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  1. Last monday's evening I read the first message by Hauptmann J5_Bäumer about the sudden passing of J5_Chunko. I was flabbergasted. This was the man who still ranks number two in the present stats. The man who flew against me in many training sessions of Jasta 5 and managed to shoot me down every time. I did not matter if he flew an inferior aircraft, he still outflew me every time. And what a great teacher he was. With his unmistakable Cockney accent he advised me on what to do and what not to do to become a better pilot. I lost a virtual friend and it hurts. I send my d
  2. J2_NobiWan: Thank you again for this wonderful piece of software. In the old version I got offsett left/right when looking at he tail, but the update solved all issues! I now look 'straight' back at my own tail. It works. There is one downside, I killed J2_Bidu and shot up J2_Drookasi. He ran for home smoking. Sorry about that... (They should have flown for the Kaiser, really..) J5_Winkelmann.
  3. Tip, Where can I find the 'Stats' of the FNBN-missions?
  4. We need some female pilots then to bomb German camps at night!! Great plan.
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