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  1. Just logged on, never expected to see this. Simply devastated...at a loss for words as we spoke only a week and a half ago at practice. He said he felt lousy but attributed it to his first round of the Moderna vac. Just a great guy all around as well as a phenomenal virtual pilot and mentor. I consider myself fortunate to have made his acquaintance. Rest well my friend.
  2. Correct. I believe that latest edition has an additional chapter on turning written by Plank.
  3. Still better than these vanishing D7s
  4. New J5 gunnery training video coming out shortly...
  5. No I only have foreskin. I think I was using a selljir D7 skin.
  6. That was me. Larner damaged the engine in the first pass. I finished it in a power dive with Maxwell following putting in some parting kisses and hugs. Manged to dead stick it safely to the dogfight airfield and it was recorded as emegency landing.
  7. That was Mueller and I. I'm pretty sure Cumshot was directing you on comms. We were engaged and I got engine damage so I couldn't hang around. Had a quick scrap with Rummy earlier...he really waxed my Dr1 with a wengenace. Overall not too bad for a Presidents week event. Make it rain Rummy.
  8. Central discord calling out contacts. Central discord upon spotting no.20 sqn Talbot on spotting Klugermann
  9. Hoping to get my fairplay back to 100% before my 80th birthday.
  10. I think Plank has actually invented ways to kill himself in RoF. If I am not mistaken he holds first place in the Wargrounds Bizarro HoF (most deaths in a tour).
  11. @J99_Sizzlorr still waiting for my dream map. Here's an idea but just swap 3PG Spads or 1PL Camels for Dr!s.
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