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  1. Well I'm in love with il2misssionplanner.com !

    As [DBS]El_Marta just said, it'd be great to have an in-game implementation, just for a matter of integration.

    But the app is just great! Thanks!

  2. Well I've noticed that somebody else proposed this in 2013, but I think it has passed time enough to allow me to say it again.

    It would be awesome to have some map tools, like a compass and a pencil to draw lines and marks.

    I do not like to flight with HUD, so navigation trends to be quite complicated this way. If we could just prepare our flight before taking off, and adapt it in-flight, a better simulation would be archieved, in my opinion.



  3. Well I've noticed in my few flights in the Stuka that if you deploy flaps and airbrakes before diving, the plane will trend to pull up automatically as the speed increases.
    Is that what you mean? I have not fly Stuka many times so I may be wrong!

  4. Well I do want this new Cooperative mode to work ASAP

    Me and my friends would like to be able to play missions without having to create a dedicated server, which is quite complicated for a "Eh let's have a flight, I have like 1 hour till leave home". Moreover, dogfigthing in MP servers is fine, but I do like the bombing stuff and bomber-seeker missions with a long range interceptor (Bf-110 e.g), which is completly impossible with the air starts and the respawning in this kind of MP servers. You know, more like a simulation missions with friends.

    Looking forward to have more information!

  5. As already told the rear view isn't that great - but anyway you won't fly straight the whole way in combat,

    so flying in gentle curves you will still have the situational awareness of your six.


    It's fast, has a powerful radial engine and makes a lot of fun to fly it - I love it! And no, it's not an awful plane.




    p.s: Buy it!


    p.p.s: Buy it now!


    I just wanted to read "It's not an awful plane", cause people were very dramatic about this plane's performance in other topics.



    It received a lot of praise especially after the last FM update.


    Personally i haven't had much success with it :(


    It could be my input settings but i find this plane is incredibly wobbly with small adjustments when you are aiming for a shot.


    I dont get that with other planes (same settings).

    Well, I quite suck at aiming even with a 109, so I will try this one hard so I improve my overall skills at shooting... :salute:



    I will report in this very topic throughout this week! Thank you guys!

  6. Hello guys,


    I think this topic's title is pretty descriptive. Anyway, I've been thinking about buying the russian fighter La-5, and I want to know what you think of that aircraft.

    I've read that it's an awful plane. I'm not scared of it, I do not mind being at disadvantage in a dogfight, so that's not a real problem.

    I want to know if you have enjoyed flying this plane!


    Cheers! See you in the skies!

  7. I'd be just great to have a "MP quick mission builder" just the same way it is in the SP mode.

    You select the airfield, the treats you're facing, and your mates jump into their planes. That's it, let's fly.

    Would be so awesome

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