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  1. No, it was my friends father and his buddies. "here comes that Sagan kid....lets get him" lol. Teenage Sagan (black eye is optional) Guess we were mistaken about that.
  2. It is stronger now because of the new eye candy and VR. Tedium will eventually set in and numbers may drop.
  3. We were routinely getting 35-50 in Cubans on Sundays and 20-40 in Wargrounds on Thurs nights before FC pre release . More maps, more planes, different missions and no Spad bellyaching.
  4. Odd to find anyone at 3k or higher unless grouped en masse. So 7F is rarely in its sweet spot.
  5. Agreed. Camel in the right hands is the best plane in the game. Spad is still the best for survivability. Hard for 7F to escape if in trouble.
  6. Plus there are billions and billions of Spads
  7. Was looking at the parser when I posted. I fly the vanilla 7 but high so you think I'm in a 7F. But then, I'm pretty manly and that's how I roll. (plus it gets me a lot of hits on Grindr)
  8. Didn't know the maps were limited to Spring 1918.
  9. More like a second and a half. Didn't see your post until this AM. For you next video I would like you to use this music
  10. The Allied planes are much better with the exception of the 7F. I say limit all entente types with the exception of the Dolphin.🤣
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