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  1. I don't like mouse control in any of its variants. It's ok for aircraft gunners or radio MG, but it feels arcadish (ala WoT or WT) for a tank sim IMHO.
  2. I was butthurt when Bodenplatte was announced, but now I'm loving it! Terrific work, devs.
  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the team member. Definitely ๐Ÿ˜ข
  4. PTO would be a dream come true, but honestly I think it'll be Normandy. It'd be cheaper and probably faster to produce and aircraft are appealing (Mosquito, P-51B, P-47 Razorback, Typhoon, G-10, Me410...). Only downside would be the rage of PTO fans! ๐Ÿ˜
  5. IIRC you can't drive a Tiger (or Panzer IV) with open hatch in real life because of its position: driver hatch is higher and a bit to the side so driving and "popping out" is not possible. I could be wrong though so any insight into this would be appreciated
  6. Great DD! Thanks for your amazing work. Now that Bodenplatte and Flying Circus are near of completion, when do you plan to announce next installment? No rush, of course, just for curiosity.
  7. I loved Panzer Elite with all my heart. Like B-17 II: The Migthy Eighth, it was ahead of its time, but let's face it: it's completely outdated. PE UI is jurassic and cumbersome, tanks look like cardboard boxes, cotton smoke effects, hills pointier than Madonna's corset, etc. Tank Crew needs time, but it's going to be amazing just like PE was.
  8. I agree. No PTO would be a major setback IMHO.
  9. Don't play with my feelings, LuseKofte.
  10. First one: 2 Arm. Div., 66 Arm. Reg., 3 Bn. USA 3036754, G 2 "Goldie" https://www.mediafire.com/view/ek5uy1pd94j74bj/M4A2_Goldie.dds/file
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