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  1. Hell yeah......hardcore action to the MAX !
  2. Try to avoid Steam. Purchases not compatable with those from webstore.
  3. Was to be expected following removal of simplified physics. Had several control jams on Dr1 and snapped wings on my D7 once following 0.2% damage by Gus. Buttzell's map were a nice addition.
  4. Well done Larner. There is something of a cobra in you...I'll have to watch you.
  5. D7Fs and Spads with simplified physics 🤣
  6. Settings might have been borked following one of the recent updates. That probably explains why I got killed yesterday.
  7. No worries, was not an issue at all. As for your question I could never spot at those distances despite 20/20 vision, hence my first answer. Generallyspeaking, my spotting consists of tracing the bullets that are hitting me back to the offending aircraft.
  8. @testid, be careful with typos regarding your name.
  9. Don't think so. What are you specifically referring to ?
  10. Them sock puppet accounts cost a lot of moolah.
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