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  1. Hey Vellu!

    Yes, the Sidewinder FFB2 is an amazing peace of Hardware. I'm just not so much a fan of the futuristic look - but that of course can be changed easily with a new grip. 


    In order to increase FFB power, I used "1Ohm RC1206 0,25W 1R SMD" resistors. Soldering them on top of the existing ones (which are the same) will do the job. Here's a nice description: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=125281


    If I can help in any way, let me know!

  2. Dear fellow flight simmers,

    In the last weeks I have been working on a MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 mod. I added a UH-1 / F-4 grip, rewired and programmed it with a teensy board, extended the stick with a carbon tube and soldered new resistors into the original FFB stick, to increase power. Finally I added a switch to the base, to be able to turn on/ off FFB power anytime.

    I'm very happy with the result - in my eyes, this is a fantastic, while cheap DCS helicopter cyclic and a great general flight stick. Of course, any grip can be mounted. 
    Getting there was not hard, but it took some time. Different mod instructions on flightsim forums helped me a lot. And now that I know exactly what is needed and what I have to do, I would like to give something back:

    If you would like to have such a stick, write me a message. I don't want to earn money with this, but basically cover the expenses. So, I'm looking forward to your PMs!






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