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  1. You bought early access game, bodenplatte does not have map or campaign ready yet. You can find a mod here that lets you play in older campaigns with me262. But career mode is suppose to be historical, so you will never see me262 flying over moscow unless you get a mod. Me262 is made for bodenplatte which should get map "soon", few months top i guess.
  2. I came across this video when looking at some fw190 A8 reviews for DCS, and i could not say it better
  3. Completely disagree, new players, especially these who are not into sims yet, after watching this huge invasion fleet made of 6 ships and empty beach would be disappointed on so many levels and most likely leave. Great actor in bad movie won't make it successful. If engine won't work on Pacific then it won't work in Normandy. I just want to see it done right, not forced because it's famous even tho engine won't be able to make it really fun. And my opinion is the same about Pacific, especially midway. I just don't see it. If we do Pacific then I think all these topics people made before about new guinea is the best choice. But we will see what new title devs announce soon, personally I hope it's new ostfront expansion 😜
  4. I mean how dare you want a realistic war game? Go to war before you can have opinion about A GAME. It's ok to watch band of brothers but how dare you want band of brothers style game? It's the best to have this guy on ignore list.
  5. I bought ww2 pack 🙂 was really cheap on steam, something less than 20€. No plane tho, waiting for fw190A8 to be released on steam. Will probably regret it after first take off and realising that there is nothing to do in SP. But always wanted to get fully clickable cockpit and learn ww2 plane perfectly. A8 sold me there but wish they would make bf110 or/and ju87. And really hope (probably in vain) that they will expand ww2 with something more than random planes and fix Normandy map one day. Career please coooome!
  6. I don't get you people... Normandy is a huge thing and if you are going to call your game Normandy then better show most important part of it, which is dday. Other thing is that many people are simply sick of it already, Normandy is overused in every ww2 game. Another problem is engine limitations. If you are doing something then do it right, making Normandy TODAY is pretty much impossible unless you take a lot of compromises. I highly doubt paris and london can be made. Invasion fleet is a dream, no infantry on the beach. It would be simply empty. As much as I prefer ostfront, Normandy would be nice but not now, not untill big cities can be made and lots of objects won't affect fps so much. Also Normandy would be a direct competition with dcs which probably is not something these companies want. I believe that devs actually know all this and we wont see it anytime soon. I want to see it but not now. Wish they would show something new and fresh instead of "mainstream history", something that is not represent much. Sofia, Italy, Dutch east India, new guinea, Finland etc.
  7. You are a windmill. Everyone explains this to you but you just can't get it. You think because game cost 70$ it cant be in early access? What should it cost? 20$? And then they add more stuff untill it's full game and you are happy because you did not pay full price? If anyone missed point, it was you, you missed point how early access games work. Don't buy early access games because you cleary don't know their purpose. It's a way to support development, help with it with feedback etc. If you can't accept how it works, then don't buy early access titles, simple.
  8. It's worth to mention that you won't have these games on steam as dlc. It will be in your game when you start it, it just won't show as dlc in your library. It just won't look like this:
  9. @namhee2 I will definitely get it, gog is great for old games. They fix it all so it works even on windows 10. Steel Fury Kharkov 1942 is also classic worth recommending. @BigBadVuk I am not sure if talking to you makes even sense... IT IS EARLY ACCESS, just because game is in EA does not mean you can get it half the price. Price is 70$ now, will be 80$ later. Nobody really cares what you expect, store page cleary says what this game will have. "Buy now and take advantage of our Early Access discount ($10 OFF) and Early Access program - operate these armored beasts as soon as they are ready!" It's not AAA price, it's simulator price, DCS sells 1 plane for 60€. Modern sims are expensieve, deal with it or leave. In compare, steel beast pro costs 125$.
  10. Never played that game but looking at YT videos, i love how menu looks like 🥰 love hand drawn arts as menu with all this ww2 style posters that repesent campaigns. Then it's even better all this documents, photos on the desk, looks amazing! Love it, kind of shame that BoX did not went that way, really disliked how menu looks like from day 1. Modern tabs don't really fit well in ww2 game. It was quite popular thing back then, even in shooters, loading screen and pre mission info always had this documents on the desk with some other details like medals, pistol etc.
  11. Are you a troll? I have feeling that you never even read what this game will have in store page. It's called Clash at Prokhorovka, so it shows Prokhorovka map. It said how many tanks it will get and other details. If you did not like it, then why did you even buy it? Just to cry here? And I and probably many others prefers 1 well made tank, higly detailed with animated crews instead of 10 shitty models without interiors. And my point is, stop comparing old game to new ones in terms of content. It's simply dumb. You don't even need any knowledge about making games to realise that making 3D models in 2019 is much harder and time consuming that it was 20 years ago! You can open Blender and with some training and tutorials easly make tank like in panzer elite. But i can assure you, you won't even come close to modeling tiger like in TC without years of experience and tons of hours of work on it. So don't compare content of old game that could spam tons of vehicles. Not to mention tank interiors that is probably most time consuming part of making tank. Developers of Red Orchestra 2 said that making 1 tank took them 6 months and it was huge ammount of work.
  12. The only thing that comes to my mind are osprey books. It's not really what you are looking for but they do describe certain planes, their versions, lots of pictures and some camo art is there too.
  13. The hell are you talking about? Yes, you are comparing 1999 game with 2019 which is at least stupid. Do you even see how graphic look like? Making any 3D model today take huge amount of time in compare to old low polygon models. Do you have fully animated crews there? They don't even have advanced physics and tons of other details. Again with that stupid argument "old il2 1946 had more planes!!!1111"
  14. Kind of quiet here on forum 😛 I have been watching some new close combat gameplays and this one shows how cool menu can be made. Having menu in career mode like this would be amazing. Old files/documents style. Especially with that map in there.
  15. I remember Lindybeige making video about this book. It makes itself look like it's memoir of actual tank crew but it's pretty much just a made up novel or at least something heavly exaggerated. Nothing wrong with good novel based on ww2 but it's kind of meh that it lies about being real memoir just to sell more copies. Btw also this is pretty much the same with any book published by Sprech Media. They claim it's all real and first hand experience but it's really not, just bunch of action, mistakes (IS-3 in a 1943) and never mention any dates or details that would let people verify informations.
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