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  1. I think that did me in for 3 of my last 4 deaths. Funny how it seems to happen when you are too low to bail out.🤪
  2. Not sure how much of an advantage it created Drookasi. Probably no different than if you just dropped in to the channels briefly to stage everyone. Overcrowded channels are considered to be a disadvantage by some. Too bad though that they will force you to fly an Albie for the rest of your life.😀
  3. Agreed. Certainly beyond the scope of a Feldwebel.
  4. Obviously the devs inspiration for Alb DVa folding wings.
  5. .....keep all the shitty planes for ourselves.
  6. Considering the amount he posts, I thought Plank did as well.
  7. Got excited for a minute. Thought it was going to be about MILFs.
  8. My "secret" airfield will certainly add to diversity.
  9. You cant mess with the Federation...there's over 100 guys on that server. Baeumer...get me the heaters.
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