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  1. Kind of quiet here on forum 😛 I have been watching some new close combat gameplays and this one shows how cool menu can be made. Having menu in career mode like this would be amazing. Old files/documents style. Especially with that map in there.
  2. I remember Lindybeige making video about this book. It makes itself look like it's memoir of actual tank crew but it's pretty much just a made up novel or at least something heavly exaggerated. Nothing wrong with good novel based on ww2 but it's kind of meh that it lies about being real memoir just to sell more copies. Btw also this is pretty much the same with any book published by Sprech Media. They claim it's all real and first hand experience but it's really not, just bunch of action, mistakes (IS-3 in a 1943) and never mention any dates or details that would let people verify informations.
  3. Recently i found this: German fighter pilot Wolfgang Fischer recounted his experience in his memoir Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot: I have to admit that this French fighter was the only aircraft that I ever actively disliked. It had none of the good-natured qualities of the Messerschmitt and was an altogether malicious beast. Take your eyes of the airspeed indicator for a single second, dare to drop a fraction below minimum speed and — without the slightest warning — the Dewoitine would immediately stall, tip over on to its left wing and whip into a spin. Admittedly recovery was not all that difficult, but it required a good 1,000 meters to get it back on an even keel. It also had a mind of its won on the ground, and taxiing was an art in itself. The mainwheel airbrakes were controlled by two separate pushbuttons and a pilot’s inexperience could be judged by the amount of drunken weaving about he did as he taxied to and from dispersal. Can we expect this rough behaviour when D520 gets released?
  4. @19//Moach War Thunder was able to make so much content because they get paid a lot from subscription and gold premium money, just like any other F2P games. If everyone would pay that 200$, WT would never make as much $ as they do now. We live in times of "live service games", it's much easier (and cheaper) to just add new content and change balance all the time while people play over and over the same game and pay for it, than it is to make new games every few years. And you are simply never able to really enjoy it for free, there will always be someone with higher tier vehicle in these games (or items in any other f2p games) so you will want to get higher and get these better items but it will never end. You will grind your way up for YEARS or pay for it. F2P games are meant to make you worst than someone who paid and is higher level/tier than you. Even some company was thinking about showing equipment of player that destroyed you so you would see his premium stuff that is so good. I think it was activision. And for the actual topic, i think il-2 itself will simply let you play simcade on normal. Then there is tons of diffrent games, war thunder, world of warplanes, wing of pray. Star wars xwing/TIE fighter series is also cool sim/arcade like experience. You could also try Bomber Crew Battlestation series was also fun experience
  5. Honestly this would be bad. We cant fly over moscow and here london and paris at the same time? Good luck with that. These cities would be scaled a lot and made into small towns. Like others said before, d-day landing with 3 ships? Normandy is the same as battle of britain, it would not work, bodenplatte is already kind of disapointment since it won't simulate air raids over germany. Game works best on the eastern front with tactical level not big picture on the west. Until engine improves of devs find some clever way to make AI bombers a bit simplified so they can put 100 or so of them at the same time, then i don't see how it can work.
  6. There is tons of diffrent tanks and other vehicles that were produced and used in numbers higher than 3 that should be in the game. Weird creations like kv2 makes no sense to me.
  7. Why could not they just do it as option? So people could simply pick whatever they want in SP and leave it up to server owners what they pick for their servers?
  8. You can always hear that pilots would black out during pull out in ju87 after dive. Always wondered why it never happens here. Does not matter how hard you do it, you are always fine.
  9. Why twisted? It's simply someone's preferences. Personally "gore" is something i witness pretty much everyday in real life so i don't really find it as something special or such a big deal, it's part of life. In games it just makes the created world feel more real and mature. Rainbow 6 siege is not very mature game, it's something close to CS, very PvP experience. If you look at game i posted here before, "Ready or not", i don't think they would be able to make what they want without gore, it would just turn into rainbow six. Gore is simply a small part used to created bigger picture. I get some people won't like it but this is why there is bunch of diffrent games for diffrent people. Gladly lots of games have option to turn off gore so everyone can be happy. But i would not call people twisted just because they want this part in the game, just like people who want nudity are not pervs. Witcher 3 had both and thanks to balancing it well it managed to create really awesome game. These were just details but details are everything in end product. Doubt, they only have to censore some stuff in some countries. It's quite funny tho, americans censore nudity mostly, japan censores violence and australia censores everything https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFItIX8SIs4zqhJCHpbeV1A Cool channel if you want to see what and where gets censored, often it's really ridiculus (adding longer shirt because girl shows some belly hehe)
  10. A joke --> smiling face Nobody said that he is lesser player.
  11. What i am about to show you may shock you. So better sit down
  12. I will just copy answer from some article instead. Making Your Own Doesn't Fix the Problem All you need to make a comic is an idea, a sheet of paper, and a pen. Children can do it. Children do do it. Making your own is easy. And... what then? How do you get people to read your comic? How do you sustain it? If you're making a comic rather than criticizing a publisher, how do you match their production values? Their distribution? Their promotion? If your criticism is of a genre, a medium, an infrastructure, how do you 'make your own' version of all that? Alternatives are not solutions. If a bakery sells contaminated bread, and you try to warn people about it, are you going to listen to someone who tells you to shut up and bake your own bread? You actually can bake your own bread --- trust me, you can --- but does that solve anything? 'Make your own' is not an answer; it's a distraction from the problem. Making your own is about as much help as buying a hat or singing a song. It's a non sequitur. It means, "If you don't like it, go away and do something else so I don't have to listen to you any more." Don't be that guy. That guy's a jerk. Really dude, never ever use this "argument" because you are only make fool of yourself and no one will ever take you seriously.
  13. There is big steam sale coming in 4 days. So i am sure il-2 will be on summer sale on steam and if there, then on website as well.
  14. Old idea. There was a lot of talking about it. I would say community is split 50-50. Some would love it, some would hate it and won't even buy it. People prefer to stay in ww2. I think making kora would be commercial fail and a lot of people would not buy it. These who care about jets are playing DCS.
  15. I don't really think swastica is such a big deal, it never really was. There were and still are games that have it and no one really talks about it. It's there and people don't riot. New Steel Division 2 (surprisingly made by french) did not censore it. Some devs just choose to censore it and some don't but there is really no bad inpact on these that just added it to the game. So i really don't understand the logic behind censoring it. Especially if you could just sell censored version to the countries that law does not allow for it. Maybe it's too much trouble to make seperated version for them? Don't know. At least would like to see some in game workshop (or steam workshop) that will allow people to put their mods in there and people to download and install it with 1 click, then get automatic updates. Instead of seraching for everything on forum and update every single mod manually.
  16. Yeah, it is awesome game. Great experience to see how it looks like from the other side. Hope these devs will come back and do something similar, frostpunk was great too but now they moved into pixel style fantasy "Children of Morta".
  17. And this is exactly what i mean. You can go and read great war book, you can watch realistic war movie but you can't go play realistic war game. These small details that older games had were amazing. There was scene in CoD world at war with few japs that would surrender and then blow themselves and some americans up. Similar to medal of honor pacific assault, i remember how surprised i was when dead jap would stand up and rush at me with a satchel charge. I died. Then i was shooting at dead bodies just to be sure. These were just smaller details but we never really got what you described. A full game like this where throwing nade to clear house can end up with dead civilians inside and you feeling like shit. No, you always throw it there, kill 5 bad guys and feel great. I really hope to see your campaigns that will task me with bombing cities and ships on volga. And i hope TF with clod blitz will go there as well, so we can expect actuall city bombings. It's not a war game but "Ready or not" seems like something similar, you will play as police and it is suppose to show as realistic as possible how it looks like. Raiding warehouse with girls in horrible state inside a container to be shipped somewhere as slaves.
  18. RO2 is quite old now and still it did not really push that far when it comes to brutal combat. They censored swastica, even tho there is no excuse for that since this was american company and there was and still is plenty of games that have it, new steel division 2 for example. And if you played IOM mod then you would see that original RO2 was quite chill i guess. They improved everything, from gore to simple sound effect so being under arty fire was really scary in compare or original RO2. Playing IOM was my best FPS experience i have ever had in my life and i played tons of FPS. It was really the best game ever. I wish people who made this mod would made entire game like this or even better.
  19. The psychological effect is that you don't want to get shot down so you don't fly in a straight dive for 20s to drop bombs. So yeah, it is in the game, unless you don't care about getting shot down. It all depends how you play, if it's career mode with no respawn and perm death then yeah, i would not fly like crazy to risk crashing because i have to shoot at that truck at all costs and pull out 1m above the ground. Death even in the game is somehow psychological effect if done right. If you will be forced to wait 5min before you respawn in MP then i guess people wont be kamikadze. If death means you don't have to fly back and you are back in action much faster then yeah... all depends how you play and how game does some things. I prefer to fly 15min to target, miss with only bomb i have and come back than take insane risk to drop bomb perfectly but crashing into the ground.
  20. It's going to be a longer post, lately I was thinking about games in the past and what we have now. Did games get softer than what we used to have? And i am not really talking about the gore, there is a lot of games that still does it, like mortal kombat. But still i have a feeling that in some games it was toned down a lot. For example in the FPS games, we used to have games like Soldiers of Fortune, Brothers in Arms hell's highway (more about it later) also did it very well, even Call of Duty World at War did outstanding job when it comes to gore and brutality. It was not some overdone mindless violence but something that made this game feel more real and would remind me of The Pacific (TV series), it was not only about blood and limbs getting blown up but for a Call of Duty game it depicted brutality of the pacific and eastern front very well. We could see execution of prisoners, wounded and much much more. We don't see that anymore. I have not played new Call of Duty ww2 but from what I saw on YT, it moved into more action way. Lately I finished older RTS from 2005, Stalingrad. And I was kind of amazed by the small details this game has. It's something I have not seen in years. Sometimes there were civilians on the map, wounded soldiers, hospitals with red cross, on gumrak you would see ju52 with red cross on it and the point is, you could destroy hospital, kill civilians, shoot at medical ju52 and wounded soldiers would come out of it and you could shoot them as well. You could even kill Palus who was holding white flag in last mission. You could do it if you wanted to. And this is something that we don't really see today, games will end with some info that you can't do such things or simply when you aim at them, you won't be able to shoot. They force players to follow some weird rules, you can't kill a kid in Skyrim but you can become cannibal and kill everyone in town (but kids) and eat them. Where is the logic in this? There are still games that will go this path, in a lot of RPG you can kill civilians, some shooters too, world does not end because of it. And yet a lot of games won't let you do it, even if they are just numbers. In hearts of iron 4, you can bomb london as much as you want, drop nukes on it. Not a single civilian will die and they are not some cosmetic thing, they affect gameplay and yet devs made them immortal so player can't kill them to lower morale (which does not exist) or affect menpower and production. Military History Visualized made nice video about food or lack of it in HoI4. Another thing that seems to be gone from modern games are realistic deaths. In mod for RO2, called IOM, if you shot someone in the neck, he would still be "alive", moving a lot and you would hear him suffocate, hit in stomach would make him scream a lot for a while etc. The only modern game i know that still does this kind of gameplay mechanic is Verdun/Tannenberg. In Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway we can see this scene In Battlestation Pacific you could sink hospital ship In IL2 you never get any missions (in BoX it kind of makes sense but in CloD or 1946) to actually bomb cities. Everything is a military target. Are we going to see civilian trains in bodenplatte? A civilian with a horse and a cart? Some civilian cars? I highly doubt. And the point of all this is not really to satisfy someone's sick lust but even if someone will kill everyone, does not matter if it's rts, rpg, fps or a sim. Does it really matter? All this little details will make experience feel more real. It's up to the player how will he plays. Having a choice or witnessing some things can drasticly change the way you look at game, play it and how you feel in the end. If you shoot at enemies and they just fall, no blood, no screams, nothing, it does not really feel like something bad or meaningful. You just rush and shoot at everything and it feels like fun. But when i play Verdun, it has completly diffrent feeling. You don't really think like it's some amazing fun anymore, it gets more real i guess. Kind of hard to describe and it's only my opinion, other people can feel diffrent. But if game (or even a movie) will show much more brutal deaths than just "gets shot in the leg and dies instantly" then it's completly diffrent experience, and i just feel bad for them. I remember in call of duty world at war, there was a moment in russian campaign when you would get into a room where one russian would interrogate german prisoner and then shoot him. In my first play years ago when i saw him draw a gun on pow, i just shot him. I knew there is "friendly fire will not be tolerated" crap but i did it anyway and what happend? He actually died, you saved pow and game did not punish you for shooting someone on your side. You could also do nothing and that german would die. Since then, i don't remember any game that would do something like this. I played this game 11 years ago and still remember bunch of scenes like this. Back to the point It's not about gore, being able to kill everyone in hospital and feel good about it. It's actually opposite, knowing you can do things but not doing them, being able to hold yourself, if you see wounded enemy soldier who just shot a medic that tried to help him but you also see that he dropped his pistol and just lies there, you have a choice, you can shoot him or leave him. Choices like this through the game will (at least for me) change the way you think and how you feel in the end. Sometimes you would be forced to do some things, you get a task to bomb london and you do it, whether you like it or not. Perfect example of being forced to do something you probably did not want to do was White Phosphorus scene in Spec Ops The Line. And the ending, why don't we get to see some mature content like this anymore? In the movies you can show blind violence and really disturbing or disgusting stuff without any problem. But in games it's such a big deal now, how can they be considered art if creators are censored and they don't have freedom to create. They know that even if they did something and i mean something deep, mature, really good, not just mindless killing in brutal way but showing horrors of war. Then they will get banned in australia, bunch of countries will demand censoring some parts of the game and probably lots of people will start crying that this has no right to exist. Happend with "Hatred" (which actually was just mindless killing) but game came out, people moved on, world did not end, people who played it did not went insane, nothing has happend. What do you think about all this?
  21. Nope and nope. Devs destroyed this game, they seem to treat it like a hobby so they just add and change whatevery they want. Game was great, had small but loyal playerbase. From ~200 players daily, now it's 110-120. It used to be 1 full server in the evening and people had fun. Now it's mostly just 20 people playing. It's rare to get more and even if it's mostly 40 or so. Devs destroyed it with adding stupid Squad ripoff mode. It would not be that bad but why would anyone play it if they can go and play hell let loose or post scriptum? Games that allow much more players and it works much better there. In DH people just take supply truck and drive behind enemy lines to build a spawn point, this is entire gameplay of that stupid game now. No one bothers with building bunkers and other stuff like that. It's also too dynamic and maps are too small (yet too big for small number of players) so building seems worthless, battles are too short to even bother with that. And nobody really cooperate in there. It's madness. You could live with that because there were still old maps you could play without building and this fail squad idea. But what killed this game for me is how they turned it into casual mode and killed immersion. In RO series, Rising storm and all the mods for old RO like Marne Nostrum, Darkest Hour and few more, there was friendly fire, it was part of gameplay and was immersive. But devs had great idea to change that, they came up with most idiotic idea ever in video games about friendly fire. If you kill someone, you will get HUGE RED INFORMATION that you killed friendly and your weapon is locked for 10s and if it's 2nd time then more and more. So dead nade, idiot who jumps in front of your vehicle, runs into your MG fire or simple accident in close combat where you spray into enemy but also hit your guy, boom, weapon locked, big F*** you in your face, now enemy can just walk to you and stab you in the head and laugh. Way to punish you and your team because FF accident. Devs killed that game, if you loved it for realism and immersion, stay away and don't even bother with anything they do in the future. They don't care what fans say, they just do whatever they want. Their choices made lots of veterans leave and new people won't care about these changes for 11 years old mod for even older game.
  22. 1946 includes all expansions. It has Pacific Fighters expansion. You just have to pick what you want in menu when you start game.
  23. Well could be used for MP or just for fun and immersion. Tho i don't think it would be hard to make AI work with this. If you have camo then they simply have shorter spotting range, if you sit near trees or other plants then it's even shorter. For sure it can be more complicated and detailed but basic one is already something. I really love that it's really great, especially in MP. You could snipe enemy tanks from far away and they had hard time to see you. Screenshot from Darkest Hour 44-45.
  24. IL2 1946 is on sale here: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/il2-sturmovik-1946 This is a steam version tho. So you need to download steam client.
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