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  1. I fly with rpm maxed otherwise you don't get anywhere.
  2. Do you accept cis gender, non-binary, 3rd person pronoun Feldwebels ?????
  3. I'm blind in one eye so I just shut the other when I get tired of seeing the puffs.
  4. Why, did you get any???? 😂 I was lucky to survive 2 sorties. @J2_Trupobaw Here's one for not banning me in RoF forums for 2 yrs. @US213_Talbot don't think I forgot you...
  5. FC Camel has hi RPM at full throttle so it doesn't take much to blow engine. If you max mixture you can dive full throttle with impunity.
  6. Flying an Alb or Dr1 against Spads with balloon guns is equivalent to being a jobber in Professional Wrestling.
  7. I think they are putting a lot of work into correct centering of iron sight.
  8. Now you have my attention.... After the Fly in we will be serving white cake in the mess. Yes he is the exceptional...that 1 in 10000 n^&^%%!
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