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  1. This is for all the lonely people Thinking that life has passed them by Don't give up until you drink from the silver cup And ride that highway in the sky…
  2. Yes he does...he invented the Plankturn.
  3. Particularly if you are a lone wolf and want to get crushed by incessant waves of US 103 flights.
  4. I didn't experience it while on the JG1 FC server last night. maybe the last update/hotfix addressed it.
  5. Longdong Silver would have needed a c%^k ring.
  6. Is your <mod hat on> I clearly understood that but he failed/refused to see the sarcasm in my post that it might be easier to buy BoS than find or wait for a solution for planes not appearing in hanger and used the opportunity, in typical HB fashion, to take a poke at me.
  7. Statement had absolutely no regard or relevance to your particular interest in BoS.
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