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  1. Tonight I made my first attempt at taxing, taking off, and landing. The whole process was disorienting confusing, and wonky. And I found myself relying on autopilot a fair amount of times. I'm sure with a bit more practice i'll improve but my control for my Saitek X52 are a little wonky. Could anyone lend me a preset up file I could use? My axises are all of and everything feelings drunk and sluggish.
  2. -I'd like a key please :-). Any plane from BOM or Bodenpatte will do. 🙂
  3. I'm just getting back into IL2 after my first semester at University. Which module Kuban, Moscow is the most active? I'm torn on what version to buy.
  4. I was able to snag a Saitek x52 throttle and stick for 34 bucks! Oh sweet gameplay here I come!!
  5. I lied. I can find the joystick by itself but not the throttle. Can I take part in the friday/saturday night events with just a joy stick?
  6. Can't find any cheap used T16000m's, do you have any other suggestions for a good joystick? Elaborate a little further on the pedals please, what do you mean by ground handling?
  7. Heck yeah, you better bet I'm ready to accidentally shoot a teammate and die in under 5 minutes from crashing :-)
  8. Hey Fella's! Sure has been a while. :-). So, after a super long gaming hiatus, I'm back. I've saved up the funds to invest in a new PC (have it shipping as we speak) and managed to get a HP Mixed reality headset along with it. This is my first time using a VR headset, and I've got some questions about controls and game-play. Firstly, does using the VR controllers themselves provide any advantage to game-play, are they even usable at all? I assume not since it'd be really clunky, and they might work as a good temporary flight stick until I can settle on a decent one. How are the visuals in VR headsets, is game-play any better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using VR vs TrackIR, could you list them for me? Now the Joystick. The joystick I've been looking at getting is the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick. Will this stick provide me with everything I need for efficient game-play granted I don't want nor' think I'll be needing any pedals? What are your personal experiences with this stick if you've used it. Thank for the replies.
  9. So games are ment to take alot of time and concentration and not be a relaxing a fun experience ? Do you think most people (adults more then likely) have the time to constantly research and spend tons of time on something that is ment for enjoy ment ? Doing what your suggesting is what is limiting the genre . All we need is the community and the DEVs to properly implement a system that is easy , but makes aircraft playable but able to protect themselves in game that is simply what mousejoy is . I dont know if your a full time college student with 3 kids but from what your saying either your retired or just have tons of spare time .
  10. Jaxum

    Tank usage in IL2 Bos

    It's horrid when a T34 does do that because the panzers have such a hard time penetrating a T34 let alone turning there gun fasst enough to kill it
  11. I've been reading alot about the release of mouse controls since it's release . But never tried it till recently while I was on break and I didn't have a joystick with me ........... I've concluded that trying to fly with joystick is like trying to make a fat cow hunt wolves ....... The controls are lack luster at best and very tedious to set up . Even when you do set them up to where to can get of the ground and not enter a flat spin after 3 seconds of taking off : Your a flying target who can only effectively hunt aircraft that have the intelligence of drunk rats and have absolutely no awareness at all . You might ,might get lucky if you can shoot down a bomber without getting your plane shot to pieces. Basic tactics such as BNZ are also entirely pointless because keyboard controls sensitivity has to be extremely low just to keep from going into a flat spin . And might I add i've been flying with minimum control settings . I would really like to know everyone else's experience with mouse controls cause my overall experience has revealed there pretty useless and highly ineffective . Are these controls even relevant ? Let alone helpful to new players ? ~Jaxum
  12. Who killed who ? The Lagg-3 or the FW-190 A3?
  13. I would love to see something with more American aircraft and Brits vs Germans on the western front . Combat in the pacific would be pretty nice to
  14. When I fly germans I find it irresitable to climb as high as I can to get an advantage . When I fly russians I typically only climb to the high the bombers are xD or simply follow my mission instead of being fighter jock
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