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  1. I love that convoy. Tanks being transported by trucks, hope to see stuff like this on trains as well. Graphic looks really great now cant wait
  2. Oh yeah, got them mixed. It's BR20 that clod has, not SM79.
  3. Is there no foy? Too iconic not to have it, or you have to zoom in so it shows up?
  4. You don't need to buy it again, you won't be even able to. Blitz was free for all clod owners. So if you log in to your steam account, it will be there. So there is no reason not to try it again. Also i would not call it unbiased opinion here since many will be biased for box. I will try to give you some info about clod good and bads tho. Good: 1. Clod can handle lots of planes at once, lots of ground units at once. So you can really have this feeling of big events going on. 2. Planes can have a bit more realism with them, you have to wait a bit for engines to warm up. It can be fun or annoying, depends how you play but devs are working on option to have warm engine already so you don't have to wait. 3. Damage model is much better, both visually and technically. You can shoot both wings off at the same time (never seen that in box), wings don't come off so easly, you can get some hydraulic damage and your gear will go down, visualls of damaged planes are great, you see holes and you can look through them. And other stuff like that. 4. Huge ammount of assets, if mission maker wants, he can create amazing stuff. There is lots of objects, bikes, cranes, carts etc. Bunch of stuff you may not need when you think about it but it makes views much better and airfields look much more alive. 5. Bombers are much more fun to play in clod than box, you don't have that screen with buttons to press. Not every bomber even have that sight, like SM79 which looks quite fun. 6. Some unique planes you may not see in other games since it's not worth making. Bf108, Fw200 (this one AI only but that can change) etc. 7. TF is considering making B17 and other 4 engine bombers flyable. 8. Torpedoes are coming 9. Game gets patches and new content, progress is looking really nice. Africa map they show is really pretty, their new planes as well (D520, Marlet, P40, etc.) Bad: 1. Some technical problems are still there. 2. MP is not very popular except some events. 3. So far not much to do in SP until Tobruk when they release bunch of scripted campaigns for many new and old planes. (Career may come for Tobruk or a bit later) 4. It's not as detailed when it comes to visuals as box, but it gives you much more planes at once because of it. 5. Existence of post Tobruk content depends on Tobruk success. 6. Still has some bugs, most visible when you hit other plane you may explode and he is not damaged (game probably thinks you hit the ground), does not happen all the time but still, Channel map is not perfect, roads end randomly, tree sits in middle of the road, rivers cut the road etc. But Tobruk map does not have any of these problems and it's developed from the scratch so it's high quality. Overall if you are not a fanboy who will stuck with box forever and never like anything else, it's worth trying. If you have open mind and see that other sims can be fun as well and give you things that box does not have, it's really worth trying. DCS is fun to learn a plane, CloD is a bit of upgraded 1946 so you can get some nice immersion and big scale war, BoX is most polished, MP is active, it gets a lot of content. Like i said, you should aleady have blitz, but for final judgment you should probably wait for Tobruk when TF will show what they did. So far CloD Blitz is just patched and upgraded Clod from 2011. It just got a patch that fixed some AI and other bugs but the big stuff will show up in version 5.0.
  5. Arctic desert is still a desert.
  6. Misticat had nice suggestion. Would be cool to have ships that carry different cargo. Ammo and fuel would make huge boom, while others not really. Is he111 the only torpedo plane?
  7. Attack on british airfield quick mission. They are right in front of the airfield, bunch of cars in line stands there.
  8. There was already 202. The only thing we did not see are ju88 and ju87. So probably this
  9. I think it would be cool if they had squadrons that you have to join. Kind of like squads in games like battlefield, verdun etc. If it will be like: "Fighters go to 2471 to cover the factory" then it's not really order directly to you. People will think... "hmm there is a lot of fighters so I don't really have to go there, one more or less won't make a difference" *said 25/30 fighter pilots and started hunting everything all over the map* But if you join the server and you will have to join certain squadron (could be nice to finally have squadron markings and numbers) then order "squadron X fly to 2471 and defend factory" would have more meaning. It would be directly addressed to you and player should feel much more obligated to do it than some genetic order for everyone. It would be quite cool too if there was more cooperation, so these squadrons would keep together. If there is no squadron to join, everyone will just roam around like they always do. Maybe some rewards would be nice as well, not very realistic but in MP it does not really matter. Kill someone while in range of your squadron leader +20% more points. Air Marshal order executed +10 points. And more stuff like this, so people are actually rewarded for doing all this. Someone who just roams around with no purpose but to shot down some other stragglers will end up with 5 points for shooting down 5 planes while someone who played for the team will end up with 30 points even if he did not shot down anything but he was actually following orders and contributed to the team unlike someone who shots down random planes in locations that does not really requires any protection.
  10. Yeah, can't imagine dropped ww1 for some random korea. It would be kick in the balls for all the ww1 fans who invested in the flying circus. Especially if we must wait for part 2 of it to get actual career mode... Similar with tanks. If they would do korea they would have to drop one of expansion. Either ww1, tanks or main ww2. This would bring lots of shit from community and they know it very well. Unless they could do 4 expansions at once but I highly doubt it. Replacing any of already existing ones just to work on random jump to korea would be PR and most likely financial suicide. Quick example, if they do korea instead of ww1. Making expansion would take them 1,5-2 years. Lets say 1,5 year. This means that flying circus part 2 would come 3 years later. It's like abandoning the series. 3 years of no new content for ww1, no real single player. People will get bored, feel cheated and will just forget about it. If flying circus and tanks are successful $, there is no way 1C would drop it just to do korea that many openly does not like. There is no logic with that. If anything they would do it as main great battles game, but I also don't see it likely.
  11. Something from the Axis next please
  12. Because it's a topic called "What's next after BOBP? Your prediction"?
  13. Why? It would be AI bombers, they don't have to take off in england. They can spawn in the air, you take off from germany and just fly at night to hunt them. No huge map required.
  14. I really hope for some nightfighter focused expansion, AI Halifax would be nice, i know it's big 4 engine planes but maybe it could work for night missions. Bf110 G4 would be better choice than He219. And you don't even need player operated radar, jumping from pilot position to radar just to track targets would be just annoying. AI guy should just give you all the info he reads from the radar. This kind of radar would be ridiculus
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