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  1. I know you are not the sharpest tool in the shed or nicest in that matter. I said it's cool (to have another campaign). I also have the right to like or dislike something. I don't have to make anything in editor to have that option.
  2. While it's cool, i am a bit disapointed tho. Another allied content, i think it's 5th allied campaign vs 2 axis. Just like with premium planes, 4 allied in a row. I wish it was more balanced.
  3. 2:18 that's one crazy pilot i only hope tho, one day we can get ground kills that are not always explosions.
  4. Maybe 10 years ago. Now we have semi sim uboat and early access of wolfpack which is more like a coop game. I would still like to see modern uboot game about atlantic and mediterranean. Something on the il-2 level. Not one guy project.
  5. There is a reason why there are not. Just like they don't make games about africa, 1939 etc. High risk, not many would like it. I think silent hunter 4 had the worst sales of all SH games. Even when you look at steam, SH3 has 1100 reviews, SH5 has 1600 and SH4 which is sim about americans and pacific has only 495... People are not interested in it. The only way i can see it happening is as DLC for base game about germans. Personally i own SH3 and 5, wolfpack, uboat. Skipped SH4 because pacific and americans are not really that fun and i bet there is a lot of
  6. btw, are you gonna put crew on these guns? Just like ground AAA. It's really missing in clod. Empty ships with new crew around the guns.
  7. Single player, quick mission. Then you can pick up something and change settings. There should be some missions where you start on a runway, just set enemies to 0 so you can take off and not get shot down. Dont remember which missions starts on the ground, but it's the one with bf110 in it for sure.
  8. I think barrels are worth more than oil itself xD We could now buy bunch of oil and fuel new Blitzkreig, no need to go for caucassus anymore, just streight for moscow.
  9. Just put as much as you can in your house still a nice profit.
  10. I live on the other side of the country. Now got info that i am clean but one person from our team is not, so no one knows what to do now and we just wait for more info. Even tho i dont have it, still must sit at home for some reason 😕
  11. A little update I am now locked as well. We had some homeless guy who tested positive one day, but he is in our ER every week or so. And because of him half of crew is now on quarantine. Including me, we had test made and now must sit at home, cant go back to work. It sucks for everyone, we already has problem with lack of medics and now ER runs on half the crew we had. Also now i kind of get all this ww2 books i read. You don't really care about yourself but it would suck to get tested positive and know that all your friends from work had contact with you. Also sucks to sit at hom
  12. I don't feel much difference in shooting except fact that you must shoot better in clod due to low ammo and fire rate on 109, cant just spray and hope you hit something or you will be out of ammo in seconds. Should change tho with new planes (F versions).
  13. @Monostripezebra I found this some time ago, together with this: It's just amazing
  14. Wish I had quarantine so i could sit at home and have fun. Working in ER so everyone got their leave canceled, bunch of hospitals got closed due to exposition or turned into hospitals for infectious diseases so we have tons of work with people coming from all over region. Not fun at all.
  15. Are they going to be 1 hit to kill weapon? Even with some heavy tanks getting blown up instantly? Or stronger vehicles will just get track destroyed and stay there to fire at enemy? Also wonder how will AI react to this are they going to ignore it and just push forward or when mine blow up first vehicle, they will stop and try to go back and find way around mine field?
  16. I hope they will get some africa korps uniforms, also better models than ones from 2011 would be really nice to see :)
  17. Why do you even need that? If you have track it, you can just aim with your head. If you use Shift+F1, you have camera zoomed but it's locked, you can't look around. Just aim with your head instead of that buttons, like in real life anyway. Track ir is the best for it, you can aim, look around, zoom, everything much faster that playing with keys.
  18. And then zero kamikadze into the deck and everyone is dead.
  19. As far as i know not a single $ comes to TF from blitz. (could be wrong but it's info i saw long time ago somewhere on forum), they will start making $ on africa.
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