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  1. So am I but it's more likely related to the amount of peppers I had with my sausage last night.
  2. Incorporate a strong tailwind into your results.
  3. Longdong Silver is waiting for his personal Phallbatross skin.
  4. That's cause Central crates are so outclassed it would be an oxymoron.
  5. The only plane I experienced this with pre patch was the Brandenburg.
  6. If your tracers are low you need to lead more and you shouldn't be shooting at anything more than 200m away.
  7. Why do the Allied gauges measure IAS. Aren't they connected to little prop on the strut.
  8. Dunno, but it won't matter to mamochka in either case.
  9. Don't think you can scissor as well as pre patch. Best way to check is to see whether you can hang with Camel. Definitely doesn't appear to prophang as well as pre nerf Pfalz. I suspect you got worst of both versions in this case. Still better than the Alb though imo. Waiting for the US 103 ranks to swell with pilots looking to fly good planes.
  10. It might be useful to engage handle just prior to ramming.
  11. Not exactly, slower but no Pfalzcopter.
  12. Klugermann


    I prefer using the iron sight. It's much easier to follow the tracers.
  13. No, he was upset that I was taunting him as I was flying away in the Se5 after I put a few rounds in him. I told him to go get his shine box.
  14. FYI Hellbender, Gamecock was so disgusted he puked in his sim pit while flying the DVa last night.
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