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  1. I don't feel much difference in shooting except fact that you must shoot better in clod due to low ammo and fire rate on 109, cant just spray and hope you hit something or you will be out of ammo in seconds. Should change tho with new planes (F versions).
  2. @Monostripezebra I found this some time ago, together with this: It's just amazing
  3. Wish I had quarantine so i could sit at home and have fun. Working in ER so everyone got their leave canceled, bunch of hospitals got closed due to exposition or turned into hospitals for infectious diseases so we have tons of work with people coming from all over region. Not fun at all.
  4. Are they going to be 1 hit to kill weapon? Even with some heavy tanks getting blown up instantly? Or stronger vehicles will just get track destroyed and stay there to fire at enemy? Also wonder how will AI react to this are they going to ignore it and just push forward or when mine blow up first vehicle, they will stop and try to go back and find way around mine field?
  5. I hope they will get some africa korps uniforms, also better models than ones from 2011 would be really nice to see :)
  6. Why do you even need that? If you have track it, you can just aim with your head. If you use Shift+F1, you have camera zoomed but it's locked, you can't look around. Just aim with your head instead of that buttons, like in real life anyway. Track ir is the best for it, you can aim, look around, zoom, everything much faster that playing with keys.
  7. And then zero kamikadze into the deck and everyone is dead.
  8. As far as i know not a single $ comes to TF from blitz. (could be wrong but it's info i saw long time ago somewhere on forum), they will start making $ on africa.
  9. I mean this. In clod your tail is just up a bit but everything else is under water. I know plane would sink really fast but if you "land" like this, it still should float for a bit before water fills it inside.
  10. I must say, i am impressed... they added canisters that drop first before fallschirmjagers. Details like this are what missing in box. Well i hope we can expect some new content here. Tho we waited 5 years for auto recovery in ju87
  11. Or they could make it like moscow, no fly zone but it would be there. Also agree with others, lack of heavy bombers is bad :( maybe if they could do simple FM for use in night missions as AI only. It's better to have simple AI, FM that just fly in formation than not having them at all.
  12. Since the screenshots are over the water I was wondering, is it going to be fixed/improved for 5.0? Like planes wont sink instantly if you try to land on water, now they just sink in that texture and you see some weird graphic effects when you do water landing.
  13. It looks better and better every picture/video Are there any new changes coming to ju87 tho? New bomb types or something?
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