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  1. Will you be doing some politics because you are good in quoting parts of someone post without context.
  2. You have not even start this game but complained about steam to begin with.
  3. InProgress

    SP campaigns disappeared after patch 4.54.0

    Probably because game updated everything and replaced some if not all folders. So it's gone, but not 100% sure.
  4. Who said you cant get refund? Steam allows for refund (even tho it does not have to because you don't really buy games, you subscribe to them) but they are cool and they do, you have 14 days and 2h or less if you played it. But if you did not buy game from store they can't refund it because they don't even have your money. Steam didn't make any $ on you. If you bought it on website here and activated key then I doubt you will get refund, you already used key and it's gone. If you did not use key yet, they should refund it but it can be also tricky since you know key and maybe they don't want to give $ back since you could write it down and use after you get refund. I don't know. How steam did not work on your computer anyway? Maybe you downloaded wrong file. There is steam for windows, linux and mac. If you got wrong version no wonder it didn't work.
  5. InProgress

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    In recent big games like CoD ww2 people complained that it's Normandy and usa again. I am also really sick of this, there is so much games about exactly the same setting it's not fun anymore. I think Pacific is the best idea if you want to get more people, it has Americans, it has popular and known war but it's also quite rare in computer games so people are not sick of it. Last big game I remember about Pacific war was cod world at war and it was great. I wish they would make eastern front expansion then pacific then east again and then pacific. Would be nicely balanced. +game needs some advertisements, they don't make any trailers or cinematics anymore, I never saw any news on gaming websites about this game, they could put Stalingrad in humble bundle monthly or in some bundle pack there too.
  6. InProgress

    Can I run CLOD without steam?

    Blitz is free for everyone who owned old clod. So he already has blitz in his library.
  7. Let this be a lesson for you, read what you buy. "After purchase, you will receive a key to activate the game on Steam. This version of the game was updated to run on modern operating systems, including Windows 10" Reminds me of south park episode: Hehehe You don't seem to know how steam works, they don't support it in a way that you did not buy it in their story. So what do you expect? They do have refund policy but how could you get refund if you did not buy it from them? Steam is a nice thing, store, community forums, marketplace, video streaming, online friends, good library with fast download of games and it's all there in one place. No need to keep bunch of dvd or having bunch of websites accounts to download your games. Patches instal automatically too which is great. I don't think you can even get refund from this website because you already activated key but you can try contacting support if you don't like it and try. (Edit: or you did not even install steam yet?) Give steam a chance, it's great when you get used to it. What's your problem with it?
  8. InProgress

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Everyone likes something different. I really like big developed front, it's not only about plane set but being able to do campaign in moscow, stalingrad, kuban then move to different places. It's quite nice. I would love to see Leningrad which can be few years long scenario (modders are currently working on Finland map that includes Leningrad), I would love to see all Kharkov battles, kursk, expanded Vielkie Luki, map that covers poland, hungary, romania and of course germany 1945. Being able to do career from 1941 up to 1945 day by day would be amazing. Especially combined with battle of france and england in clod. Kind of like in silent hunter 5 where you choose your road, after X time frame is over you can go to Africa or Russia then you choose for example north and end up in Leningrad or south and you are going for Stalingrad and Kuban.
  9. InProgress

    TFS Developer Update – Nov/Dec 2018

    If there will be a career mode and you destroy some big named ship like Admiral Scheer, will it be destroyed forever? Like in dynamic career or it will just be in next mission. Same goes for buildings or bridges.
  10. InProgress

    Tobruk collectioner edition

    The picture i posted, it has new cover and TF logo on it. So they somehow sell new version, with updated cover graphic and logo of new dev team.
  11. InProgress

    Tobruk collectioner edition

    Well, i know the answer but won't hurt to ask. Will be there collectioner edition for Tobruk? Or at least box version? I think there is already new box version of Blitz: So i guess Tobruk would be possible as well
  12. InProgress

    TFS Developer Update – Nov/Dec 2018

    Depth charges, that sounds cool. Maybe anti mine magnetic ring one day
  13. InProgress

    Blue Moscow

  14. I can't wait for fw190, but i don't think there will be much to bomb with it in channel. Hope for some africa ground attacks and maybe italy later
  15. InProgress

    the Moscow map and how to use it

    This one is my dream expansion (after leningrad), i would love to see the longest career ever with 4 battles of Karkov 1941-1943.