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  1. Hi SCU_Server, the majority of COOP missions we're running are made by Coconut, modified as needed. I think that you might be able to pick them up here somewhere, if not I'll ask Geezer to send you a PM. Cheers
  2. Received my 7.5 cm extension yesterday afternoon. As others have said, it looks good and took less than 5 minutes to install and get flying. I have to say that after a couple of hours stick time, I don't know why I didn't order this months ago!!! It certainly enhances the Warthog experience, I'm using a center mount in the Obutto R3volution and the 7.5 extension is just the right fit. The biggest benefit is that I now have a more precise, smooth travel and better centering than with the stock setup. If you want to improve your Hog experience, order an extension, you won't be disappointed.
  3. I have a set of Crosswinds, well worth the money you won't be disappointed in what you receive. I can attest to the fact that Milan provides top notch, and quick customer response. I recently had an issue of my own making with my Crosswinds, emailed Milan who responded within less than a day, offering support and thoughts on how I could test and resolve the issue myself before taking any other measures. For a one person operation, Milan shows he cares, is passionate about his product and his customer's satisfaction with the product.
  4. Hey Bomber! It has been a long time, brings back some memories doesn't it (member #4 back in the day). Still flying albeit as an indy these days, and not as much as I used to. Currently doing some RoF, Il2 and now getting ready for BoS. I believe the CPS boys have a Facebook page so you may want to check in over there to see who's still about. Cheers, Craven
  5. Mine is inverted for proper direction as of last week, jumped in tonight and didn't have any issues with having to reset. Have both the throttle and prop pitch inverted like Matt has.
  6. Just left Vegas yesterday after 4 days of fun. Yes, spent some money, but brought home more than I spent!!
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