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  1. InProgress

    Me 262 Questions

    Can't wait to see me262 ai fly in circles trying to fight you xD
  2. InProgress

    Where is rest of the world?

    Unfortunately reputation of this company is quite bad. They spam new game every year or so and abandon older title completely. Don't listen to community and won't add mod support as well.
  3. InProgress

    Where is rest of the world?

    I know especially the title, ovens of hell.. but who knows, art style feels like it may be something artistic. And trailer did not look like troll. We will see i guess. And i think troll game would be made pretty fast, it says almost december 2019 so kind of over a year in production still. Could be normal game if they take so much time. It looks like these "Totally accurate battle simulators" or something like this. Hope it will be serious and not just spam 50 tanks and watch them drive around randomly and shoot.
  4. InProgress

    Where is rest of the world?

    Just found this lol https://store.steampowered.com/app/921550/Ovens_of_Hell/ That's something reaaaally original we will see how this will go.
  5. InProgress

    Where is rest of the world?

    But we heard about them because they made so many of them in the first place. But yeah, I hope some smaller games and smarter CEOs of bigger companies will take a risk (it also depends on us gamers) to make something new. I have big hopes for Africa in CloD, Pacific in BoX, some smaller upcoming games that should have big part of their campaigns in africa and italy. https://store.steampowered.com/app/887490/Burden_of_Command/ http://www.slitherine.com/products/686/details/Close.Combat.-.The.Bloody.First hmm i keep calling this game blood red one And this will have german campaign, uboot but at least with some nice This war of mine style with crew menagment. https://store.steampowered.com/app/494840/UBOAT/ I still have dreams about single player FPS, even if not on axis side, i wan't to have mature story and something more than gun and run crap. Kind of like brothers in arms but on the pacific, africa, early war etc. I also got this a while ago https://store.steampowered.com/app/365810/Flying_Tigers_Shadows_Over_China/ Fun to play some arcade games from time to time and china wow. Something really new, but game was killed by WT and people complaining about graphic and comparing it to WT... try making something new eh.
  6. InProgress

    Single player Campaigns translated

    yeah, like 2 or something That was my point, for years no one translated them into english which is werid. Don't believe no russian here speaks english
  7. InProgress

    Vanguard: 1944

    This game looks a bit like Red Orchestra. But it's not as good as it looks like (depends what you are looking for). It wont have any vehicles and it's just for 20 players in 1 game.. it's more like team based game like CS i guess but on a bit bigger scale? Also why they make deployed MGs have such a huge recoil in every game
  8. InProgress

    Where is rest of the world?

    That's not true at all. While if people have choice, they will mostly try to play as their own character. But like @Finkeren said, if it was about numbers, we would have spam of asian games because they are the one with huge numbers, china would make game about defending their country against japan. There is more chinese than european, americans and canadians together! And what diffrence would that make if someone speak english? Whole anime thing got really popular in usa/europe, while it has nothing to do with our culture. But we could still have game with british vs japanese on pacific. Yet everyone skips it. It's really weird because vietnam got a lot of attention even tho it's americans vs vietnam somewhere in far far asia. WW2 seems to have this stuck indea in publisher's head that everything must be in europe and have americans or won't sell. But even small games or strategy games fall into this idea. Every close combat game were in europe (but one in russia), now we should get blood red one that will take place in africa, sicily and europe so first time we should game most of the campaign in new place. Unfortunately i have them all. SH is fun but still, you are on the water, so it does not change much if you are on the pacific or atlantic and it's not story driven game, more like sandbox (still love them tho). HoI4 is world game, it's fun to play as japan and have some fun in asia and pacific. But AI is game breaking. Did not play in a while but if i start game as japan in 1936 and i see germany being D-Day in 1939 by usa and losing in 1940... then it really makes you want to quit. Unbalanced, horrible AI, naval invasions with 1 divisions everywhere all the time. This game will be playable in 5 years and 300€ DLCs... I got verdun but devs broke it later and after 300h in game they changed something and can't play it anymore due to crashes and lags... they rised minimum requirements for this game and i was no longer meeting them. So until new pc i can't even hope to play their new game. We will see after battlefield 5. Shame this game is total crap and EA is evil, probably will kill battlefield like they did with dead space and many other games. But maybe that german campaign will be breaking point (like verdun and battlefield 1) and if people will like it, more devs will consider making german campaign. No one says you have to burn people houses, but you can be "that guy" who does not agree with it but follows orders. We already had games where you could see bunch of war crimes, especially in CoD. Japanese killing PoW, concentration camp in CoD WW2, Company of Heroes 2 with russian killing russians, more mature games like brothers in arms where you could see civilians being killed too. It's not really problem to show it, it's more like being scared of controversy because you are german. But if someone will make it, some people will be angry and they will get bored after a while and no one will care anymore. Like Medal of Honor where you could be Taliban but some people got angry and they removed name "Taliban" and put something else. Today no one will care if you play as real terrorist group in multiplayer. You had even game in Syria: https://store.steampowered.com/app/485980/Syrian_Warfare/ And it did not make any huge controversy.
  9. InProgress

    Single player Campaigns translated

    Devs please add workshop on steam I know it's not hard to download these campaigns but workshop is really awesome thing, it makes mods way more popular since most people don't sit on forum and they will never find these missions. Easy one click download and you can already play is a great thing. Easy and fast updates, no need to look on forum for new updated version, turn on steam, autodownload patch and done. @up Also great job, it's weird that no one really decieded to translate these campaigns before. I played dunkirk only since most were in russians and i saw no point in playing like this.
  10. InProgress

    Victory at Sea > Pacific

    I bought it and played a bit, made steam review so here are my thoughts: Game needs a looot of work, but still i gave positive review and recommend people to get it. It's the support that game needs, if people will buy it, devs will support it for long time, fix and add new stuff. It has great potential and even quite fun at this state as well.
  11. InProgress

    Where is rest of the world?

    But it's still not what i meant. Of course you will play as german or japanese in multiplayer ww2 game. There is no other option. My point was single player experience mostly. We just replay dday in every game, then it's soviet union. While games that take place in italy, africa, pacific are at best strategy games. Even then bunch of great locations are skipped, fall of Singapore, Dutch east India, siege of Budapest and much more.
  12. InProgress

    A few general quesions

    2. Yes if you want this game on steam. Then you need to buy stalingrad as main game.
  13. InProgress

    Where is rest of the world?

    So i would like to talk about state of world war 2 games. Every game, even from smaller studios is not west front, sometimes east. But that's about it. Then people cry that they are sick of ww2 games and it's always the same. New CoD ww2 - D-Day and more west campaign on usa side. Post Scriptum - Market Garden, still europe. Hell let loose, Festung Europa. Many strategic games also focus there, Company of Heroes 1 and 2, sometimes there are games that get few missions around the world like Blitzkreig series but still most of it takes place in europe. It's really sad that the same campaigns are rehashed over and over again. Soon there should be 2 interesting games, Close Combat blood red one and burden of command. It will take us in africa/italy and later europe as well. But at least africa and italy was not skipped. I am really excited about Africa in CloD and Pacific in BoX, finally something new and fresh. There is really big hole in gaming world when it comes to ww2 and theatres like africa, italy even battle of france. But mostly i miss pacific, it's really a shame that japanese now only care about making anime and hentais... sad that no one there bothered in making game based on their history, normal game not flying ninja with 3m tall swords and combos flying all over screen. I don't even know if there is any game that let you play as japanese, yeah strategy games but nothing like 1st or 3rd person game. There is so much to show, not only usa vs japan on iwo jima but fighting on dutch east indias, china, russia... People today would be really butthurt about german campaign but japanese could be possible (tho i heard battlefield 5 is going to indroduce first ww2 german campaign in FPS game, would not be suprised if you switch side... but it could be a beginning of german single player games). So yeah... it's kind of sad that we don't see any new ideas and game developers stick to same old story that will sell. So many stories to tell, but we will only see another D-Day games until people will get sick of it again and ww2 game will be gone for next 10 years, after that someone will make D-Day game again and everyone will buy it. And over and over again
  14. InProgress

    Aircraft Carriers

    There were few carriers in mediterrarian. It depends on success of Tobruk dlc but if it will be success, we will see more expansions then i am sure one day carriers will come. Even if AI only at the beginning. Could be nice to have Ark Royal on malta and Operation Torch should allow for some carrier action. From what i heard, spitfire or p40 were taking off from carriers during Operation Torch, they could not land there tho, but still, it's a nice beginning. If players would be able to start on carrier, take off and then land on airfield. So it should not be that much work.
  15. InProgress

    Air Strike

    Again, you fail to acknowledge range, location and fact that there will most likely be infantry and other units. Can't you imagine flat field and 2 shermans 10km away? How is it favorable position? On what universe these 2 shermans would win in that scenario? Allied propaganda training video also showed every weapon of germans as something worst than every single american weapon. Did you watch some funny training video that said tigers are crap all you need to do is attack it with 2 shermans? Again, this argument is idiotic, it would be even if it was just 88mm gun position. You simply can't say something like this, there is too much options, who is attacking and who is defending, gun can be camouflaged and get free kill before they even know, range, location, it can be hidden in a bunkier... tank can be covered by sandbags or sitting in big foxhole where it will be really hard to hit it, it can have panzershreck team on flanks to prevent tank being flanked. And I am pretty sure tiger tank kills have bigger ratio than 2:1. It's like saying, ferrari is faster than a monster truck and will always win. Surprise, race take place on swamp area. Have fun with this.