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  1. Without clod i highly doubt box would do Mediterranean anyway. They are doing west front even tho clod is already there. Yes it's not the same place or timeline but this could be done with Mediterranean, clod does 1941-2, box could do 43 in completely different location like they did with bodenplatte. But they won't, they probably know Mediterranean is not going to be bestseller, everyone is so into Pacific and that's what they will focus on + bodenplatte and maybe more west because America and west front which is more popular than some desert. So I don't believe box would do Mediterranean any time soon... saying they won't do it because clod in my opinion is completely false. If they could do west front while clod did it already, but different timeframe, they could do Mediterranean but they won't. I remember Jason saying that maybe in the future they can do Mediterranean (even if clod will do it) but now they have different plans. There was already a plan, midway, okinawa and something else. Bodenplatte in the meantime. ~1,5 year each expansion. 6 years of possible expansion. No place for Mediterranean so far. Yep that is good point too. Clod can at least make huge battles, watching 9 he111 bombing Britain would be huge fail for me.
  2. CloD haters... How about they work in their free time since like it, make some cool stuff and additional $ on it. People who enjoy clod will buy it and have fun instead box fanbois crying over every mediterranean post that clod sucks and should die?
  3. Well, kind of a bug i guess. Not sure if steam or 1C fault. Just letting you know that fw190 does not have review option while all others planes (at least these that i own) can be reviewed.
  4. InProgress

    Post Scriptum (FPS) gameplay

    Gameplay looks meh, gets shot like 5 times before gets killed in 8:36, in 9:30 stuka drops bomb like 10m? away from him and nothing happend. Running alone with bazooka... wow. Smaller maps in games like RO were better, at least you had feeling of actual combat with bunch of people around you. Here it's just people running alone or in small groups on big map. Glad i did not buy it. Hope one day some good fps will come. I miss times where you had damage to diffrent body parts. Getting shot in arm would make aiming harder, legs would slow you down, head wound get bad view or getting hit in hands would make you drop weapon.
  5. InProgress

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    My favorite part is better damage for vehicles. It was really annoying for me to watch them explode all the time. I hope no more explosion and you will be able to get bunch of kills where tanks or trucks just smoke or burn or simply get immobilized. No more explosion all the time. Hope it will works with AT guns or any other stationary targets. Getting explosions full of fire from shooting at aaa was silly.
  6. InProgress

    HE-129 30mm cannon and fire group 1

    They should do like with engines. Click 4 to shoot all guns, click 5 to shoot mg only, click 6 to fire cannons etc.
  7. InProgress

    Career mode will be finalized ????? missions missing

    Don't forget about AAA that annihilates everything. Hard to enjoy ground attacks if aaa snipes you everytime and entire team.
  8. InProgress

    TFS Developer Update – October 2018

    I really hate when people say keyboard is more realistic and mouse sucks because you have magic thing flying in your plane (not saying you said it but i have seen it a lot on this forum). Because clicking on keyboard is super realistic, bf109 had keyboard and if you wanted to trip your plane you would click CTRL+Arrow up... this is just stupid. It's all about preferences but saying keyboard is super realistic and clickable cockpit is highly unrealistic and stupid is just dumb. I like to click on real buttons in plane, makes you learn a lot and limits spam of keyboards buttons to map.
  9. InProgress

    Books about bf110

    Thanks, i will probably start with bf110 aces and Enemy In The Dark The Story of a Luftwaffe Night-Fighter Pilot. Good price, some of these books have insane price :S Reason i need it from amazon is delivery costs, my country does not have $ or € and shipping it from uk or usa is way too much. German amazon has fairy good price for shipping.
  10. InProgress

    Lotfe 7 (and russian counterparts)

    That's not the point. Point is low priority for bombers or attackers. It's understandable but it's really sad that nothing much was done for them in a long time. Still no ju87B2 for Moscow campaign, no autorecovery, no bombsight for ju87/8, no arming bombs panel animation. And new expansion won't get anything but fighters. Next is probably pacific with lots of work on ships, new planes etc. So i doubt we will ever see any of these things done.
  11. InProgress

    Lotfe 7 (and russian counterparts)

    I love clod bombsight, that was really immersive. Sitting in that position, setting everything up while looking at console and just pressing buttons 😆 But I don't think bombers are popular, so doubt there will be any focus on them.
  12. InProgress

    newby questions

    You can easily buy one in poland. They are everywhere. Seems like it's in Czech as well. I even saw box of clod blitz. I guess it depends on publishers in these countries. And like I said, dvd is steam. So he will have nice box for collection and all updates will download automatically. With stalingrad on steam, now you can buy dlc on steam or on website. You will have everything in your steam game.
  13. InProgress

    IL2 Missing an Air Defense Tactic

    They already fly in circles so...
  14. InProgress

    newby questions

    I think dvd copy is for steam, not 100% sure. So updates will download automatically, nothing to bother with.
  15. InProgress

    IL2 Missing an Air Defense Tactic

    I remember this being worked on for cliffs of dover. I would not expect anything like this in box until they start working on AI fixing. Also read somewhere that bf110 did better than it was expected and they actually had higher kill ratio vs spits and hurracines than being shot down. So they weren't that bad.