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  1. One of my favoritos is the autobiography of Manfred Von Richtofen. Surprisingly direct, natural, aseptic and unvarnished. A Ju-52 would be great if it's still available PD: Number 14 (I love raffles)
  2. I think he meant USN torpedo-bombers. There were no flyable TBD or TBF in old IL-2. They made them flyable thorugh mods though, but cockpits were a franken mix of Corsair and Buffalo cockpits IIRC.
  3. Devs are making a terrific job and I'm aware that their resources are limited, but I also think medium bombers need some love. Realistic bombsights would be great in first place. I also remember they said that coop multicrew (copilot, bombardier...) would require a lot of code changes and wasn't on the table. I don't know if someting has changed on the matter since Tank C rew is showing amazing multicrew capabilities. I'm not talking about shared/dual controls, but more like the pilot "passing" full control to pilot or bombardier. Just daydreaming. I understand heavy bombers would be a massive undertaking and are a no-go, so I'll wait patiently for flyable B-25 or B-26.
  4. Are you going to release a B-25 template? I know it's only AI but I'd love to make some USAAF skins for that beauty.
  5. I understand the devs decission and I wish them the best of luck. I'm sure BoN is gonna be a resounding success. On a personal note, my heart is broken.
  6. IIRC pure black in alpha layer is transparent in game.
  7. Semi historical https://www.mediafire.com/view/6a92ib4zeowu4bt/M4A2_87_rus.dds/file
  8. IMHO scaled maps are a no-go. I don't want to talk in the name of the developers but I think that's not the way they work. I love Guadalcanal '42 but insane distances are a major handicap. Air starts or fictional airfields would be an indulgence difficult to overcome.
  9. Yep. Bombs, umbrellas and brooms are included.
  10. 23rd Fighter Squadron 36th Fighter Group "Jeanie" https://www.mediafire.com/view/psujkz1q5r324jl/36thFG_7U_W_Jeanie.dds/file
  11. Whatever they make it's going to be a blast. Midway and Normandy are serious contenders but I wouldn't rule out a Pacific escenario without Carriers, like Solomons 43 (USMC Corsairs) or New Guinea.
  12. I don't like mouse control in any of its variants. It's ok for aircraft gunners or radio MG, but it feels arcadish (ala WoT or WT) for a tank sim IMHO.
  13. I was butthurt when Bodenplatte was announced, but now I'm loving it! Terrific work, devs.
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