbowl contest some time ago. I already own a Standard account, and I thought it would be better to attract new pilots to the community rather than having two accounts for the sole benefit of the La-5 and 190 (I´m not really much interested in the latter). I tried to offer it to friends but they already have it so I´m offering this BoS Premium code to a new pilot, maybe a friend or relative, or someone who can´t afford it. I´ll give it to the first reply, but please, don´t apply if you already have a standard version and you just want two extra aircraft.
  16. Burma would be great, Hiromachi, but a PTO installment without carriers would be like a party without booze.
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