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  1. On 12/27/2020 at 11:51 AM, kendo said:

    I got something similar when using Supersampling in nVidia control panel. If you  are using that, try switching to Multisample.

    That's the ticket, switched and now I have normal looking smoke, thank you for that.

  2. 21 hours ago, Redwo1f said:

    hmmm - anybody else getting subtle blue outlining on aircraft near or in clouds? Never noticed this before. And it is more apparent with some aircraft vs others and seems to be the case for me with either FXAA or MSAA enabled. I notice it pretty quickly with the Yak-9 sight as I get very close to a cloud (or within one) - and the whole aircraft is outlined in blue. Others it is barely noticeable or really only noticed in the antenna lines.  -- this is with no mods enabled and using a nvidia card btw.


    Look for the blue...



    Same here, no mods, MSAA, RTX 2070 super.

  3. 14 minutes ago, 77.CountZero said:

    from what i can see only WoL is changed vaal stats system so when you have any disconections it ends your virtual life, other servers are using vaal system so when you have disconection no mather intentional or not it does nothing to your stats. WoL had it like that before but i gess it got abused alot so they changed it to this strick rule that any disconect is considered intentional and ends your virtual life. So if you play on other popular servers that use vaal system youll be ok.


    Ummm, not sure about that Count, we're using Vaal's system on our dedicated server with no modifications to his most current version.  I had a DC on our server last week and I don't get them very often but I did notice on our stats page that whatever I managed to accomplish for that sortie gave this message.  And it did end my virtual life😀


    The results of this sortie are not included in the statistics of the pilot because of the disconnect

    Not sure about other servers but I suspect you may find the same response due to a disconnect.

  4. Here's a shot of our favorite lake and camping spot, Kusawa Lake 45 minute drive west of Whitehorse.  Lots of good fishing here, not uncommon to pull in 20-30lb Lake Trout, also have Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike and Whitefish.  In the fall those mountain ranges across the lake are dotted with Dall Sheep easily seen with a good set of binoculars.


    Should keep thoughts and hopes of summer alive🙂1718394222_IMG_0440(1).thumb.JPG.fefddcda95dc859b3756736e56d6bd13.JPG

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  5. 33 minutes ago, CanadaOne said:



    I have Alert on my iPhone weather. -33 right now. Really want to visit Grise Fjord one day.


    Was up shoveling a roof today, -30 and worse in the wind. That was all kinds of fun. :biggrin:

    I lived in Iqaluit from '91 to '97 and have spent time in all 26 Nunavut communities Grise Fjord, Pond Inlet and Pangnirtung were my favorites.

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  6. The question that needs to be asked is how many instances of the bolt breaking or bending have occurred?  I only see 2 instances on the VKB forum, not to say there isn't more, but I would suspect that if this was a major issue there would be significant howls of displeasure over at VKB.  As with any manufacturing process there are always a "couple" of defects that slip through the quality control process.



    Did you swap out the Cams? Or still running the original?


    Still using the original cam, one with no center detent.




    That is somewhat disturbing...


    It is disturbing, but I haven't had the same issue with mine and I've had the dual spring setup in place since September.  Once my MGC Pro arrives, I'll pull it apart and check on it, not going to lose any sleep over what may or may not happen.



    I've received my Gunfighter Pro MGC Pro (it arrived on the 4th) and mounted it to a Monster Tech desk mount tonight as I have only just got back from some holidays. So far I am pretty impressed. Going to try up the springs soon as I find running 1x 50 spring on each axis is almost still too soft, just gotta check on the VKB forums that it is ok to up the spring levels.


    I found that if you double up on the VKB Gunfighter Pro springs, the stick with 20cm extension returns to center every time.  Haven't received my MGC Pro yet, been shipped apparently. My spring setup is as follows;


    Y axis #40 + #30 springs

    X axis #40 +# 20 springs

  9. Mine's a pretty basic setup, Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit, includes seat, monitor stand, keyboard tray and 2 swing out acryillic stands, MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals ser no.0150, Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle,VKB Gunfighter Pro Mk1., Sennheiser PC 350 headphones, main monitor is a 32" BENQ BL3200 and the secondary monitor mounted on the right swing out arm is a 22" Dell SP2208WFP.


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